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239 Sniper Rhythm!

 As soon as they arrived at the hilltop, they exited their vehicle swiftly.

\"Look if anybody's around!\" Liu Zilang uttered quickly, and continued, \"If nobody else is here, this will be our chicken dinner spot!\"

\"I'll look around the hill.\" Pu Taizhuang replied.

\"Mantou, follow me. We'll take a look at the observatory, I'm a bit anxious by myself.\" Evidently, Chen Zhifei was bothered by a traumatic experience.

Liu Zilang stood at the hilltop as he looked toward the bridgehead of the East Bridge with his 98K.

Behind the abandoned car at the bridgehead, a figure was vaguely seen moving around. It seemed like a squad had set up a \"toll booth\" to block the bridge.

Nonetheless, there was also a squad that occupied the housing area near the crossroad beside the bridge, which formed a reversal block at the toll booth by the squad at the bridgehead.

This way, if any other squad were to cross the bridge, not only would they have to break through the first line of defense, they would have to overcome the second barrier too.

Currently, Liu Zilang who was at the hilltop was roughly five hundred meters away from those players, which exceeded the linear shooting range of a 98K.

By scoping in with his 8x scope, Liu Zilang followed those players with the crosshair of his scope, but still did not fire a shot.

This was because given the distance, and that there were players at the housing area, even if he were to knock out his opponent by a headshot, it would be impossible for him to kill that player.

\"There's nobody around the hill.\" Pu Taizhuang reported to him quickly.

Chen Zhifei sighed a long breath of relief as well. \"The observatory is clear too, what do we do next?\"

\"Wait for the next circle to refresh.\" Liu Zilang responded.

\"We're not going to do anything? This doesn't feel good.\" Pu Taizhuang was dispirited.

\"Who says we're not doing anything?\" Liu Zilang pouted his lips, then smiled. \"Let's observe fights, there'll probably be a good show at the bridgehead later, you'll definitely feel good!\"

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"Earlier on, some players from the petrol station have gone on the bridge to block it. Right now, we can see that there are around two to three squads that have not crossed the bridge. The third blue circle is about to shrink, and all the land in the north including the bridge are no longer in the safe zone, so these people must outrun the blue circle.\"

\"Now, the problem is that both the boats by the shore have been taken away by other squads, so if the remaining three squads want to outrun the circle, they'll have to drive through the bridge as it'll be impossible for them to swim across in time.\"

\"That's right. Although the third blue circle won't cause too much damage, swimming is too slow, and most importantly, they won't be able to heal themselves in the water. These three squads were in a deadlock for too long, they've been knocked out and revived throughout the process, thus they're left with no choice now.\"

\"We can see that the toll booth at the bridgehead in Sosnovka Military Base is still there. If three squads were to charge through it, I think they'll be able to at least break through the first line of defense.\"

\"Mmm, but there's another squad at the housing area near the crossroad. Whether they'll survive after breaking through the first line of defense, it'll be up to their luck.\"

Just as Ms-Joy and Su Changming analyzed the tense situation at the bridgehead, the countdown timer for the blue circle ended, hence the blue radiation net began shrinking toward the middle.

Among the three squads at the bridgehead, one squad with an UAZ and a yellow sedan car could not wait any longer. After throwing a few smoke grenades at the bridgehead, they quickly went into their vehicles to escape.

As for the other two squads, they had been longing to leave as well.

As soon as they saw that squad taking the lead, they immediately went in their cars, and followed behind them closely.

\"Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz!\"

The rumbling sounds of engines were heard!

Through the caster's God's perspective, five vehicles were seen speeding across the bridge, which played out the Fast and Furious of PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

However, once the first vehicle charged to the bridgehead, a shadow was seen appearing from behind the ruined car at the bridgehead.

Followed by that, muzzle flashes were seen as deafening gunshot pierced the air, whereby countless bullets instantly poured down like heavy rain!

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!\"

Though the players in the UAZ were mentally prepared for this before they crossed the bridge, the instant the gunshots were heard and the bullets attacked them, the three of them were flustered!

