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243 If We Cant Survive Together, We Die Together!

 Liu Zilang was curious as well as he read the bullet screens on his stream.

He could not hold his thought in as he asked, \"Hey elder sister! I have a question. Are you a streamer?\"

\"I...\" The sweet voice stuttered.

She then spoke with a coaxing tone, \"Stop calling me elder sister! You can call me little angel! And I'm not a streamer.\"

The stream was bombarded by the bullet screen as she finished speaking!

\"Holysh*t! This voice! This manner of speech! She's definitely Daimei!\"

\"Hehehe, who doesn't want to be a little angel at that age!\"

\"Stop pretending you old hag! I know it's you!\"

Liu Zilang was slightly startled when he heard her words. \"Okay then. Lit... Little angel, hold on tight because I'm about to carry you guys to get a chicken dinner.\"

\"Really?\" OrangeTree who wanted to quit earlier was very interested all of the sudden as he complained, \"I didn't manage to get a single chicken dinner for the entire afternoon. What the h*ll man! My teammates are trash.\"

\"Why would I lie to you?\"

Liu Zilang put on a charming smile. \"How about this. Your AH [1]will disappear if you don't get your chicken dinner, deal?\"

\"Brother, I think your statement is a little bit off.\"

OrangeTree was sharp in noticing the problem. \"You're the one who told us that you're carrying us to the chicken dinner. Why am I the one without an AH if we don't get the chicken dinner?\"

\"Huh? Is there a problem?\" Liu Zilang acted obliviously.

\"Of course there's a problem,\" OrangeTree replied.

\"I'm at a loss here!\" Liu Zilang was stern.

\"Who's at the loss? I'm the one okay?\" OrangeTree was frustrated. \"Why would you be at a loss?\"

\"I would be at a loss if you don't have an AH!\" Liu Zilang sounded extremely sincere. \"Think about it.\"

That man was startled and did not know what to say...

\"666, a sound statement!\"

\"I sprained my waist because of this unexpected harassment.\"

\"Stop the car! This car isn't heading to the Kindergarten! I want to get off now!\"

\"I'm scared! Vic has finally revealed his true nature!\"

\"Female fans watching this stream, it's fine for you to take off your skirt. Vic is no longer the Vic we know.\"

Inside a dormitory near a certain university in Changan.

An average-looking petite lady who looked like a mess was sitting in front of her computer.

She was no other than the Daimei everyone in the live stream was speaking of.

She gave out a dry laugh as she heard their conversations. \"What... what are you guys... talking about...\"

\"Don't take it seriously! It's just a joke to lighten the atmosphere!\" Liu Zilang smirked. \"It's fate that brought us together and I'll definitely give you a chicken dinner.\"

\"Let's introduce ourselves for the time being. After all, It's a long game and it won't do if we keep calling each other our IGNs.\"

\"A long game?\" OrangeTree who was calming down from his excitement asked skeptically.

He, however, had still given him a response. \"Since I'm called OrangeTree, why don't you call me Ah Shu?\"

His voice sounded sincere and honest but the words coming out from his mouth were the total opposite.

Liu Zilang gave off a dry cough as he continued, \"You guys... can just call me Ah Lang.\"

\"Pfft. What kind of name is Ah Lang?\"

\"Perhaps Vic's real name consists of the word Lang?\"

\"Tsk tsk... This man's personality suits his name!\"

\"Hey! Looks like these two people don't know who Vic really is. This can be interesting.\"

Inside the game, Daimei opened her mouth as well upon listening to the other two. \"My name is Biubiubiu. You can call me Ah Biu.\"

\"Ah Biu? That's acceptable.\" Liu Zilang rubbed his chin. \"At least it's much better than Ah Shu.\"

\"How... How is that better than mine?\" OrangeTree was frustrated.

Liu Zilang was silent for some time as he listened to his serious tone. Perhaps this man did not need an orange tree. Perhaps what he needed was another type of tree...

