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246 An Angel Looked Over Me As I Planted An Orange Tree

 'An Ambush?


Liu Zilang stared at the muzzle flashes from the squad in the jeep the instant he fell to the ground.

He finally understood how the four players he had just exploded felt.

Perhaps it was because of the bumpiness of the jeep, the squad's marksmanship was not that remarkable.

The muzzle flashes continued endlessly from the jeep. Although the firepower they directed toward OrangeTree and Daimei was incredibly intense, both of them did not lose much health points.

Liu Zilang was incredibly frustrated as he watched on.

'Why the h*ll... am I so unlucky!'

Despite the situation, Daimei was frightened. She retreated the instant she heard gunfire rang.

OrangeTree, on the other hand, was very dependable. He stood there and kept shooting back at them as he gave them everything he had on the spot.


A thud was heard as he fell to the ground, he knelt just beside Liu Zilang.

This was when the jeep was going up a slope.

The jeep did not come to a standstill until the four of them got out of the vehicle to continue shooting at Daimei.

\"Ahhh! Don't shoot me! I'm sorry!\" Daimei lost her cool as she screamed and ran away.

\"Get down!\" Liu Zilang shouted as he laid on the ground.

Daimei was startled!

Although she really wanted to question him whether it was wrong to stand up, she gave in due to her strong desire to live after taking two shots in the back.

She immediately laid prone on the ground.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

In an instant, a chain of densely packed bullets landed behind her, elevating dirt up from the ground!

Daimei who was prone on the ground shivered and did not dare move a muscle at all.

\"It's over! Daimei is the only person left! It's gg!\"

\"Hehe, didn't you say that you were going to serve them chicken dinner?\"

\"What goes around comes around. Karma's a b*tch!\"

\"Frankly speaking, Vic is a good man. He's... just way too cruel! Just move on from this life and do more good deeds in your next one to accumulate good karma.\"

Liu Zilang was slightly frustrated as he knelt on the ground. He stared at his diminishing health points after being knocked out for the second time...

He put in a lot of effort to obtain his set of Level Three Equipment along with a 98K equipped with an 8x Scope. However, he was about to die without having the chance to shoot it once.

Then, Liu Zilang's eyes widened!

The four enemies at the slope had their firepower focused on Daime who was crawling. One of them had pulled out a frag grenade.

However, that was not the main point.

The main thing was that the jeep behind the four of them was sliding down the slope.

Judging by the reactions of the four players... they did not seem to have realized it.

It all made sense after he put some thought into it. Since their gunshots had filled up the entire area as if fireworks had been set off during the lunar new year, the sound of the jeep sliding toward them was completely muffled.

Then, Liu Zilang looked muddled as he watched the jeep slide and crash into the four of them at the slope.

\"Duang! Duang! Duang!\"

The four of them rolled down the slope one after another as they were suddenly attacked by the driverless jeep.

The gunfire stopped abruptly!

A chain of Kill Notifications appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen!

As the jeep rammed into them, what was left on the grassy slope was four crates...

Countless viewers from the live stream had their jaws wide open when they witnessed it!

\"What the f*ck... Is that?\"

\"What kind of vehicle is that? A toy jeep? A remote-controlled jeep? A remote-controlled toy jeep?\"

\"GG! That jeep is way too cool! That's what a soul drifting car would look like!\"

\"Puhaha. I'm sure that those four are beyond speechless. If I were them, I'd probably uninstall the game by now! Why am I still playing this f*cking game!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilamg immediately cried out for help as he regained his senses!

\"Save save save save me!\"

\"Okay okay okay!\" Daimei reacted to his cries as she ran toward him.

Liu Zilang who had been knocked out twice had less than half of his health points left. Since Daimei had retreated a few steps back earlier, their distance was far and it was possible Liu Zilang could die from bleeding out!

\"Quickly quickly quickly! You can do it! Run!\"

\"I'm running as fast as I can!\"


\"I'm at my limit!\"

Liu Zilang's health bar was at its last level and he would die if it were to drop further.

Then, Daimei who was rushing toward him leaped!

Her body flew quite a distance as she landed right in front of Liu Zilang!

She crouched down as fast as she could the moment her feet landed and slapped Liu Zilang's head while doing so!

As soon as she raised her hand up, Liu Zilang's health bar dropped again.

In an instant, his health bar was emptied and turned transparent!

Countless viewers from the live stream were shocked as they saw it!

What happened then had everyone's eyes left wide open!

Liu Zilang did not turn into a crate despite the fact that his health bar had turned transparent. In fact, the channeling bar indicating that he was being pulled up appeared!

\"That's gotta be fake! Is this an illusion?\"

\"What the actual f*ck! How is she able to pull him up?\"

\"What the f*ck! I've just returned from an optical specialist, do I need to head back there?\"

\"How is he not dead? Didn't someone say that God will punish him for being despicable!\"

\"Vic must be so despicable that even God doesn't want him. Goodness!\"

\"I'm not satisfied with this! We're playing the same game but why can't my teammates pull me up when I'm knocked out? On the other hand, Vic can be pulled up with so little health left? I'm not happy about this!!!\"

Inside the game, Daimei was shocked as she saw herself pulling Liu Zilang up. She was so excited that she started dancing around.

\"Ahhh! I've done it! I'm a mother and I did it!\"

Liu Zilang was frightened as he heard keyboard and mouse clicking noises through the voice chat. He was scared that she would stop pulling him up if he were to lift her hand up.

If that were to happen, he would really die for good!

Liu Zilang warned her cautiously, \"Hey beauty, why don't you drink a sprite and calm down. Let's not get too excited yet.\"

Daimei's tone became a lot more gentle as she heard Liu Zilang's words. \"Young man young man, did I... do good?\"

\"Oh! Yeah! Very good!\" Liu Zilang replied immediately.

\"Then... do you still mind having a girl older than you?\" Daimei became bashful in an instant.

\"Of course I don't mind at all!\" Liu Zilang gritted his teeth. \"Age isn't important at all!\"

\"Oh you! I'm only slightly older than you!\" Daimei flirted back.

Liu Zilang was speechless...

After Liu Zilang was pulled up, he crouched down and healed himself as he had learned his lesson.

Meanwhile, Daimei headed toward the four crates at the slope gleefully.

Liu Zilang immediately got up and tried to catch up to her the moment he finished healing himself.

OrangeTree, who had been kneeling beside Liu Zilang throughout the entire ordeal started panicking as he watched at one side...

'They've probably forgotten about me temporarily.

'I'm fine.

'I'm not sad at all.

'Really... I'm not tearing up.'

Liu Zilang recalled something when he was halfway there as he felt a certain resentment behind him.

He turned around and looked at OrangeTree before looking at Daimei who was looting the crates in front of him happily.

Since justice would always prevail against evil, Liu Zilang had no choice but to resist his urge.

He ran back and crouched down as he pulled OrangeTree up. \"Brother, please remember who you owe a life debt to. If anything happens to me in the future, you've got to return the favor, okay...\"