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247 I’ll Be Back!

 \"I've found a good Level Two Police Vest. If your armor is broken, you can come and get one.

\"This crate has a lot of energy drinks, come get them if you need them.

\"The blue circle is approaching. It's about time for us to leave.\"

The match would revolve around the Sosnovka Military Base.

At that point in time, even though the first Safe Zone partially covered the mainland, it was without a doubt that it would eventually shrink toward the Sosnovka Military Base.

Daimei and OrangeTree were still busy looting the crates. However, Liu Zilang had no choice but to remind them even though it was rude to disturb others when one was looting crates.

The two of them who were busy looting the crates responded after hearing Liu Zilang's words.

\"The blue circle is here?\" Daimei scoffed.

'That's because you two are too slow!'

Liu Zilang raged inside him as he ran toward the jeep that had rammed the enemy squad over.

\"Are you driving that jeep?\" OrangeTree was startled as he said hesitantly, \"That vehicle seems to bring bad luck. It won't betray us, right?\"

He was about to run toward the other jeep.

\"Brother! I've damaged that vehicle to the point that it's smoking.\" Liu Zilang's eye started twitching as he spoke, \"Why are you so superstitious. Come on and let's move!\"

Daimei at the side was laughing cheerfully. \"That jeep is our lord and savior. How could it ever betray us?\"

OrangeTree froze as the other side of the argument sounded logical as well. He then turned around and ran toward the jeep Liu Zilang was in.

They drove southward as they prepared to assess the situation at the bridgehead of the West Bridge.

However, something caught Liu Zilang's attention as they drove past the small area of wilderness that was by the foot of the hill south of Primorsk!

He spotted a motorcycle parked just beside a two-story building. No matter how he looked at how it was parked, it was definitely spawned there.

Perhaps there was a person or two healing themselves up or even scouring for items before the blue circle arrived.

Liu Zilang was extremely tempted as he pondered on.

\"You guys wait here. I'll be right back.\" He parked the jeep at the side as he spoke to the two of them inside the jeep, \"Oh right, cover me if someone is to attack me later.\"

\"Huh? What are you going to do?\" OrangeTree was curious.

\"Don't! Young man! I want to go with you.\" Daimei was in her mood again as she spoke flirtatiously.

Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he stared at the motorcycle just beside the small building.

He whispered, \"I need to do something big and I need your support. Promise me that you'll wait for me.\"

Daimei was slightly surprised by Liu Zilang's seriousness.

\"66666?! Vic is counter-flirting her!\"

\"Woah! That's a serious goosebump technique right there!\"

\"I've subscribed to this caster that flirts with women! I always thought he was gay!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang got down the car and headed toward the small building.

He had thrown a smoke grenade while he was running there.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

The smoke dispersed as a corner of the building was engulfed within it.


Inside the two-story building.

The two players scouring the building inside became worried as they heard the sound of the jeep.

\"Have they stopped?\" One man questioned.

\"Seems like it,\" The other replied.

Then, a smoke grenade was seen thrown against the wall and a series of gunshots aimed at them could be heard.

\"Oh my god! The enemy is definitely attacking us! They might even be a four-man squad.\"

\"I told you to head directly into the Safe Zone and you insisted on searching this house.\"

\"We're so poor that we don't have any healing items. We'd be fine running against the blue circle since we have a vehicle. To top it off, you came down together with me, didn't you?\"

\"I came down because you came down, no?\"


The two players inside the building shifted the blame to each other as they heard the motorcycle buzzing outside.

\"What the f*ck... One of them has arrived with a motorcycle! The enemies are definitely a four-man squad!\" One of them was dead certain.

\"Hold up! Why do I feel that... something's wrong!\" The other man said abruptly.

Then, the two of them reacted swiftly!

It was the sound of their motorcycle!

The motorcycle they had parked just outside of the house!

\"Vroom vroom vroom!\"

The engined revved up as a motorcycle drove out of the smokescreen!

The two players looked outside of the window of the two-story building. They began panicking as they watched their motorcycle drive away right in front of them!

\"Stop right there! Thieves!\"

\"What the h*ll! That guy is a b*stard!\"

The two players by the window were so angry that they were about to pull out their guns.

However, rapid gunshots were then heard from afar!

\"Pew pew pew!\"


The glass on the window shattered into millions of pieces!

Densely-packed bullets whizzed through the shattered glasses!


One of them was shot in the head through his Level Two Military Helmet and his health points dropped drastically. He was so shocked that he immediately crouched down!

However, the gunshots then stopped abruptly!

It was like a summer thunderstorm. It came and went by very quickly.

Then, the jeep's engine starting revving up as it disappeared into the distance.

The two men on the first floor gradually sank into despair as they stared at the five bandages in their backpacks and the approaching blue circle in the north!

The bullet screen in Liu Zilang's live stream was bombarded as they saw everything!

\"What the f*ck! Guys! Vic is pulling his sh*t again!\"

\"You'll earn my applause if you tattoo Guanyu on a horse on your body!\"

\"What a familiar feeling, smell and concoction! The hot man has finally returned!\"

\"Qie Guevara! Is that you?\"

\"It's impossible for them to fight and it would just be a pipe dream for them to infiltrate the building. All they could do was steal their motorcycle and survive from the blue circle...\"

\"Who still remembers that our Ah Lang told Daimei to wait for him to return!\"

\"Ah Lang will definitely say that if he were to give up the electric vehicle, he won't be able to feed her. If he were to buy it, she wouldn't be able to hug him. She has fallen in love with the wrong person.\"

\"Nooo! It's so emotional that I'm crying! I'm crying!\"

Liu Zilang explored the road with the motorcycle as he left a dust trail behind whereas Daimei and OrangeTree were in the jeep.

OrangeTree had pondered for a long time but he could no longer hold in his thoughts any longer. \"Why did Ah Lang steal their motorcycle.\"

Daimei did not know how to explain to an honest man like him why Liu Zilang had stolen the vehicle. All she could do was smile. \"Uhh... Perhaps he has his own reasons.\"

\"It's a type of romance,\" Liu Zilang replied sternly.

He then changed the topic as he gave off a dry cough. \"There's a three-story building at the bridgehead. Let's head toward the rooftop to observe the situation and decide from there.\"

He spoke as he went ahead on his own on the motorcycle.

Liu Zilang found out that no one had occupied the building yet. He immediately told Daimei and OrangeTree to approach it.

The three of them hid their vehicles beside the house and checked their surroundings from the highest floor.

Then, an airplane roared right above them.

At that same time, the map in the region turned red.