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238 Sniper Rhythm!

 \"You're here?\"

\"I'm here.\"

\"I knew you'd come.\"

\"Of course you knew I'd come, or else I won't be here.\"


By the sink in the washroom.

Gao Yunyang looked at himself in the mirror, and the person standing beside him. He said lazily, \"I think we're just talking nonsense.\"

\"Your feeling is quite on point.\" Liu Zilang chuckled, then he mocked, \"Why did you suddenly return to play in a competition like this? Didn't you say that you're going to inherit your 'ten billion' family property?\"

\"This...\" Gao Yunyang let out a dry cough. \"It's a long story.\"

He turned to look at Liu Zilang. \"But you, fella, you totally vanished for half a year. Why did you suddenly appear in this competition?\"

\"To win glory for my university.\" Liu Zilang replied concisely.

\"University of Jianghai?\" Gao Yunyang asked.

\"Of course.\" Liu Zilang answered.

Upon hearing his answer, Gao Yunyang felt that it was rather strange.

Earlier on, he thought that Liu Zilang was an external help for one of the universities.

Back then, Liu Zilang was only fifteen or sixteen years old when he entered Se7en recreational club. He did not have a guardian, only a gentle aunty with him when he signed the contract. Later, it was even said that he was hunted down by his father.

Therefore, Gao Yunyang's impression of Liu Zilang was always a rebellious teenager who ran away from home to pursue his dream.

He could not believe that he actually became a student in a prestigious university like the University of Jianghai, which really exceeded his expectation.

When Liu Zilang saw Gao Yunyang who was somewhat at a daze, he laughed. \"Since you're here to participate in the competition, it means that you're free. What do you think? Have you ever thought of coming back to play professionally?\"

\"Is this Boss Su's idea?\" Gao Yunyang looked up at him.

\"I'm not in touch with Boss Su.\" Liu Zilang shook his head and tut-tutted, \"Besides, I'm longer with Se7en. Looks like you're lazier than I imagined, you don't even pay attention to these anymore, no wonder you died from the explosion just now. You probably didn't know about palm grenade, do you?\"

\"Hehe...\" Gao Yunyang forced a smile. \"You talk like you weren't killed by me just now. If you're so capable, you should've waited outside instead of jumping in.\"

\"That's because I wanted to see you.\" Liu Zilang curled his lips into a smile, then continued, \"There are two more matches later, what do you think? Are you interested in making a bet?\"

\"Bet that I'll return to play professionally?\" Gao Yunyang laughed.

\"Lame!\" Liu Zilang gave him a disdainful look. \"At night, Boss Su will definitely gather us together, whoever has higher points in today's competition will pay for dinner.\"

Gao Yunyang cast a sidelong glance at him. \"You're not confident with yourself?\"

Liu Zilang replied sincerely, \"Actually, I'd like to do the honors of being the host.\"

Gao Yunyang was stunned for a while before he quickly twitched his mouth.

He thought to himself, 'As expected, this fella still talks like he needs a good beating!'

At the competition scene in the eSports arena.

Followed by the passing of time, it was already the final circle of the first match.

Chen Zhifei and the others had been passive most of the time, but during one of their attempts to enter the circle, the three of them noticed two players laid prone in front of them as soon as they laid prone.

After hesitating for a long time, they decided to fight them.

Who knew that just as they fired at them, in just a brief moment, gunshots were heard everywhere around them!

It was then they realized that they actually laid prone at the fire crosspoint of a few squads in the safe zone.

In the blink of an eye, the three of them evaporated into thin air...

At last, their squad was ranked 11.

\"Better luck next time!\"

Chen Zhifei removed his headphone, and was frustrated as he shouted, \"Who fired the first shot just now! Didn't we agree to follow my signal?!\"

\"I didn't shoot!\" Pu Taizhuang was dispirited.

\"My d*ck! I was already knocked out before I could shoot.\" Ran Maotong looked annoyed too.

Liu Zilang shrugged. \"It couldn't be me, could it?\"

Chen Zhifei stunned for a while, then suddenly recalled something. Embarrassed, he instantly shut his mouth.

The other three players realized what was going on too, and they pointed their middle finger at him simultaneously.

Soon, the match ended.

The squad that acquired chicken dinner in the final circle was Yanshan University's school team, followed by Southeast University, and University of Jianghai's first team led by Jiang Xinou.

In terms of kill count, Fantastic Four had a total of nine, which allowed them to still be in Top 5.

Among those, six belonged to Liu Zilang, two belonged to Pu Taizhuang who killed by using a frag grenade, and one was a steal kill by Ran Maotong during the second half of the match. As for Chen Zhifei, he had none.

After the first match ended, there was a short break in between before the second match began.

For this match, the flight route stretched from south to north, passing by Sosnovka Military Base, Mylta, and ended at Lipovka.

This time, they no longer looted in the wilderness, instead, they decided to land at Lipovka located along the coast on the right side of the map.

Once the airplane arrived at the final point, the few of them were initially prepared to either shoot as soon as they landed, or to run away if there were no guns.

When they landed, they realized that there was nobody in Lipovka!

Given the situation, of course, they quickly searched the area.

The four of them split up and were done looting Lipovka in just a while.

One thing for sure, Lipovka was especially rich in loot for this match, such that after the four of them were done looting, Liu Zilang who was the sniper in the squad was already equipped with a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and a 98K with 8x scope.

Currently, the first safe zone of this match had already refreshed to the southernmost side of the map, Sosnovka Military Base.

Since they could not find any vehicle around Lipovka, they decided to simply journey through the ocean.

Subsequently, through the caster's God's perspective, Liu Zilang's squad was seen setting out from Lipovka in a boat. They went around Mylta Power and began their great course all the way south.

With an extra gas can, they made it to the coastal line at the south of Sosnovka Military Base before they stopped and went on shore.

Right now, they were already in the safe zone. Due to the scattered houses in that area, there was naturally no sign of other players.

With that, when the previous two circles were refreshed, they safely avoided the disputes that occurred when players outran the blue circles.

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"Wow! I can't believe that in just a short period of time, almost half of the initial players were gone. I think that it's probably because there weren't many landing points for players to choose from, given the flight route for this match, so a number of squads landed at the same spot. It seems like the pace of the early phase of this match is much faster than the previous one.\"

\"Mmm, but the quick pace is good news for the spectators here. Every squad will fight when they land, and the ones that survive are strong squads. After that, when those strong squads meet, the ones that survive again are squads that are even stronger. In the end, stronger squads will face each other, and the competition's intensity will surpass our expectations.\"

\"That's right. Hehe, but one of the squads is not in this category, which is Fantastic Four, the squad that we paid attention to at the beginning of the match. From the very beginning, the squad was in good luck as it was the only squad that occupied the final point of the flight route, Lipovka. Later on, they set out by boat into the circle, and totally avoided the two rounds of fighting. They're so lucky that other squads are envious of them.\"

\"Mmm, but they're not in the next safe zone, so the few of them are now outrunning the blue circle. Oh! They found a vehicle by the road.\"

Through the competition's live screen, Liu Zilang and the others found a vehicle by the road while they were running, and they quickly hopped in.

However, they did not make their way to Sosnovka Military Base. Instead, they sped on the hills as they made their way to the observatory located at the hilltop beside Sosnovka Military Base.