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236 Smile For Me!

 'This fellow's ability to locate people through hearing is still so twisted!'

The instant Liu Zilang heard the footsteps, he mumbled to himself.

Earlier on when he made those shots, due to the suppressor attached on his pistol, the gunshots were considerably soft.

Who knew, the player in the building was still able to roughly identify his position.

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena, Su Changming and Ms-Joy who noticed that began commentating quickly.

\"We can see that Sloth is getting closer to Vic. Although they're separated by a wall, the straight line distance between the two of them is not far at all, he probably heard the gunshots.\"

\"Hehe, actually, other than his capability in close-range fights, Sloth's ability to locate people through his hearing is extremely hair-raising. I think that he's more superior than Li Muqiu in terms of this.\"

\"What do you think about this match then? I think that Sloth probably knows that Vic is behind the wall.\"

\"Mmm, but Vic has also realized this. He's crouching and making small steps toward the window because he won't be able to get a vision of anything at the corner of the wall, so he must change position.\"

\"That's right, but making small steps doesn't mean that the sound of his footsteps is suppressed, it's traceable if one listens carefully. Clearly, Sloth heard the movements behind the wall, and he's doing the same too.\"

In the game, while Liu Zilang was shifting toward the window, he quickly gave instructions in his team voice chat.

\"The person in the building is with me, he's probably that strong player. Don't crouch outside anymore, now that the player at the smoke is reviving his teammate, quickly throw a frag grenade to scare them.\"

\"We've been waiting for this.\" Pu Taizhuang immediately responded, \"Watch me!\"

\"Langzi, can you hold that strong player by yourself?\" On the other hand, Chen Zhifei was rather worried.

\"Look at you, do you know who Brother Lang is?\" Ran Maotong giggled.

After hearing that, Chen Zhifei felt that he was indeed worrying too much.

Later on, he quickly retrieved a molotov cocktail, then tossed it toward the smoke grenade.

Ran Maotong and Pu Taizhuang \"tested the waters\" too, throwing items like stun grenades and frag grenades at the smoke's direction.


As for Wuhan University's team, upon seeing their opponents not making a further move, a player who entered the dormitory turned back out as he attempted to revive his teammate.

After waiting for a brief moment, he noticed that there were really no movements from their opponents, thus he began feeling more relieved.

However, just as the revival timer icon was about to be done, a \"bam\" was heard!

Something broke on the floor!

In a trice, flames appeared on the floor amid the smoke.

With that, his teammate that was supposedly revived at the next second turned into a crate in the blink of an eye.


'That was too f*cking despicable!'

The players from Wuhan University were startled for a while before they began gritting their teeth.

The player who jumped out from the window to revive his teammate quickly jumped back in to heal himself as well. He was thinking to himself that they would strike back at them ruthlessly once the strong player in their squad returned.

Just as that idea crossed his mind, something \"clinked\" on the wall outside.

Without notice, something seemed to have smashed through the window.

'F*ck me...'

All at once, the two of them took flight!

Despite that, they did not realize that the door of this room was too narrow. Adding on to the smoke that blurred their vision, the flustered two players were stuck at the door frame.

\"F*ck! Move! Stop pushing me!\" One of them yelled madly.

\"I can't move!\" Another player replied helplessly.

Next, sparks of flame could be seen in the room that was filled with smoke!

A booming sound was heard!

Amid the smoke and dust in the room, the enormous impact instantly bombed the two players out of the room!

The instant they were freed from being stuck, the two of them were elated!

'Heaven always leaves a door open!'

'We're finally out!'

But at the very next second, the two of them were dumbfounded!

The two players who were bombed by the frag grenade crashed into the wall at the aisle, and by the time they landed, they were in an embarrassing position whereby the two of them were \"exchanging bows like husband and wife\"...

Through the caster's God's perspective, the spectators from the live streaming channel burst into waves of laughter as well.

\"Pfft, hahaha! Those players are here to make fun of themselves, aren't they?\"

\"666, I'm giving a full score for this program effect!\"

\"I feel sorry for Sloth, their squad is really like a God and three commoners!\"


In the game, at the basketball court in School.

When Gao Yunyang who was listening to Liu Zilang's footsteps saw that his three teammates were either killed or knocked out in the blink of an eye, his eye twitched.

Right now, he suddenly regretted agreeing to the request of the lady from eSports association to play in this University eSports League held in Jianghai.

'Is my bed at home not comfortable enough?

'Or I haven't been having a good sleep?'

Gao Yunyang pondered for 0.5 seconds.

Soon enough, he noticed the root of the problem.

Back then, he felt that the lady looked adorable, so much so that he felt that he was lacking something whenever he slept...

'This is so shameless!'

Gao Yunyang criticized himself in his mind, and all of a sudden, the rustling footsteps behind the wall annoyed him.

He no longer tried to hide his footsteps. Instead, he retrieved a frag grenade that was freshly looted from the crates, pulled the pin, cooked it, and threw it out with force!

\"Oh! Sloth's grenade...\"

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy drawled!

Through Sloth's perspective that was shown by the caster, the frag grenade thrown by him hit the window pane, then rebounded outside the window!

Upon seeing this, the spectators exclaimed!

The frag grenade was thrown accurately!

By the looks of it, Liu Zilang's current position was where the frag grenade rebounded to and there was no way he could escape!

In that crucial moment, Liu Zilang who was crouching behind the wall stood up abruptly, then jumped through the window without the slightest hesitation!

At this moment, Gao Yunyang who was inside was already waiting for him with his shotgun!

\"F*ck! He must have been terrified by the grenade.\"

\"I give it to him! How dare he jumped inside at a time like this!\"

Needless to say, all the spectators clamored when they witnessed that and thought that Liu Zilang was forced to a dead end, which was why he was driven to jump over the window in desperation...

Behind the window, when Gao Yunyang saw the figure that suddenly appeared, he was startled too.

That being said, it did not affect him from shooting, hence when the figure appeared in front of him, he blasted a shot right away!


A muzzle flash was seen appearing from his gun!

Before Liu Zilang could do anything to resist, he collapsed to the ground right away.

\"Vic is acting impulsively this time! However, given the circumstances, he was really left with no other choice.\" Ms-Joy sighed.

In the game, Gao Yunyang shook his head as he moved his mouse around. Due to his nervousness, he grasped his mouse so tightly that his hands were turning numb.

'Looks like I was overthinking.'

'How could there be such a coincidence.'

'Besides, if this was really him, he wouldn't have died so easily.'

Quickly after, he put his gun away and enjoyed his time as he walked two rounds around Liu Zilang who was kneeling on the floor.

'Weren't you quite cool just now? Look up and smile for me!'

Right then, Liu Zilang suddenly lifted his head and seemed to be grinning at him.

On the spur of the moment, Gao Yunyang's smile froze!