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244 The Guests Have Arrived, Bring Out The Dishes!

 \"Hey girl, don't run away from me! I won't kill you as long as you take off your mini skirt. Hehehe.\"

It was unexpectedly the voice of a lady.

Daimei continued to run as she begged for mercy pitifully. \"We're all angels so let's not get rough with each other. Can't we just sit down and talk this out peacefully?\"

As she ran to the corner, she saw Liu Zilang with a Crowbar in his hand.

The edge of Daimei's lips twitched.

As justice would always prevail against the evil, she decided to go against her consciousness once more.

She screamed uncontrollably, \"Run! Ah Lang!\"

However, Liu Zilang stood still silently and did not budge at all.

The footsteps were getting closer!

Once the lady turned to the corner, she stood still and raised her pistol up as she continued to fire at Daimei.

However, that lady felt that something was not right!

'What the f*ck!'

'Why is there a person beside me?'

She immediately turned around and pointed with her pistol but Liu Zilang's legs had already left the ground as he started waving his Sacred Sword of Physics!


It broke the sound barrier!

Although the Crowbar's base damage was slightly weaker than the Pan, it was still strong enough to knock out this lady in just one hit even though she had a green Level One Motorcycle Helmet on her!

Everything went along within expectation!

Liu Zilang had instantly knocked her out as he swung the Crowbar.

The lady was furious as she saw Liu Zilang with his Crowbar. \"F*ck you! How dare you ambush me!\"

Liu Zilang cleared his throat as he stood in front of her while waving his Crowbar. He then said sternly, \"Hey old hag, you might just die if I were to whack you again.\"


\"How about this. I'll spare you if you're willing to give me your pistol.\"

\"Are you for real?\" The lady was skeptical.

Daimei returned to the scene angrily as she noticed that the enemy had fallen. \"Why don't you just kill her off. She was chasing after me!\"

\"That's one way to deal with this situation.\" Liu Zilang pondered.

The two of them chatted openly. The lady was so frightened that she had almost peed her pants and surrendered after hearing their conversations. \"Hey girl, don't kill me. I'll give you everything!\"

Liu Zilang crouched down to loot the ammo and pistol before he punched her without any warning.

\"I've already given them to you. Why are you still hitting me!\" The lady screamed out of shock.

\"Scream for me.\" Liu Zilang demanded.

\"Huh?\" The lady was startled.

\"I want your friends to come and save you, you won't be able to make it in time if you don't scream.\" Liu Zilang said as he punched her again.

\"Woah! Are you some sort of a sociopath!\" The lady laying on the ground started panicking.

\"Hehehe this is interesting. Let me foot in as well!\" Daimei crouched down as she waved her head left and right as she spammed Q and E alternatively. She then looked at the lady and said. \"Didn't I tell you earlier than we're all angels. Look at you now. Why did you give in to violence earlier?\"

She then raised her arms as soon as she finished speaking.

Despite the lady's health was reducing rather slowly, her health was down to less than half as she took two full hits from Liu Zilang.

She submitted to her as she saw Daimei was about to punch her again. \"No! Don't! I'll scream, okay? What do you want me to scream?\"

Daimei smirked as she said charmingly, \"Listen carefully! Yamate! Ite Ite!\"[1]

\"Yamate! Ite Ite!\" that lady seemed to be rather innocent as she asked after she finished screaming, \"What... does that mean?\"

\"It's a perverted stream! I'm reporting it!\"

\"Woah! How open can they be! That sounds so exciting!\"

\"That old hag is about to teach the youngsters something again! Gentlemen! I'm very excited!\"

Inside the game, three of the lady's friends could no longer hold it in as they screamed through the voice chat excitedly.

\"Hang on girl! We're coming to save you!\"

\"Woah! These bunch of people are savages!\"

\"We will chop off their heads to avenge you!\"

Liu Zilang started smiling uncontrollably as he heard footsteps coming from the distance.

The Ruins had complicated terrains and it was surrounded by many plants. He did not have the confidence to head out on his own to search for them with just a pistol.

However, everything had changed.

This was the reason why he did not kill off this little lady.

As the footsteps approached closer, Liu Zilang hiding at the corner looked at where the sound came from. He noticed two enemies were running towards him with weapons in their hands but he was unsure where the last remaining enemy had gone to.

Since he only had a small pistol, he would be basically begging for death to come upon him if he were to let them get close to him.

Hence, Liu Zilang had no choice but to peek out quickly. He then squinted as he muttered four words softly.

'The time has come.'

Bang bang bang!

Liu Zilang went back into hiding as he fired out a three-burst shot.

The two enemies raised their weapons up swiftly as they saw a figure appearing at the corner.

A Killer Notification had appeared at the bottom left of the screen!

\"Vic123 knocked out FlippingTheHuangpuRiver by headshot with P1911!\"

One of them had been knocked out by Liu Zilang's three-burst shot!

Daimei was extremely startled as she saw everything while she was teaching that lady a 'lesson'!

Despite them playing the same game, why was he the only one able to land a headshot with the three-burst shot?

As the intensity of the shooting started fading, Liu Zilang popped out once more swiftly!

Bang bang bang!

Three more shots were fired. No more, no less!

Liu Zilang did not even bother checking if he had missed his shots as he turned away confidently.

As he reached out his hand and fired the remaining ammo in P1911 on the lady's head, he unloaded the clip as he reloaded his pistol.

Two Killer Notifications appeared one after the other at the bottom left corner of the screen.

\"Vic123 knocked out IHaveAGun by headshot with P1911!\"

\"Vic123 killed LilFairyQaQ by headshot with P1911!\"

The lady was flabbergasted as she was completely unprepared for the unexpected headshot. \"Why... Why did you kill me?\"

Did they not agree to be each other's angel?

\"Oh...\" Liu Zilang looked at the crate on the ground as he tried to explain to her in utmost sincerity. \"I have got one additional ammo.\"

It had the exact same vibe as sharing an apple equally in kindergarten where they realized that they had an additional slice of apple after sharing them with everyone in the room and had no choice but to hand it out casually as a reward.

'This isn't a f*cking apple!'

The lady was beyond frustrated!

\"Vic showed no sign of sympathy! He's merciless!\"

\"Another angel has fallen down to the mortal realm. Sob.\"

\"That's a fact! Vic didn't even falter when he's against this young lady. This b*stard is definitely not straight!\"

Vic said, \"Sorry. I'm just a merciless killer.\"

Inside the game, Daimei stared with her eyes wide open.

She gulped as she asked, \"Are they all dead?\"

\"There's one mo...\" Liu Zilang had yet to finish speaking as he heard OrangeTree's voice coming through the voice chat. \"I'll f*cking kill you!\"



\"OrangeTree knocked out DaddyOnly~Loves/Me! With S686!\"

Liu Zilang shrugged. \"They're all dead now. Let's loot the crates.\"

His response was so casual that it sounded exactly like, \"The dish is here, let's eat.\"


[1] Yamate means stop and Ite means painful in Japanese