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241 Reunion and Goodbye

 \"We can see that there are four players left alive in the battleground. Vic from Fantastic Four is on the hilltop, while two players from Harbin Institute of Technology and one player from Tongji University are at the hillside. Now, the safe zone has refreshed to the bottom of the hill, it's getting more interesting.\"

\"Mmm, right now, it looks like Vic is definitely going to be eliminated because the two squads at the hillside obviously want to take revenge. They're aiming at the hilltop, and they're intending to make Vic die in the blue circle.\"

Just as the commentators on the commentary platform sentenced Liu Zilang to death, on the cliff, Liu Zilang was able to exchange his M16 for the double-barreled shotgun, S686, from Gao Yunyang's crate before the blue circle closed in.

\"Ka da!\"

With a push and pull, two 12-gauge shells were loaded into the barrel.

Upon seeing this, Ms-Joy and Su Changming who were on the commentary platform were confused.

\"Although this is the final circle, given the distance, if Vic changes his gun to a won't be suitable, right?\"

\"Actually, changing to a shotgun is quite a good idea, but I think if Sloth was on the hilltop, perhaps he'll have a better chance. After all, as compared to Vic who's a sniper, he's more expert in small and close-range battles.\"

\"Hmm? Why did Vic throw a smoke grenade? Doesn't he have any frag grenades left?\"

From the caster's God's perspective, the spectators were also curious about Liu Zilang's move as they watched.

This was because the other players from the two squads were crouching without moving in the final circle, whereas Liu Zilang was constantly moving on the hilltop, be it changing his gun or throwing the smoke grenade. Naturally, he drew the attention of other players.

\"Clink, clank-!\"

One after another, smoke grenades were thrown from the hilltop.


The two squads below the hill thought that Liu Zilang was throwing a frag grenade, so they were shocked.

However, the second they realized that those were smoke grenades, they sighed long breaths of relief.

\"Tss, tss, tss-!\"

The smoke grenades that rolled to the bottom of the hill began giving out smoke.

In no time, white smoke spread the air, and everywhere appeared to be white.

Of course, this was how it looked like to the players in the battleground.

From the caster's God's perspective, everyone else could clearly see everything happening on the battleground.

All of a sudden, exclamations of amazement were heard!

Amid the smoke, Liu Zilang was seen making his way down the steep hill with an S686.

When the spectators saw him, they could not help but recalled the scene where Gao Yunyang threw smoke grenades into School's building and fought three players by himself.

'Is Vic...'

Before they even finished wondering, Liu Zilang had already crept his way to the two-man squad beside the cover below the hill.

Just as he got closer, the two players who were beside the rock heard his footsteps and saw Liu Zilang's face.

In the speed of light, Liu Zilang crouched to his right, shifted sideways, and blasted a shot with his shotgun!

When the deafening sound of a shotgun was heard, the person on the left was blasted off into the air!

At the same time, the player on the right went around the stone while holding his gun.

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

Intense fire was seen coming out from the muzzle of his gun!

Even so, Liu Zilang was able to crouch and shift to his left the instant those shots were fired!


Muzzle flash was seen coming from the barrel of his S686!

Just like that, gunshots from that player was brought to a halt as he collapsed to the ground right away.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang's \"left and right split\" shots actually took out the two-man squad!

Right then, the only other player alive in the final circle heard the gunshots and made his way toward Liu Zilang. It was evident he wanted to loot the burning house.

Since everything happened hastily, Liu Zilang who had little health left neither had the time to heal himself nor reload his shotgun. Hence, he retrieved his 98K.

Currently, he looked at the direction of the smoke quietly.

His mind was clear!

The instant a figure appeared in the smoke, Liu Zilang blasted a shot!


Blood splattered out of that player's head!

Nevertheless, since he wore a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, he did not die.

Seeing as Liu Zilang still used a 98K in such a close distance, he immediately fired shots with his M4.

Liu Zilang who suffered many hits and was in critical health quickly hid behind the stone to avoid those shots.

At the same time, he swiftly pulled the bolt of his 98K!

Next, his 98K was transformed into a 98 shotgun!

When his opponent made his way to him, without even scoping in, he simply fired a waist-height shot to counterattack!


Blood burst out from that person's body!

Followed by that, Liu Zilang's kill count appeared on the screen in bright red, and the screen froze!

\"12 Kills!\"

\"Winner winner chicken dinner!\"

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"Wow! That was beyond our expectations! I can't believe that Vic was still able to get chicken dinner given his situation! Let us congratulate Fantastic Four from University of Jianghai!\"

\"Yes, indeed, it's a surprise to all of us. Unknowingly, Vic acquired 12 kills, giving Fantastic Four a total of 20 kills in this match alone. Looks like they have a chicken dinner match with a high kill count.\"

\"That's right, Fantastic Four was very passive at the beginning of the game, so they probably gained those kills from their target practice on the hilltop. Once again, this proves how important the destiny circle and the strategic choosing of location are in a competition.\"

\"Currently, Fantastic Four from University Jianghai is leading with the highest total accumulated points, followed by Yanshan University's school team that won chicken dinner in the previous match, then Southeast University's school team. Oh! Wuhan University's school team that competed shooting skills with other squads in Sosnovka Military Base is fourth place on the list!\"

\"There's only one last match left! Right now, the point difference between the top squads is not very big, and they're all strong competitors fighting for the champion title.\"


After a short break, the third match began in no time.

The dramatic part about this match was that school teams from Yanshan University and Southeast University, and even Gao Yunyang's university, Wuhan University, which were named by Su Changming as \"strong competitors to be the champion\" were eliminated in succession after the third circle shrank completely...

Liu Zilang's squad, Fantastic Four, was the only squad that decided to loot in the wilderness around Stabler that was located at the top right corner of the map.

Perhaps they were blessed by the holy light, they managed to carry Su Changming's \"poisonous breast\" and survived all the way.

When the match ended, although Liu Zilang and his teammates did not kill many players, they managed to win chicken dinner again, and received 500 basic points.

At last, when the competition result was out, Fantastic Four was in first place from winning consecutive chicken dinners, followed by Yanshan University in second place that won chicken dinner in the first match, and the first team of University of Jianghai, the squad that suddenly rose up from the previous matches, in third place!

With that, both squads from University of Jianghai succeeded in monopolizing the ranking board by being in the top ten and became glorious among those universities.

Later on, it was the award ceremony.

After receiving the award, the principal of the university delivered a speech on stage as usual.

\"This competition ended perfectly, which improved the interaction between institutes. We must stand...\"

Although it sounded like nonsense, since they had just received an award, they needed to respect the university's principal. Thus, Liu Zilang and the others could only listen even though they were bored to death.

When everything came to an end, Su Changming found Liu Zilang and Gao Yunyang, as well as Ms-Joy, and the four of them gathered at a place outside the university.