Then, the time limit on the spawn area was up.

The scene shifted to the three of them inside the plane.

The flight route in this match started from the upper left corner of the map, Zharki. It would passed through the upper region of Georgopol and Pochinki before ending it near Novorepnoye.

\"Let's hide on the ground and live until we're ninety-nine years old! Let's head into the wilderness in this match.\" Daimei suggested as she looked at the flight route.

\"I... I like to live on the edge!\" OrangeTree expressed his opinion.

\"No wonder you weren't able to get a chicken dinner,\" Daimei muttered softly before she stretched her voice and said affectionately, \"Ah... Lang... what do you say?\"

Liu Zilang shivered as he heard her calling him Ah Lang in such a manner. He urged himself as he replied, \"We need to come to a consensus. Courage and recklessness don't go hand in hand.\"

\"What do you mean?\" OrangeTree did not understand the situation.

\"It means we're heading into the wilderness,\" Daimei concluded swiftly.

Daimei then marked onto the housing area near the Ruins and the three of them opened their parachutes as the airplane flew across the Ruins.

Their original plan was to send two people to the Ruins while the other one scoured the wooden houses beside it.

However, they soon realized that one of the two four-man squads that were heading towards the Water Town abandoned their original plan and headed towards the Ruins as they reached the low altitude.

\"They're trying to bully us because we have fewer people!\" Daimei complained.

\"I'm glad they came!\" OrangeTree, on the other hand, was rubbing his hands.

Liu Zilang was silent as he opened a bet.

The question was not about him able to get the chicken dinner but whether his teammates were able to survive through this battle the moment they landed.



The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter the moment they saw the question!

\"Holysh*t! Vic is not giving them any chances!\"

\"Little brother OrangeTree, buckle up! Even so, I'm still choosing No!\"

\"Hahaha! He would have to get rich himself if they aren't able to keep up!\"

\"F*ck me! Does nobody here have faith in OrangeTree? I disagree... I'm choosing No!\"

\"Those who had picked No, aren't you afraid of Vic going against the bet?\"

\"I choose to believe Vic. Isn't it a normal thing for him to annihilate an entire squad on his own? All his teammates need to do is to scream 666 at him.\"

\"I believe in Vic too! I'll jump into the sea if he lost and I'll wake up in a mansion with a hot model beside me otherwise!\"

As they landed, the viewers from the live stream watched Liu Zilang picked up a Crowbar, which was locally known as the Sacred Sword of Physics after scouring the place.

As the bet was about to be closed in ten seconds, the option 'No' was instantly filled up.

\"Sorry for interrupting! Bye!\"

\"Oh my god! He didn't even have a pistol? Vic's expression is way too gloomy!\"

\"How are they going to survive through this? Can someone please enlighten me?\"

\"GG! He has just met a girl and it's about to end just like that?\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang who only had a Level One Police Vest and a Crowbar searched around frustratingly but to no avail.

Then, he heard Daimei screaming next door!

\"Stop chasing after me! I don't have any acute bronchitis syrup!\"

\"Ah Biu, hold on!\" OrangeTree shouted.

\"Are you coming to save me! Quickly!\" Daimei seemed to have noticed a strand of life-saving straw!

\"I... I don't have any rifle. Hold on.\" OrangeTree said embarrassingly.

\"I don't have anything too.\" Liu Zilang said.

Daimei was speechless.

Bang bang bang!

A chain of gunshots from the pistol could be heard coming from behind!

Although the enemy's marksmanship was not that great, Daimei's health point had been downed to less than half.

Daimei had lost all hope as she saw the man behind her was chasing after her while he reloaded his pistol.

He then noticed on the map that Liu Zilang was just right in front of him.

She recalled that this very man had promised to carry them to a chicken dinner at the beginning of the game. Hence, she gritted her teeth and ran towards him...

It was fate that brought them together!

If they could not survive together, she would rather die together with him!

[1] *sshole