\"Stop the car!\" Somebody yelled.


The sound of friction between the tires and the ground was heard, and the UAZ that was about to explore immediately stopped sideways!

Nevertheless, after the three players went out of their car, before they could even retrieve their gun, they heard a \"bam\"!

The only player who was in the yellow sedan car behind the UAZ was knocked out by a player at the bridgehead.

Owing to the fact that nobody was maneuvering the car, due to inertia, it crashed into the UAZ!

At the next second, flames appeared!

The two vehicles exploded!

The three players from the UAZ did not even manage to react to the situation, and died a resentful death.

Moreover, these two vehicles seemed to belong to the same squad!

Upon witnessing the scene, the spectators burst into laughter.

They were not killed by their enemy's gun, but instead were ganked by their teammate's drifting dead wagon!

'This is too absurd!'

Quickly after, through the caster's God's perspective, the three vehicles of the two other squads charged toward the bridgehead.

Right now, the players at the bridgehead happened to be reloading their guns, thus the first two vehicles managed to break through the defense line.

But when the third vehicle drove past, the players at the bridgehead were not reloading.

Therefore...the situation was self-explanatory.

Seeing their brothers in hardship in that situation, the two cars that managed to pass the bridgehead could not help but felt that they were fortunate.

\"That was close!\"

\"That was too intense!\"

Even so, at the next second when they turned to look at the crossroad, they felt a sense of despair!

Rapid and concentrated gunshots were heard coming from the housing area, followed by two thundering sounds!

Initially, these two vehicles were not much durable anymore, thus they were bombed into the sky!

At the hilltop where the observatory was located.

When Chen Zhifei and the others saw that, they gasped.

Liu Zilang turned to look at the three players who were stupefied, he laughed as he asked, \"What do you think? It feels good, right?\"

\"GG! That was really something!\" Ran Maotong was excited.

On the other hand, Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang sighed. \"It would be great if we were down there.\"

Liu Zilang looked at the crates at the crossroad, then replied with a smile, \"It's the same if we're up here.\"

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"How unfortunate, none of those squads actually made it out.\"

\"Mmm, I think it's mainly because the squad crouching at the crossroad is too wicked. When the players at the bridgehead began shooting, they remained silent, which made those players who crossed the bridge think that there's only one obstacle for them. They thought that every cloud has a silver lining, but who knows...\"

\"Hehe, that's why strategy is extremely important in PUBG. This is a perfect example of a mantis stalking a cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.\"

\"Now, the players at the bridgehead are already aware of the oriole behind them, it looks like they won't be able to loot the crates. Oh! The squad that blocked the bridge immediately removed their 'toll booth', they've jumped off the bridge.\"

\"Given the height, they'll probably lose a substantial amount of health, but it's a rather decisive and safe choice because the safe zone has refreshed, and the bridgehead is longer in the next safe zone. If they don't leave in time, they'll likely face the danger of being blocked by the squad at the crossroad that is nearer to the safe zone.\"

\"Mmm, the players at the housing area near the crossroad are out. It looks like they're going to clear the warzone.\"

\"Yes, but did you realize that Fantastic Four at the hilltop where the observatory is has been watching the whole time, yet the players never fired a shot. Hehe, they really had the perfect spot to observe the fight.\"

\"Uhh...based on Fantastic Four's performance from the beginning of the match, I think they've been looking for spots to avoid getting involved in fights...\"

Who knew, before Ms-Joy was done with his analysis, the crisp sound of a 98K was heard from the hill!


A sniper bullet flew from the hilltop to below the hill like an electrical fire!

Subsequently, blood was seen splattering out from the Level Two Military Helmet of a player who was crouching at the crossroad looting the crates. Next, he pressed his abdomen as he collapsed to the ground helplessly!

On the hilltop, Liu Zilang who held a 98K raised his brow.

'An oriole behind the mantis?

'Have you heard of the oriole of all orioles?'


