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249 May I Ask, Is This The Live Streaming Channel Of The Attractive Section’s Chicken King?

 \"Died in the red zone!\"

When Liu Zilang who was sneaking his way toward the airdrop saw the system notification that appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen, he was also stunned.

'Judging from Daimei's tone just now, she should have saved him.'

'What's going on?'

Right then, OrangeTree who was baffled asked in their team voice chat, \"Uh...why did you shut the door?\"

Daimei replied to him, and sounded like she was wronged, \"You're the one who asked me to press F.\"

\"Ah? That's true.\" OrangeTree pondered and realized that that was the case. He apologized embarrassedly, \"I'm sorry, I'll take the blame.\"

Upon hearing his reply, Liu Zilang pictured the incident that happened just now...

Seeing as OrangeTree took the blame so willingly, Liu Zilang was quite speechless.

'I've never seen someone bully an honest person like that.'

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang did not have the time to bother about this because he was already near to the airdrop.

Currently, the smoke around the airdrop had not dispersed yet, so he guessed that their opponents probably threw another smoke grenade.

Based on his calculations, the person whom he knocked out by a headshot was probably almost revived.

If that was the case, there was only one thing left for him to do.

Liu Zilang slipped his hand into his backpack and retrieved a frag grenade.

He pulled the pin and cooked it!

After holding it in his hands for some time, he raised it up, then threw the frag grenade out with force!

Through the screen, it was seen that his frag grenade traveled a parabolic path in the air, which exploded with a thundering sound the instant it entered the smoke!


Right now, one of their opponents happened to be probing at the border of the smoke. After the frag grenade exploded, the enormous impact instantly bombed him away from his spot!

Once Liu Zilang threw the grenade, he reached for his M16!

As soon as he saw a figure flying out from the smoke, he immediately responded quickly by scoping in with his red dot sight and dragged his mouse as he translated his gun according to that person's body while controlling the recoil of his gun!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

In a swift, rapid three-burst shots were heard coming from his M16 as he fired a series of shots at his opponent!

Initially, that person was not actually close to the spot where the frag grenade exploded. Therefore, logically, even as the frag grenade sent him flying away, it would not cause his death.

However, when Liu Zilang employed a \"human and grenade combo\", he instantly crushed that player's last gleam of hope to survive.

The instant that player landed, he knelt on the ground with his hand pressing his abdomen.

\"Tsk, tsk! Throwing a grenade, fussy!\"

\"Pulling the trigger, fussy! Controlling the gun's recoil, fussy!\"

\"Fussy freak is here! Everyone, beat him up!\"

\"Ah Lang's EQ combo [1]was so sick! That player must be so baffled right now, haha!\"

When the remaining player in the smoke saw his other teammate being knocked out right after he revived the one who was knocked out earlier, he was mentally crushed.

\"The other squad is getting closer to us! Be careful!\" The player who was now kneeling on the ground outside the smoke shouted.

The player who had just been revived in the smoke was shocked, he asked while healing himself, \"Ah? How many of them?\"

\"I think there's only one.\"

The player who was knocked out tried his best to look around.

Instantly, the player who had just revived his teammate became furious. \"F*ck! How dare that player act so haughtily when he's only by himself? After sneaking an attack on us, he still has the courage to come closer to us? Does he really think that we're idiots?\"

At that moment, footsteps were heard!

Somebody entered the smoke.

Right away, the player who was talking held his AK tightly, and became alert.

However, Liu Zilang who carried an M16 was just like a sharp knife as he went in between the two players coldly and decisively!

'Somebody's here!'

The two players in the smoke suddenly reacted to the situation!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

Intense gunshots were heard as countless bullets whooshed through the smoke!

Since the battle was going on in such a close range, Liu Zilang did not scope in with his M16.

This was because scoping in was time-consuming, and at that moment, time was life!

In the game, once he spotted the two players, he leaned right to blast two three-burst shots at waist height!

