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250 A New Storm Has Appeared!

 There were roughly thirty seconds left on the timer before the blue circle shrank again.

By the time the countdown ended and the blue radiation circle shrank from the north, all the land including the bridge would be totally enveloped by radiation, and there would be no more footholds.

At the moment, Liu Zilang arrived at the bridgehead in his motorcycle, while Daimei dilly-dallied behind him in a UAZ.

Daimei surveyed the big bridge across the stretch of water, then asked anxiously, \"Brother Ah Lang, do you think if anyone's blocking the bridge?\"

\"No...\" Liu Zilang responded, then added, \"That's impossible.\"

\"Ah? Won't we die if we cross the bridge then?\" Instantly, Daimei's heart sank.

\"If we don't, we'll die for sure.\" Liu Zilang replied helplessly.

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's relaxed tone, Daimei's eyes glistened, and was eager to hear good news. \"Surely you have a great idea in mind! Am I right!\"

\"You found out, clever girl!\" Liu Zilang chuckled. \"Wait for a while.\"

Right after Liu Zilang answered, he fell silent.

\"What's Ah Lang up to?\" OrangeTree who was spectating the match asked out of curiosity.

Although this was a random matchmaking game, after witnessing Liu Zilang's headshot and his \"head-on 1 vs 2\" in the smoke, OrangeTree regained hope in winning chicken dinner for this match. Therefore, even after his death, he did not quit the game.

\"I don't know.\" Baffled, Daimei answered.

Right then, Liu Zilang suddenly snapped his fingers, and mentioned in their team voice chat, \"It's done!\"

'What's done?'

Both Daimei and OrangeTree were startled.

All of a sudden, a song with a lively melody and great tempo was heard in the game.

\"Like the Sun piercing through the night,

\"Dawn creeping through the horizon,

\"Whose shadow shuttles between both worlds?

\"The future is at our feet.\"

The second this song was played, not only Daimei and OrangeTree, but the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were struck dumb too!

\"Is Vic messing around again? Is this how a man who prepares his own background music looks like?\"

\"Why do I feel like this song sounds very familiar? Don't you guys think so?\"

\"F*ck! Isn't this the theme song of Ultraman Tiga? No wonder it reminded me of my childhood!\"

\"Is Vic playing this song so that he can cross the bridge? Does he think that he's Ultraman?\"

In the game, Daimei was at a loss for words when she heard the song.

She refrained herself from yelling at him and forced a fake smile at him. \"Brother, is this your great idea?\"

\"Of course.\" Liu Zilang answered without hesitation.

\"What does playing a song have to do with crossing the bridge?\" OrangeTree was confused.

Liu Zilang uttered confidently, \"In my background music, I'm invincible.\"

'In my background music, I'm invincible!'

'Isn't this the kind of treatment that only protagonists in animes get to enjoy?'

\"I can't explain this anymore, the blue circle is coming!\" Liu Zilang shouted, then went on his motorcycle.

\"Vroom, vroom, vroom-!\"

The revving sound of his motorcycle's engine was heard.

As soon as Liu Zilang was on his motorcycle, he went full acceleration.

When Daimei saw Liu Zilang who eventually became out of her sight, she was speechless.

Once again, Liu Zilang's image that was established earlier in her heart wavered.

'Is this guy even reliable?'

'Forget it!'

'I don't care anymore!'

'He's in front of me anyway!'

Anyway, Daimei decided that if anything were to go wrong, she would jump into the ocean right away.


At the other end of the bridge, around an abandoned and ruined truck, a squad of players was really blocking the bridge.

Seeing as there was no sign of players crossing the bridge, and that the blue circle was closing in, they were about to leave.

Who knew, at that moment, the revving sound of a motorcycle's engine came from the bridge!

\"A car's approaching! People nowadays are really brave.\" One of the players exclaimed.

\"Mmm, what's that sound?\" Another player was puzzled.

\"Sounds like somebody's playing a song.\" One of them repeated the lyrics, \"Like the Sun piercing through the night?\"

Halfway through, he suddenly sang along, \"Dawn creeping through the horizon! Whose shadow shuttles between both words, the future is at our feet...\"

\"F*ck! It's Ultraman Tiga!\" That person was surprised!

\"Hehe, we're not little monsters!\" The first person sneered. \"We're evil bullies on the bridge! Fight! Fight them!\"

Immediately, intense gunshots were heard at the bridgehead!

\"Woosh, woosh, woosh!\"

Like a downpour of heavy rain, countless bullets headed straight to Liu Zilang's face!

\"Ah! Somebody's really there!\" Daimei who was driving the UAZ shrieked.

\"It's alright! In my background music, we're invincible!\" Without slowing down at all, Liu Zilang's motorcycle left a flash of lightning on the bridge surface.

\"That's your background music, not mine!\" Daimei expressed.

Afterward, she quickly stopped her UAZ on the side, jumped on a scrap car, then leaped into the ocean!

\"Brother! We'll meet again in our next lives!\"

Obviously, this was her planned escape route at her last resort.

When Liu Zilang heard Daimei, he twitched his mouth.

Now, since he was getting closer to his opponents, while bullets shot past him, \"ding, ding, dang, dang\" sounds were heard as those bullets hit his motorcycle. With that, sparks of fire also ignited!

Owing to that, the durability of his motorcycle dropped to half, and there were vague signs of smoke coming out from his motorcycle. Nonetheless, this motorcycle model had a \"super armor\" feature, whereby its tires would not puncture in this situation.

However, Liu Zilang also suffered a few hits by the bullets, thus his health dropped to about half of its original.

All of a sudden, after speeding to the middle section of the bridge, he turned the motorcycle, and charged toward a scrap car.

\"What happened to being invincible? Is he going to crash his motorcycle to kill himself?\"

\"Hehe, so much for showing off, you're dead!\"

The three players at the bridgehead were also stunned when they saw this, but one of them quickly reacted to the situation, and shouted at his teammates, \"F*ck! This fella rather die than let us have the kill! Quick, shoot him!\"

One of the players who heard him was about to reach for a frag grenade. When he heard his teammate's instruction, he continued shooting at Liu Zilang again!

Nevertheless, with the scrap car as a barrier between both parties, their bullets could not reach Liu Zilang.

Even so, the motorcycle that was at full speed was getting closer to the scrap car, and was about to crash into it!

At this instant, the background music that accompanied the motorcycle became louder, and a man's cry was heard!

\"A new storm has appeared!\"

\"How can I remain still!\"

A bam echoed!

The motorcycle crashed into the head of the scrap car, but it did not explode, nor did it stop. Instead, it shot up like a legendary dragon soaring into the sky!

When the three players at the bridgehead saw the motorcycle that was about to burst shooting into the sky, the quickly fired shots at it!

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding!\"


A ball of fire appeared in the air as the motorcycle exploded, dissipating blazing heat waves around it!

Later on, the burnt motorcycle that was now black in color descended powerlessly from the sky.

More often than not, death symbolized a new life!