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245 The King of Anti-Flirt, One Car Four Lives!

 Inside the live stream, Liu Zilang minimized the game as he went to collect his money.

The bet where they guessed if his teammates would be able to survive at the beginning had ended.

When Liu Zilang only found a Crowbar the moment he landed, almost everyone had bet that they would not survive.

Other than a select few who remained extremely confident in Liu Zilang and those who were quick enough to regret their decisions, everyone else had chosen 'No'.

Hence, it was only natural that the odds increased drastically and Liu Zilang earned a fortune from it!

Those who had chosen 'No' stared at their screens as if all of their fishballs had been instantly robbed away from them. It was as if they had fallen from heaven to hell as they looked extremely depressed.

\"Sorry guys, can I get a reservation in heaven?\"

\"Everything was intentional! Vic purposely picked up the Crowbar the moment he landed!\"

\"Report that guy who manipulated the poll! FishBallScammer has escaped!\"

\"Hahaha! It's fortunate that I chose to believe in Vic! My life is heading toward its peak!\"

\"It's my fault. It's really my fault. I shouldn't have entered this live stream from the beginning. I wouldn't have been seduced by Vic if I hadn't entered this live stream. I wouldn't have fallen so low if I hadn't been seduced by Vic...\"


Liu Zilang could not hold in his laughter as he read the bullet screen in his live stream. \"Do you know what's faith? This is punishment from God onto those who don't have faith! It's pure cruelty!\"

His words were like fuel. It riled up the crowd's rage as they started spamming \"FishBallScammer\" in the bullet screen.

Liu Zilang ignored all of them as he took note of his live stream view count.

He realized that his view count had risen to fifty thousand since he began his stream. It then increased from fifty-five thousand to sixty thousand.

Liu Zilang conveniently forgot that the person in charge of the Attractive Section had placed his stream on the front page.

He pondered as he caressed his chin and said to his viewers, \"Is everyone seeing this? I've gained so many viewers by showing my face. Are you guys still denying the fact that I'm an attractive streamer?

\"If there's anyone who has a second opinion about me streaming inside the Attractive Section, please take this as evidence. Frankly speaking, I'm quite frustrated too. It's unfair for everyone else when this face of mine is shown to the public.\"

The viewers were speechless after hearing Liu Zilang's words that sounded serious and sincere!

'His face?'

'I've never seen someone with so little dignity!'

Inside the game, Daimei and OrangeTree had finished looting the crates.

As Liu Zilang minimized the game to finalize the bet, he was left with an S686 by the time he went to loot the crates.

'Whatever, this shotgun will do.'

Liu Zilang crouched down to pick up the shotgun.

Daimei who was beside Liu Zilang spoke charmingly as she saw him reloading his weapon, \"Hey young man, you were pretty good just now! How are you able to shoot so accurately?\"

\"I'm a retired special forces agent,\" Liu Zilang responded casually. \"Have you heard of the Dragon Squad? That's our nickname.\"

Daimei did not know how to respond to Liu Zilang...

'How could he even relate special forces to this game!

'Dragon Squad?

'Dragon Squad my *ss!!!'

Daimei's frustration was raging inside her.

However, she took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down as she remembered that she was live streaming. She then smiled cheerfully and said, \"Young man stop joking around again. You sound quite young, how old are you?\"

\"Umm... About that... I'm not comfortable with revealing it.\" Liu Zilang questioned back, \"How old are you?\"

'What's uncomfortable about a man revealing his age?'

Daimei kept thinking to herself over and over again. She spoke with her charming voice, \"I... I'm eighteen this year. Please tell me your age young man.\"

\"Oh. I'm sixteen.\" Liu Zilang cooked up an age for her.

After he responded, Daimei was quiet for some time before she spoke again shyly, \"Young man, about that... Can I ask if you mind having a girl older than you?\"

Daimei clenched her fists tightly and discreetly in front of her computer after she dropped the question.


'I'll keep flirting with you to the point where you wish you were dead rather than alive!'

\"She's hinting him! She's hinting him!\"

\"This is basically a confession! GG! Vic's being flirted with by a girl!\"

\"Vic, say something! There's nothing to be shy about! Onee-san is the best!\"

In an instant, the live stream viewers started cheering for Liu Zilang.


'Do you mind having a girl older than you?'

Liu Zilang became silent after hearing those words. He spoke up after a while, \"Which... part are you referring to?\"

The live stream and the game's atmosphere turned dead silent the moment those words came out from his mouth...

Moments later...

