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235 A Heartless Killer!

 The gunshots stopped.

Instantly, the scene went dead silent, and everyone who watched was in disbelief!

Through the caster's God's perspective, spectators could clearly see the scattered corpses, and the crates beside them.

Among these bodies, a person with only very little health left laid prone on the ground as he gave himself an adrenaline jab and healed himself with a med kit.

When the killing scene was replayed, the live streaming channel was in havoc as spectators flooded the bullet screen!

\"F*ck! F*ck! The one versus three fight was too impressive!\"

\"Is this even the same game that I played! This is getting my dander up!\"

\"I won't even pee at the toilet wall but I'll give this to you! That reaction time is truly terrifying!\"

\"Sloth expresses: A bunch of trash! None of you can fight!\"

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

Ms-Joy took a deep breath, then exclaimed, \"Looks like I've underestimated Sloth's strength.\"

Su Changming who was beside him shook his head and said with a bitter smile, \"Honestly, when I saw that fellow throwing a smoke grenade and running toward his opponents, I became anxious too. Nonetheless, he still managed to pull it off.\"

\"Not that I'm trying to boast, but Sloth's body movements, marksmanship, and his reaction were simply remarkable!\"

When Ms-Joy recalled the previous scene, he continued, \"This is the purest play of a top-notch FPS player.

\"Which means, even if one understands and knows what he's about to do, one could never imitate him.\"

\"Hehe, this is a little exaggerating!\"

Su Changming chuckled and shook his head.

Nonetheless, as teammates in the past, he was happy for Gao Yunyang who received such honorable praise.

\"I think it's not exaggerating at all. Just look at Sloth's strike just now, he wasn't much inferior to the first rifler of North America, whose name also begins with the letter S, Shroud, right? Besides, the two of them even have a similarity, which is that they both debuted purely in FPS games.\"

When Ms-Joy mentioned that, he shook his head. \"Speaking of which, Sloth's retirement was quite a pity.\"

He had the urge to ask about Sloth's reasoning to retire.

However, when he considered that this might be related to his private matters, and that it was not an appropriate occasion to bring this up, he held himself back from asking the question.

Upon hearing Ms-Joy's words, Su Changming was stunned for a while as he also felt that it was such a pity.

Just as the two players on the commentary platform were in deep laments, subtle gunshots attracted their attention.

\"Biu, biu, biu-!\"

'What was that?'

Spectators who were still engrossed in the previous scene were bewildered as they looked toward the big screen.

Through the caster's God's perspective, a wretch was seen hiding at the corner of School's main building as he shot with a P1911 that was attached with a suppressor, a Red Dot Sight, and an extended magazine!

When the spectators saw that, their eyes twitched.

Who else could that be if it was not Liu Zilang?

Right now, he was shooting at the three players from Wuhan University who were running over from the puzzle building.

For a pistol like P1911 that used .45 ACP bullets, other than having low ammo count and poor accuracy, its damage and bullet speed topped the other pistols.

Right now, as Liu Zilang made quick shots with his pistol, \"biu, biu, biu\" sounds were heard!

Initially, when Gao Yunyang wiped out a whole squad by himself, the three players from Wuhan University were so elated that they commented \"666\" and ran over excitedly with the intention to loot the crates.

But before the last player was able to enter the building, he was suddenly stabbed in the back.

The person who was knocked out was baffled as he pressed his abdomen and knelt on the ground, his mind simply turned blank...

Needless to say, all the spectators were shocked as well!

In PlayerUnknown's Battleground, a pistol was a weapon that was easiest to be neglected. Basically, other than the shootouts at the beginning of a match, nobody would actually use it after that.

Somehow, Liu Zilang happened to attach his pistol with a Red Dot Sight, a suppressor, and an extended magazine...who then crouched to shoot at his opponent like a heartless killer.

'He's f*cking insane!'

In the game, the two remaining players from Wuhan University's team were confused too seeing their teammate knocked out.

One of them quickly gave covering fire, while another threw two smoke grenades to block the view at the window.

Despite that, Liu Zilang had no intentions to kill that player.

At the moment, the four players from Fantastic Four had already crouched in their respective positions outside School, with clear visions of School's periphery.

\"Tsk, tsk! Why do I feel that Fantastic Four is setting up a formation?\"

\"Mmm, by doing that, their vision becomes wider, but I still feel that they're a bit too scattered. If one of them gets knocked out, the others will suffer the same fate eventually.\"

Upon seeing Liu Zilang and his teammates' setup, the two commentators expressed their opinions.

Once Gao Yunyang who was on School's second floor was done healing himself, he began looting the crates.

When he saw the notification of his teammate suddenly being knocked out by a pistol, he even shook his head and sneered.

As Gao Yunyang's teammates heard him clicking his tongue scornfully, their faces turned dark...

They felt embarrassed and furious!

'Who's the bastard who stabbed me from the back?

'If you really want to do that, do it with another gun.'

'You *sshole, using a little pistol will only make us feel embarrassed, okay?'

However, right then, Gao Yunyao noticed the ID that appeared on the kill notification.


In a trice, Gao Yunyang trembled!

On his face that still looked lazy as usual, his eyes squinted.

'Is that him?'


\"Langzi, what do you say? One of our opponents is already knocked out, are we taking the opportunity to kill them all?!\" Pu Taizhuang who laid ambush beside the wall asked eagerly.

\"Hehe, you'll have to think carefully.\" Liu Zilang chuckled. \"You saw the kill notifications just now, there's a strong guy in that squad who could possibly take down four players by himself.\"

\"Why is your former teammate here at such a bad timing?\" Chen Zhifei was dispirited. \"We're almost going to win by default, yet he suddenly appeared at this moment.\"

Ran Maotong could not help but asked out of curiosity, \"Boss, since when are we going to win by default?\"

\"Mantou, you're really insensible!\"

Chen Zhifei laughed. \"With Langzi here as our black masked captain, and the three of us, isn't the champion title within our reach? How is that different from winning by default?\"

\"Ahem, you're sounding too arrogant.\"

After Pu Taizhuang commented, he giggled. \"But this is indeed a fact!\"

Liu Zilang was speechless, and he just shook his head.

Watching the player whom he knocked out completely surrounded by white smoke, suddenly without warning, Liu Zilang felt chills!

This was because, at the corner of the wall where he was at, footsteps were becoming louder and clearer.