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248 The Distance Between Life And Death!

 OrangeTree looked up to the sky.

A brief moment later, he glanced at the map that turned red, then asked as he was puzzled, \"This is...a bomber?\"

Liu Zilang who was also looking at the sky twitched his mouth, and wondered, 'Does this game even have a bomber?\"

Right then, Daimei who was beside him suddenly got anxious and blurted out, \"F*ck! Airdrop! There's an airdrop!\"

'What the f*ck?'

Both Liu Zilang and OrangeTree were startled.

Noticing their reactions, Daimei giggled. \"Aiya! Don't look at me like that!\"

Once again, Liu Zilang twitched his mouth again, and silently cursed, 'Why did the system matchmake me with teammates like them!'

Nonetheless, at this moment, the airplane that rumbled in the air indeed dropped an airdrop when it flew past them.

Looking at the airdrop, the three of them became excited.

In a game like PlayerUnknown's Battleground, although airdropped crates might not necessarily contain good items, it was still the dream of every player.

Of course, it also meant that there would always be a fight for the guns.

As expected!

Almost exactly when the airplane dropped the airdrop, the sound of a vehicle was heard coming from the west coast of Ferry Pier.

There were players coming for it!

Liu Zilang gauged the landing point of this airdrop and realized that it would land between their three-story building at the bridgehead and Ferry Pier.

Right now, they gained the visual field from a high location, and were in the dark while their enemies were in the open. Their opponents had no idea at all that Liu Zilang's squad was watching their every move.

Therefore, Liu Zilang called out to his teammates, and the three of them carefully crouched as they decided to bide their time.

\"GG! This is a fish trap! I'm afraid that there'll be a 98K headshot warning!\"

\"Vic expresses, 'Sorry! This fish pond is mine!\"

Evidently, the squad that came from Ferry Pier was extremely cautious. After the players exited their vehicle, they looked around carefully, then threw smoke grenades below the airdrop that was about to land.

After all, this was a Sosnovka Military Base Circle, whereby the mainlands at both East Bridge and West Bridge were the only lands remaining in the safe zone. Theoretically, the population was definitely denser at land, hence it was reasonable for those players to act like that.

However, for Liu Zilang's squad that intended to set up a fish trap from their building, it was not a friendly move for those players to throw smoke grenades.

Soon enough, the area below the airdrop turned white as it was filled with smoke, such that the three of them were not able to see anything from their building.

Upon seeing that, Daimei who had been aiming at the airdrop for a long time turned furious. \"Wah! They're too despicable!\"

\"Sh*t! How are we going to fight them?\" OrangeTree was rather baffled. \"We can't see them at all!\"

Liu Zilang pondered for a while before he responded, \"Pay close attention.\"

Daimei and OrangeTree were stunned.

'What is he saying again?'

At this moment, the airdrop that swayed its way down finally landed in the smoke.

Coincidentally, Heavenly Fire appeared as well!

\"Boom, boom, boom-!\"

Flames of fire were seen everywhere, which were accompanied by thundering explosions!

Currently, Liu Zilang and the others were unfortunate as they happened to be at the border of the red zone, whereas the area to their west was not in the red zone. Obviously, it was impractical for them to hope that the bombs would bomb the players who were going to loot the airdrop.

Right after Liu Zilang responded to his teammates, he aimed his 98K that was attached with an 8x scope and a suppressor at the smoke. Once he scoped in, he squinted his eyes.

He held his breath and stabilized the crosshair of his scope!

In his mind, he pictured the landing point of the airdrop, then pulled the trigger without hesitant!


At the bridgehead, the crisp sound of his 98K was suddenly heard!

A sniper bullet blasted out from the muzzle of his gun, piercing the air and entered the smoke where nothing could be seen.

The instant the gunshot was heard, Daimei who was totally confused when Liu Zilang asked them to \"pay close attention\" was dumbstruck and pouted her lips.