\"Sorry for disturbing! Bye!\"

\"GG. Vic is really a prodigy in counter flirting. Douyu has found a gem!\"

\"It's a fact now! If you aren't moved in the slightest way by a girl, you're either gay or a siscon!\"

\"Stop it guys! Ah Lang is still a kid! Why... Why... not just kill him now!\"

Inside the game, Daimei was speechless at his response.

OrangeTree spoke up out of the blue, \"Guys, let's get serious and stop chatting idly. We're here to get the chicken dinner!\"

\"Sorry!\" Daimei apologized from the bottom of her heart.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang laughed. \"We need to hype up the squad to get a chicken dinner. What's the use of having a girl in our squad if we don't chat around. Oh right OrangeTree, you don't sound young at all. Do you mind telling us your age?\"

\"Me? I'm twenty-eight,\" OrangeTree replied.

Liu Zilang groaned as if he had something on his mind. \"Twenty-eight Huh... You're not that young anymore. Seeing how you're playing games the entire day, I'm guessing you still don't have a girlfriend, right?\"

OrangeTree was silent.

\"Buddy! My heart aches! Don't say anymore!\"

\"The single man has suffered a critical hit, losing ten thousand health points! Vic you ruthless b*stard!\"

Then, OrangeTree's voice was heard through the voice chat.

\"Sorry, I forgot to switch on my microphone earlier.\"

\"Push to talk? Why don't you use Open Mic instead?\" Liu Zilang questioned him.

\"My wife is watching a drama beside me and it's a little bit noisy,\" OrangeTree said.

\"Umm... wife?\" Liu Zilang gulped as he started to stutter, \"You... you're married?\"

\"Yeah, with three kids.\" OrangeTree gave off a silly laugh.

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter upon hearing his words!

\"666! A counterattack! I support OrangeTree!\"

\"A counterattack! Buddy, you did great!\"

\"The second round ends with OrangeTree gaining 100HP whereas Vic lost 100HP!\"

\"This week's topic is the analysis of reasons why people hurt each other.\"

\"OrangeTree would definitely say come on! Come on! I'm not afraid of you!\"

Inside the game, Daimei burst into laughter as she listened to their conversation.

'What the h*ll...' Liu Zilang's expression was extremely moody!

He gave off a dry cough as he said, \"Ah Shu, it's not that I want to lecture you but it would be best for you not to tell strangers everything on the internet. It's bad for you.\"

\"You're the one who asked me the question...\" OrangeTree was slightly frustrated.

'It's my fault, happy now!'

Liu Zilang looked extremely frustrated as he forcefully changed the topic, \"About... the Safe Zone will be at the Sosnovka Military Base, let's not loiter around. Instead, let's find a vehicle to run against the blue circle.\"

\"How are we going to find a vehicle in the middle of nowhere,\" OrangeTree questioned him. \"Why don't we head toward Water Town?\"

\"There's a squad in Water Town!\" Daimei was extremely frightened. \"I'm... I'm scared.\"

Liu ZIlang looked at the shotgun in his hand as he agreed with OrangeTree's opinion after pondering for some time.

As the vote was two against one, Daimei had no choice but to follow the majority.

Hence, the three of them started sneaking into the Water Town.

Water Town was located toward the east of Ruins and at the center of the mainland. It was rich in loot and had many garages and roads nearby.

However, Water Town had a flaw. The entire housing area was soaked in water and it was disgusting to some people.

There was a building or two left that was untouched by the squad in Water Town by the time they arrived.

The three of them laid prone in a grassy field as they spied on the area. OrangeTree took out his M4 as he intended to get up and head further in with the person closest to him.

However, Liu Zilang stopped him as he pointed toward a jeep beside the road of Water Town. \"Calm down. We have to be smart about this.\"

\"What do you mean being smart?\" Daimei asked cautiously from the side.

She then stared at Liu Zilang who was cautiously making his way toward the jeep by the swamp. He crouched down when he reached the jeep.

\"What are you doing?\" OrangeTree followed him from behind.

They were shocked and immediately laid prone on the ground as two enemies from Water Town appeared.

The two enemies ran toward the jeep and entered it.

OrangeTree and Daimei widened their eyes!

This was because they saw Liu Zilang who was prone by the bush, board the jeep as well!

\"Vic is up to something again! Something exciting is about to happen!\"

\"My sympathy goes to the two enemies, they've got a stranger with them.\"

\"What are you still waiting for Vic! Pull out your S686 and shoot them!\"

However, inside the game, Liu Zilang was calm and kept silent as he sat still inside the jeep.

The two enemies from Water Town drove past a few buildings as they honked twice.

It seemed as if they were rushing their friends who were inside the buildings.

Soon, two figures came running out of the buildings.

