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240 What Goes Around, Comes Around!

 On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"Getting vision from high ground is really too advantageous for a sniper! Vic's shots were fast and accurate!\"

\"Yes, now that there's a sniper in front of them, and the blue circle behind them, the squads on the hillside are being very passive.\"

\"Eh! Wuhan University's squad is almost at the top! But they're fighting another squad on the hillside!\"

\"Wait up! Sloth is not with his teammates! While his teammates attracted attention, he took the advantage to go up the hill by himself! Oh my god! Is he going to go backstab the squad alone?\"

On the competition screen, Gao Yunyang who carried a shotgun and an M4 secretly made his way up to the hilltop.

At the moment, Liu Zilang and the others were indeed diverted by the fight going on at the hillside, which caused a \"multiparty battle\"!

Unquestionably, Gao Yunyang's sudden move to go behind them caught them off guard!

\"Bam, bam!\"

\"Da, da, da-!\"

After blasting two consecutive shots with his S686, Gao Yunyang quickly changed to his M4, pull the trigger, and fired multiple shots!

The Legion Destroyer!

All of a sudden, Chen Zhifei, Ran Maotong, and Pu Taizhuang who were at the cliff and totally engrossed in the fight were not able to counterattack in time. With that, they were all knocked out by Gao Yunyang!

Upon watching that, the two commentators on the commentary platform became agitated.

\"Nice! Sloth's backstabbing move was simply too wonderful!\"

\"That's right! The timing of his sneak attack was incredible! The situation turned around too quickly! The three players from Fantastic Four weren't able to react to it at all!\"

\"Oh! Fantastic Four still has Vic! Earlier, he went somewhere else for 'target practice'!\"

\"Now, the players halfway up the hill are all in a deadlock and are not going up. This leaves only Vic and Sloth! It's a real battle of the mountain king!\"

\"It seems like that is indeed the case. Under this situation, I personally think that Sloth still has the upper hand. After all, he's an expert in small and close-range fights, whereas Vic who's a sniper is perhaps weaker in this.\"

\"Mmm, in fact, we can easily tell from the weapons carried by the two of them. Vic has an M16 and a 98K, while Sloth has a fully attached S696 and an M4. Given the distance, Sloth certainly has an advantage.\"

On the hilltop, Gao Yunyang looked at the three players who were kneeling in front of him.

He took a quick glance at the kill notification that appeared at the bottom left corner of his screen and noticed that the username of the player he wanted to kill was not there.

Nonetheless, when he heard the gunshots from the hill just now, he knew very well that that person was definitely still at the hilltop.

Once Gao Yunyang thought about that, he smiled.

He quickly reloaded his M4, but Liu Zilang still did not appear.

He peeked from behind a stone, and fired another shot at one of the three players who was knocked out on the hilltop, then went behind the stone again swiftly.

Though his shot did not kill Ran Maotong, blood splattered out from his butt!

\"Oh, my d*ck!\"

Ran Maotong was so furious that he shouted!

Gao Yunyang's intention was crystal clear.

'Are you going to show up?'


'If you don't, I'll kill your teammate!'

'This is a warning shot!'

Seeing Ran Maotong was being humiliated, Chen Zhifei could not help to sympathize him. \"Langzi! Your former teammate is too brutal, isn't he!\"

Liu Zilang who was crouching behind the wall at the observatory replied, \"How about this, all of you crawl toward him.\"

\"F*ck! Langzi, you're too ruthless!\" Pu Taizhuang thought that Liu Zilang wanted them to just get themselves killed, lest they disrupt his thoughts.

\"Don't worry, that fella has some problems with his thinking, he most likely won't kill you.\" Liu Zilang giggled, then continued, \"Later, you guys just...\"

Therefore, subsequently, on the competition screen showing the caster's God's perspective, Chen Zhifei and the two others were seen puffing as they crawled like three little pigs toward Gao Yunyang.

'Trying to get yourselves killed?'

Gao Yunyang looked at them lazily.

Right now, he focused his attention at the observatory, thus he did not bother about the three players who circled around him.

'You want me to kill them?'

'I won't!'

However, at that moment, something was thrown out from behind the observatory!

It was a frag grenade!

Gao Yunyang's pupil shrunk, he instantly realized what was going on, and quickly began running sideways!

However, he realized that he was unable to move at all!

When Gao Yunyang looked around him again, he was stupefied!

He was being pushed to the center by the three players whom he knocked out, who currently looked like three little pigs.

As for the only side where nobody was there, he was blocked by the stone that he used as his cover.

In other words, he was trapped!

At this crucial moment, Gao Yunyang held his M4 up as he wanted to make a path for himself.

As long as he killed one of them, he could break the formation without attacking it!

Who knew, just as he began shooting, that grenade landed on his head.


Accompanied by the thundering explosion, dust and sand filled the air, as well as black smoke!

By the time the smoke dispersed, only four crates were left on the ground.

At this very moment, this very situation...Gao Yunyang was shocked!

The commentators on the platform were shocked!

The spectators were also shocked!

\"F*ck! They actually did that?\"

\"It appeared! The legendary Million Pigs Arch Tower!\"

\"Speaking of which, why do I feel that these four crates look rather odd! They seem like a family.\"

\"Uh...they must be fated in a special way, so they died together.\"

\"I feel sorry for Guru Sloth! This is the second time he's killed by a frag grenade!\"

\"Wu, wu, wu! Cry! All of you, cry!\"

\"Vic is too despicable! If anyone tells me that it wasn't his idea, I won't believe it no matter what!\"

While the spectators were in discussion, Liu Zilang ran over to the four crates, and looted many items.

Later on, he ran to the cliff, and threw all the looted frag grenades, stun grenades, molotov cocktails...down to the hillside.

Right now, after a round of battle on the hillside, only nine players were left. Including Liu Zilang, there were currently ten players alive in the battleground.

With that, his move was undoubtedly a fatal hit on them!

To note, one the player who was stunned by a stun grenade was even more terrified when he heard the sound of a frag grenade landed right beside him. He escaped immediately!

But he ran in the wrong direction, and went straight into the blue circle...

By then, it was already the third last blue circle!

That player already did not have full health, when he finally realized that something was not right and decided to run back to where he was, everything was too late!

He was killed outside the safe zone!

Watching from the screen as that player ran into the blue circle like a lost sheep, and finally collapsed quietly as he tried to run back...the spectators trembled!

'He's too damn brutal, isn't he!'


Next, the second last safe zone refreshed!

Currently, Liu Zilang seemed to have been punished by Heaven.

This was because the safe zone did not include the hilltop, instead, it included the hillside.

With that, he was already aimed at by the three players at the hillside.

Upon seeing this, a sentence appeared in the minds of all the spectators!

What goes around, comes around, karma is a b*tch!