Even though the two squads that crossed the bridge died in the explosion, their vehicles drifted somewhere else due to inertia. Naturally, the crates of those who were bombed were left on the empty road.

Previously, among the three players who were looting on the road, one of them had nowhere to hide after being knocked out by Liu Zilang.

Besides, Liu Zilang's shot with his 98K was able to cause the effect of a flare gun.

As soon as he made the shot, Pu Taizhuang and the others quickly held up their rifles and an SKS, all of which were attached with a 4x scope.

Muzzle flashes were constantly seen coming from their guns as they fired crazily at the players below!

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

All of a sudden, a downpour of bullets was seen coming from the top of the hill!

Despite that, due to the distance between them and their opponents, their shots were obviously not as accurate.

For all that, their gathered fire was effective!

With a round of shots, the player knocked out by Liu Zilang was killed.

As for the other two players, one of them suffered quite a number of shots after running for a short distance, then quickly collapsed to the ground.

Only one player was at the border of the ongoing fire and was not knocked out since he only suffered two shots on his Level Three Military Vest.

Seeing as that person was about to enter the housing area, another gunshot was suddenly heard!

Blood instantly burst out from that person's body, and that player fell head-first at the door of one of the buildings!

Upon seeing this scene, all the spectators exclaimed!

\"F*ck! That shot was too awesome!\"

\"This Vic really has something up his sleeves! I won't even talk about the headshot on his stagnant target just now, he actually shot this moving target! I really give it to him!\"

\"It's just so evil! I suppose the player who was shot at the door is now crumbling internally, he's probably depressed.\"

\"Brother, go read up on human implant hack on Douyu's Attractive Section.\"

\"Hey! I didn't think that Vic's fan from his live streaming channel is here!\"

In the game, looking at the two kill notifications that appeared on his screen, Liu Zilang put his gun away as he was satisfied.

\"What do you think? Are we going to loot those crates?\" Pu Taizhuang looked at the crates on the road with glimmering eyes.

\"It'll be such a pity if we don't.\" Ran Maotong turned to look at Liu Zilang too.

Liu Zilang reminded them with a smile, \"The squad that jumped off the bridge shouldn't be too far away. If you're going to loot those crates, you'll have to be careful of them shooting back at you after hearing all those gunshots.\"

\"Let's forget about it. Our loot at Lipovka was quite good, and we're not lacking anything, there's no need for us to take the risk.\" Chen Zhifei shook his head. \"Now that we're in the safe zone, we might still be in it when the next one refreshes. We have many supporters from the university watching us play, we must get chicken dinner this time, or we won't be able to walk with our heads held high in the future.\"

Hearing them, Pu Taizhuang and Ran Maotong no longer wanted to loot those crates.

After all, getting the chicken dinner was the simplest and most unadorned desire.


As time passed by, scattered gunshots were heard from time to time around the hill.

The safe zone also refreshed again and again.

Somehow, Chen Zhifei's words came true as their spot at the observatory was constantly inside the safe zone.

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"Now, it's the third last circle of the match. Due to players outrunning the blue circle, small scale battles were happening more frequent. Just before this, players from Wuhan University encountered players from Beijing Institute of Technology, and once again, Sloth showcased his capability as a super rifler. With the help of his teammates, he took down four players from a close range.\"

\"That's right. Currently, there are only 21 players alive on the battleground. Although it sounds unbelievable, Fantastic Four hasn't left the hill ever since they went up there, could they be blessed by the destiny circle in this match?\"

\"Hehe, at this point of time, we can't tell if they are. The next safe zone is going to refresh in no time, if the next circle is still with them...\"

Before Su Changming even finished his sentence, the borders of the blue circle and the safe zone met again.

The next safe zone refreshed!

The instant the spectators from the live streaming channel saw the safe zone, they were surprised!