Liu Zilang could not be bothered about the outcome, instead, he leaned left right away, and moved his gun together with him!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

Once again, sparks of flame were seen ignited from the muzzle of his gun!

Throughout the process, the extremely fast shooting speed of an M16 and its bullets' initial speed were perfectly displayed.

The bullets shot out from Liu Zilang's gun pierced the air and hit his target's body.

At the same time, he groaned as well!

Blood could be seen splattering out from his body!

Nevertheless, his health only dropped by half, whereby it did not further decline even as he was seen bleeding after being shot by the later bullets.

This was because the two players were completely taken down by him and had already turned into two crates.

With that, the damage supposedly caused by the later bullets were naturally ineffective.

Liu Zilang's attack was smoothly carried out in one go, such that he probably only used one second to kill two players in that close range.

Not only the old spectators in his live streaming channel, but even the new spectators who entered his channel because of Douyu's recommendation on its homepage were also at a daze.

\"Oh my god! His reaction and speed are too fast!\"

\"I've been single for thirty years, I'll kneel down for you, streamer!\"

\"I'm new to this live streaming channel. May I ask, is this the live streaming channel of the Attractive Section's Chicken King?\"

\"Same, I'm new here too. I heard that this streamer dislikes his followers by going offline in the speed of light. Should I shoot him right away, or play up to him first?\"

\"If you're new, follow the procedure by commenting '666' first, then send him some fish balls, and you can unfollow him.\"

In the game, Daimei was also surprised by Liu Zilang's attack.

This was because there was a drastic change in Liu Zilang's performance in this match!

In the beginning, he mentioned that he would lead them to a chicken dinner victory. Later on, he went against two players with a pistol in Ruins.

What he did really left her speechless.

Subsequently, he bombed himself when he transformed into a camper at Water Town. On top of that, he did not even heal himself after being revived as he was so eager to loot items as well, which caused him to be knocked out by another opponent.

A typical newbie!

At Water Town, if it was not for Daimei who managed to revive him on time, he would have been dead already.

Next, something even more bizarre happened!

Liu Zilang actually stopped the car halfway and stole the motorcycle that was parked in front of a building by a random opponent. He was simply no different from those who stole electro-mobiles from a cybercafe... Honestly, he must be so crude and wretched to do something like this!

On the other hand, at the bridgehead, Liu Zilang knocked out a player in the smoke by a headshot, then ran over to destruct the squad by himself.

It was impossible for a normal player!

At that moment, Daimei who sat in front of her computer felt absolutely clueless about who \"Vic123\" was.

'Eh, wait a minute!'

'Why is his name so familiar?'

Right then, Liu Zilang's voice could be heard through the smoke, \"Don't blank out over there, quickly come over to loot!\"

As soon as Daimei heard him, she cast her messy thoughts aside, and made her way to the crates immediately. \"Coming, coming! I'm coming!\"


At the end of the day, Liu Zilang's desperate fight was worth it.

In one of the dead player's crate, he found a dark green AWM, which was obviously looted from the airdrop.

Unfortunately, that player was only temporarily keeping it, which was passed on to Liu Zilang before he could even fire a shot with it.

As for the squad from Ferry Pier, they were not very well equipped. Other than some consumables, there was nothing else for them to loot.

Once the two of them were done looting, the second blue circle was about to shrink again.

Given the situation, the best option to cross the ocean was by boat, but after searching for a while, they only found two boats that were already stranded on shore...

'Who the f*ck are those wicked players!'

They would not make it if they were to swim over now as they would be killed by the blue circle in the ocean.

As their last resort, they could only choose to cross the bridge by car.

That said, the two of them had no idea if anyone was blocking the bridge...


[1] Adapted from League of Legends, E is skill number one, and Q is skill number two. In this context, E is Liu Zilang throwing the frag grenade, Q is Liu Zilang firing shots with his M16. Since it was used together, it's said to be a combo