\"Hurry! F*ck! Why is this place so empty!\" One of them said unsatisfactorily.

\"Exactly. The Safe Zone is at the Sosnovka Military Base. Can you guys be more efficient and not let one house go unsearched?\" The person beside the passenger complained.

One man running toward them smirked. \"Guess what we found, do you know what's a Level Three Spetznaz Helmet?\"

The other one acted high and mighty as well. \"Do you know what's an 8x Scope?\"

\"F*ck! I missed out that building! My luck has slipped to your side!\" The driver was unhappy.

The co-driver looked extremely jealous as well but he did not reveal it. \"Get into the jeep quickly! If people ambush us at the bridgehead, we'll be deliverymen no matter how good our equipment is.\"

As the two men rushed toward the jeep, the first man glanced saw Liu Zilang sitting behind the Jeep.

Both of them looked at each other in the eye.

The atmosphere tensed up!

\"Oh no! Vic has been discovered!\"

\"Hahaha, Vic is about to die!\"

\"All you can do is think of something unconventional. Goodbye!\"

That man sat in the car and laughed. \"I was wondering why your search ended so quickly. You're still poor as f*ck.\"

\"Fine fine, I'm poor! Quickly!\" The co-driver said coldly with a UMP9 in his hand.

Then, the other man jumped in from the side as the jeep started moving.

In the jeep, the guy who saw Liu Zilang held in his urge to pull out his weapon as his head was filled with confusion.

He still did not understand the whole picture as the other men did not speak through their voice chat.

That man had hopped into the jeep right after they made eye contact and did not look at him afterward.

'What the hell is going on?'

'A double-crossing spy?'


OrangeTree who was prone beside Water Town panicked as Liu Zilang was about to leave together with that squad. \"Hey! That man is about to elope with the others!\"

Liu Zilang almost vomited blood inside the car as he heard that!

'Elope my *ss!'

He did not say a word nor did he pull out his S686.

Instead, he quietly took out a grenade and pulled its pin.


Amidst the humming of the jeep's engine, the lot of people in the car became suspicious.

\"Who pulled a grenade?\"

\"Not me.\"

\"Me neither.\"

\"You must have misheard it.\"

The last person speaking was the man who made eye contact with Liu Zilang.

As he finished speaking, he switched to his first-person perspective and took a glance inside the car.

He realized that something was wrong!

'One, two, three, four... five?'


He did not even have time to scream!

The car lit up from within in an instant!


An ear deafening explosion was heard as the grenade's impact expanded from within the small vehicle!

The jeep flew upward as it exploded. Five players then dropped out from the vehicle and they all kneeled on the ground simultaneously.

Four out of five of them then turned into crates.

The screen turned black and white as the squad's perspective went up into the sky.

They all lost it when they saw a figure below them standing up and looting their crates!

'Is it easy to loot Water Town?'

'Is it hard to find a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and an 8x Scope?'

What Liu Zilang bombed was not their physical bodies but their will!

\"What the f*ck! This b*stard is way too cruel!\"

\"I have to tell you something Vic, karma's going to get you for this!\"

\"They had to deal with a spy while playing this game! I'm sure that squad is beyond speechless!\"

\"How can there be such a despicable person inside this game! If I were to encounter such a person, I... I would kneel before him. Boss, please accept me as your student!\"

\"Haha. The funniest part was when that player didn't recognize Vic the moment he saw him!\"

\"2333. His teammates might roast him to death if he were to tell them the truth now...\"

Inside the game, Daimei and OrangeTree who were beside Water Town looked muddled as they stared at Liu Zilang.

They ran toward Liu Zilang to pull him up. Daimei then busily looted the crates. Her eyes widened as she realizes what Liu Zilang had done; the latter who had a set of Level One equipment and an S686 underwent a 360-degree change!

All of a sudden, he had a set of Level Three equipment on him, an M16 on his left, and a 98K with an 8x Scope on his right!

Liu Zilang had been busy clearing up each and every crate around him while he was crawling about. He had run through the fastest route to loot the crates in his mind multiple times before this.

'How could he be slow?'

Liu Zilang was secretly satisfied with the equipment on him as he finished looting the crates.

Then, they heard a car approaching them!

A jeep appeared right behind them!

\"Da da da!\"

Liu Zilang continued looting the crates the moment he was pulled up and did not find time to heal himself up.

His head was planted back down to the ground as a bullet coming from the jeep grazed past him.

Liu Zilang's eye started twitching as he stared at the incoming jeep. He was kneeling on the ground.

'What the h*ll... Is karma really coming for me?'

'I didn't do anything wrong!'