'It's just lottery, isn't it?'

'Why did he make it sound so vague?'

Nevertheless, at the next second, she widened her eyes at her computer as she was in total disbelief.

Through her screen, she saw blood amidst the thick smoke!

\"Vic123 knocked out ReadyPlayerOne by headshot with Kar98k!\"

When the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel saw this, they were stupefied too!

\"F*ck! How the h*ck did he hit him? Is this a human body infrared responsive aiming?\"

\"Fishing in muddy water? I'm sorry! I can't understand the streamer's moves anymore.\"

\"Can Vic even disregard smokes now because of his human implant hack? I give it to him, I give it to him!\"

\"The players in the smoke must be mentally crushed! I'm sure they're absolutely perplexed now!\"

After taking down a player with one shot, Liu Zilang did not explain himself, instead, he quickly jumped down from the balcony.

The other party was a three-man squad, and since he had knocked out one of them, he must take this opportunity to get closer to them.

\"Brother Ah Lang! Wait for me!\" Upon seeing him, Daimei quickly called out to him.

When OrangeTree who was still at the balcony saw the both of them jumping down, he recalled the scene when Liu Zilang fired the shot and was eager to give it a try too.

OrangeTree held up his 98K, squinted his eyes, and aimed at the smoke!

'Wait up!'

'Pay close attention?'

Those words lingered in OrangeTree's mind. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before pulling the trigger slowly!

Next, a booming sound was heard!

OrangeTree who sat in front of his computer was startled.


'Did my shot cause such a huge impact?'

'Did I accidentally fire an artillery cannon?'

OrangeTree who sat in front of his computer widened his eyes as he was completely baffled!

Currently, he was seen pressing his abdomen while kneeling on the ground at the rooftop, and a notification that read \"knocked out by red zone\" appeared on his screen.

Right then, Daimei uttered, \"Uncle OrangeTree, what are you doing? Didn't I ask you to jump down just now? Why didn't you listen to me?\"

OrangeTree who was knocked out for the second time looked at his health that was swiftly declining.

He fell silent for some time, then suddenly popped a question, \"Why did you address Ah Lang as a brother, but called me an uncle instead?\"

Upon hearing OrangeTree's concern, Liu Zilang almost vomited blood.

'Brother OrangeTree's brain circuit is really different from a normal person's!'

He could not help but reminded him, \"Brother, it's best that you put this thought aside first. Don't stay at the balcony anymore, quickly crawl in so that Ah Biu can revive you.\"

At the moment, Daimei was still quite near to the building after she jumped down. After seeing OrangeTree being knocked out, she was disgruntled and mumbled as she ran back to him.

OrangeTree realized that he was in danger as his health continued to drop fast. He immediately crawled back inside the building and yelled, \"Quick, quick! Save me! Save me!\"

\"I'm coming, I'm coming!\" Daimei responded as she ran inside the building and climbing up the stairs.

By then, OrangeTree who had been knocked out for the second time was already near to the door to the third floor's balcony, but he was on the verge of death.

The instant OrangeTree saw Daimei appeared at the corridor, he became elated, and immediately shouted, \"F, F, F! Quick, press your F key!\"

\"I know, I know!\" Daimei dashed up the stairs, and replied confidently, \"Don't worry, I'm a pro at saving teammates!\"

Soon enough, the distance between the two of them became closer as Daimei approached the door to the third floor's balcony.

Right now, OrangeTree's death was imminent, such that his condition was only slightly better than when Liu Zilang was knocked out in Water Town.

Nonetheless, Daimei finally made it!

She sighed a long breath of relief, crouched, then press the F key.

But at the next second, the two of them were stupefied!

Once Daimei who arrived at the corridor pressed the F key, instead of OrangeTree being revived, the wooden door to the third floor's balcony closed.

Just like that, the small wooden door became the door of OrangeTree's life and death.

Daimei was on the outside, while OrangeTree was on the inside.