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237 If You’re My Brother, Let Us Share This Grenade Together!

 Once Liu Zilang saw the grenade that rebounded to his direction, he no longer had a fluke mind.

This was because if it was him instead, he would never give his opponent any opportunity too.

Therefore, by holding on to the principle of \"sharing the grenade together\", on the verge of danger, Liu Zilang retrieved his frag grenade as he jumped in...

He had expected to be shot by a shotgun after he jumped through the window.

However, Liu Zilang did not expect that after Gao Yunyang shot him down, he actually put his gun away and began walking around him like a grandfather talking a stroll after dinner.

He tried his best to lift his head up to show his opponent a look that he \"cared for mentally-disabled people\".

But it shocked him that his opponent actually crouched to look him in the eyes.


'I confirm through your eyes, that you're the one I want to bomb.'

At the next second, flames appeared in the narrow room!


As smoke and dust filled the air, the enormous impact instantly sent both of them crashing into the wall.

Once the smoke dispersed, only two crates were left on the floor.

\"A farewell gift, please sign and receive it.\"

\"Self-destruct infantry, explain yourself?\"

\"F*ck! Vic is giving another performance of his 'palm grenade' again!\"

\"Even if he dies, he'll make someone die with him! Vic is really so gay!\"

\"Speaking of which, what was Guru Sloth doing just now? Wouldn't he have accomplished his task if he shot him with his shotgun right away?\"

\"This story tells us that we should never toy with our opponents, because you never know how many grenades they're holding in their hands.\"

\"This...\" On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy was absolutely bewildered after seeing that!

Firstly, he did not notice when Liu Zilang held a frag grenade in his hand; secondly, he had no idea why Gao Yunyang did not kill his enemy after he knocked him out, but instead went in circles around him.

'He's mad, isn't he?'

\"Ahem, ahem, ahem...\"

Su Changming who was beside him coughed.

As the big brother in their former squad, he knew Liu Zilang too well and had an even better understanding of a lazy person like Gao Yunyang, who often acted differently from a normal person...for example, going crazy.

Perhaps it would be incomprehensible for the others, but Su Changming was not surprised at all.

The instant Liu Zilang was faced with an incoming grenade, he had roughly guessed what was going to happen next.

Nonetheless, most of the spectators were unable to accept the outcome of it.

From their perspectives, Gao Yunyang's reappearance today was exactly like the \"Return of a Legend\"!

On top of that, Vic was a recent rising star!

With the two of them in the same competition, it was simply like a clash that would leave both sides shattered!

At the very least, they should have an ultimate showdown, where the winner would take it all.

Who knew, not long after the two of them landed, and before the first safe zone even refreshed, one of them forced the other to a face-off by throwing a grenade, then looked at each other in the eye.

An explosion went off on the spot, and the two of them spiraled into the sky!

That was too damn real!

Currently, the spectators were at a daze. As commentators, of course, they had to be the first to react to the situation.

Ms-Joy uttered, \"Although it's a pity, but I must say that Vic still made a decisive choice at that crucial moment by holding a grenade to take Sloth away with him. By doing so, the Fantastic Four eliminated a whole team even though they only lost one player.\"

\"Mmm, overall, Fantastic Four won out of this.\"

Su Changming analyzed the situation rationally too, \"As of now, the total kill by Fantastic Four is 8, and they're taking the lead. That said, there's still a long journey for them in the battleground. Now that there's still 85 players alive, it'll be up to their performance if they're going to survive till the end.\"


In the competition area, on Wuhan University's player seats.

The instant Gao Yunyang was killed by the explosion, the atmosphere was at a deadlock.

A long time after, Gao Yunyang grinned as he said, \"That, for one. This time, our opponents might have won something, but I certainly did not lose anything.\"

'But I certainly did not lose anything!'

Upon hearing Gao Yunyang's resolute words, his teammates twitched their eyes.

Nevertheless, they were in no position to criticize Gao Yunyang at all.

This was because Gao Yunyang still eliminated a whole squad in School by himself, whereas the three of them were knocked out on their way from the dormitory and the puzzle building, without contributing anything at all.

To put it strictly, they were the ones who impeded the squad from advancing...

When they thought about that, the others from Wuhan University's school team held their frustrations in.

On the other hand, Gao Yunyang was extremely calm. Looking at the dark screen, he casually comforted his teammates, then removed his headphones, and stood up from his seat.

\"Brother Gao, where are you going?\" One of them asked.

\"Shh...\" Gao Yunyang turned to look at him.

\"Shh?\" That person was startled, then he quickly realized what was going on, and whispered carefully, \"I know, Brother Gao, do you have a secret tactic?\"

'Secret tactic?'


'As a former legendary professional player, how could Gao Yunyang, the \"legion destroyer\", not have any secret tactics in a competition?'

'Nobody would believe this!'

While he wondered, the two other players moved closer to him as they asked softly, \"Brother Gao, how about you tell us about it?\"

\"What should I tell you about?\"

Gao Yunyang glared at them, then replied snappily, \"I'm going to shh-shh[1]!\"


Upon hearing that, the three of them instantly twitched their mouths.

They had the immediate urge to hold this lazy fellow on the ground and punch him in the face.


At Fantastic Four's player area.

\"Langzi, did you throw the game?\" Chen Zhifei suddenly asked.

When Liu Zilang heard that, he replied grumpily, \"How can I be throwing the game? That fellow is a strong player who's able to destroy a whole squad by himself.\"

\"That's impossible!\" Pu Taizhuang was confused too. \"I saw the news about the competition a few days ago, you were even able to pin Master Ze and Guru Qiu to the ground and punched them, is that player Sloth really so strong?\"

\"Don't! Since when did I pin Master Ze on the ground and punched him...\" Liu Zilang was at a loss for words. \"You believe such news from the shock department online editor?

\"As for Li Muqiu, mmm, the news report was more objective...\"

Now that School was cleared, there was nobody else around the area for a period of time.

Liu Zilang put his hands behind his head as he sat in his chair and chatted casually with his other teammates who were currently looting the crates in the game.

Right then, from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a figure that passed by the aisle of the player area, and he was rather startled.

As Liu Zilang looked at where that person was heading to, he quickly removed his headphone, and uttered to his teammates, \"Be careful, be more passive, and survive till the end, remember.\"

\"Where are you going?\" Ran Mantong was puzzled.

\"Throwing the game.\" Liu Zilang randomly replied.

Since Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang had their headphone on, they did not hear him clearly.

Even so, they heard Liu Zilang's last sentence.

Immediately, as if they found something to use against him, they shouted at the same time, \"Hah! And you still said that you didn't throw the game!\"

'F*ck me...'

Instantly, Liu Zilang was speechless.

He could not be bothered about those two idiots, so he just went to inform a staff member before he went to look for that person.


[1] This actually means that he want to pee, because 'shh-shh' sounds like the sound of peeing