\"F*ck! This makes no f*cking sense at all!\"

\"Doesn't make sense +1, Boss Su's poisonous breast[1] didn't work on Fantastic Four!\"

\"Newbie here. Is Boss Su's breast very poisonous?\"

\"Hehe, go read up on eSports nanny?\"

\"Do you know about Immortal Huang? Even he has to call Boss Su nanny!\"

\"Emmmm, looks like Fantastic Four isn't even aware that they were at the verge of death.\"

In the game, when Liu Zilang and his teammates saw the new safe zone, they were elated.

Liu Zilang reached for his frag grenade, then took a glance below the hill. \"Let's go, it's time for us to welcome our guests.\"

When Chen Zhifei and the others saw Liu Zilang holding a frag grenade, they were puzzled at first, but quickly realized what was going on.


At the hilltop, their unpleasant laughs went with the wind, and sailed far away.

Wuhan University's school team was seen at the foot of the hill.

In the safe zone were 21 players were alive, it was a rare occasion for them to still have a full squad.

Nonetheless, after seeing the next safe zone, their faces turned gloomy.

\"Brother Gao, what do we do now?\" One of them asked.

\"Tsk! What else can we do? Let's go up.\" Gao Yunyang replied lazily.

\"What if someone's up there?\" Another one asked.

\"Do you even need Brother Gao to answer this? If someone's up there, we'll kill them!\" The other one replied excitedly.

For this match, Gao Yunyang had been leading the three of them as they killed other players in Sosnovka Military Base. As strong players who survived from Sosnovka Military Base's battles, the players from Wuhan University became much more confident.

Soon enough, they made their way up the hill.

Currently, from other sides of the hill, it was clear that there were also a few other squads that thought the same as Wuhan University's squad.

\"Hmmm, looks like everyone realized that the advantage of having a good vision by being at high grounds in the final circle, and they're thinking of occupying a position on the hill now.\"

\"That's right, but Fantastic Four is already on the hill. Hehe, don't you think that this feels like six major orthodox sects besieging the Bright Summit[2]?\"

Right now, around the observatory on the hilltop, Liu Zilang and the others who had \"joined Ming Cult\" laid ambush.

\"Somebody's coming! SW175, the three at the foot of the hill, there are three of them!\"

\"Don't rush, don't rush! Wait till they're nearer to the top.\"

A brief moment later, the sounds of the pins of frag grenades being pulled were heard.

Liu Zilang called out, \"I'll count down from four! 4! 3! 2! 1! Throw it!\"

Next, a few of them raised their hands!

They threw their frag grenades out at the same time!

The players who were halfway up the mountain were making their way up carefully and were startled when they saw a few black spots appearing on top of them.

By the time they realized that something was not right and wanted to escape, it was too late.

The frag grenades exploded in the air before they even landed!

\"Boom, boom, boom, boom!\"

Deafening explosions were heard consecutively, a mini red zone on top of their heads!

Very quickly, three kill notifications appeared at the bottom left corner of their screens.

When other squads at the hillside heard the explosions, their hearts sank.

'What the h*ck was that?'

In a trice, those squads began hesitating.

Initially, they thought that reaching the top meant arriving at Heaven.

However, it did not seem like that would be the case.

While they hesitated, Liu Zilang did not.

After bombing three players and declared their \"territorial sovereignty\", Liu Zilang quickly retrieved his 98K and scanned his surrounding with his sharp eyes.

He found his target!

He lifted his gun up!

Scoped in!

Shifted the crosshair and blasted a shot!

Instantly, the Level Two Military Helmet of a player at the hillside shattered, and he fell off the mountain.

Some moments later, the familiar gunshot was heard again!

At once, he who occupied the dominant position appeared to have activated his \"sniper rhythm\"!


[1] In this context, the original Chinese term is directly translated to 'poisonous breast' so that the next line makes sense. It's a joke since everyone in the eSports scene knows Boss Su as the eSports nanny. In fact, the original Chinese term means 'jinx', and this comment was saying how Boss Su supposedly jinxed that Fantastic Four won't be in the safe zone, but they still are

[2] This comes from a martial art novel, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber