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234 Who Lives, And Who Dies?

 On the commentary platform in the eSports arena.

\"Oh my god! That play... is simply unexplainable! Sloth's moves were godly!\"

\"Hehe, looks like he didn't lose his touch during his retirement period. His reaction speed was quite good.\"

\"Oh right, Sloth probably didn't know that there were people behind the window. I'm guessing that he was jumping out to take a look, but his reaction speed is quite chilling!\"

\"Hmm...I think that it's quite normal. Back when he was in his squad, he was well known for his quick response in close-range fights, and his favorite gun to use was also the shotgun. Hehe, I didn't think that even after changing to this game, he still hasn't changed his habits.\"

Upon seeing Gao Yunyang's \"jump shot in the air\", Ms-Joy appeared to be astounded, whereas Su Changming only lamented!

In the game, Gao Yunyang who had made the shot did not hesitate one bit after he landed. He leaped through the window, reentered School, and dashed up the stairs!

On the other hand, the two players in School were baffled by Gao Yunyang's mid-air shot.

When the two of them who were crouching down in the room heard footsteps, they raised their guns. They waited while keeping an eye on both their left and right sides.

Nevertheless, from the corner of their eyes, they only saw a figure skim over from outside the window!

All of a sudden, a gunshot was heard!

Subsequently, blood splattered out of the body of the player on the left, who then collapsed.

'What the h*ell is going on?'

Once they saw the kill notification at the bottom left corner of their screens, they froze!

Previously when Su Changming entered the hall, most of the players by their seats saw them greeting each other.

Apart from new players whose first shooting game was PlayerUnknown's Battleground, the others knew very well the weight of the ID, \"Sloth\", in the FPS scene.

Right then, the voices of the other two players who were in the diagonally opposite room were heard.

\"What's the situation over there? Where's that player?\"

\"He didn't come in, I think he jumped down!\"

\"Jumped down?\"

\"Mmm! He just jumped through the window after he shot. It's Sloth!\"


Since the Zhejiang University's team was ranked highly in eSports in the country, naturally, they had heard of Sloth.

In actual fact, when these students first started playing CSGO, it was through watching Gao Yunyang's competitions and videos that most of them learned what an entry fragger was capable of doing in a competition.

Once the players from Zhejiang University heard that the \"Sloth\" was downstairs, after being startled for a while, they felt their blood boil inside their bodies. At once, they became fully alert!

As privileged ones who were able to enter Zhejiang University, even when faced with a legendary player, they had their own pride too.

'Aren't legends meant be to challenged?'

Next, rapid footsteps were heard coming from the corridor!

The few players from Zhejiang University trembled a little but then quickly took their positions at the door!

One thing to note, through PUBG's third-person perspective, sometimes when one could get into a good position and avoid big mistakes, one's opponent would not be able to do anything even if God was there.

Those players knew that very well.

Evidently, Gao Yunyang was clear of it too.

Therefore, once he arrived on the second floor, he did not rush over to his opponents. Instead, he retrieved the only smoke grenade he had from his backpack.

On the commentary platform, Su Changming and Ms-Joy were both stunned when they saw that.

\"A smoke grenade? Doesn't Sloth have any frag grenades?\"

\"It seems like he doesn't have any. He rushed to attack his opponents too quickly, he didn't have time to loot more items.\"

\"That's going to be tough. Under such circumstances, having a frag grenade could at least allow him to kill the player who was knocked out just now, whereas throwing a smoke grenade now is quite meaningless.\"

\"Mmm, but the other players from Wuhan University have arrived at School. If he waits for his teammates for a while, perhaps it'll be better.\"

Just as the two commentators finished, Gao Yunyang who was at one end of the corridor threw the smoke grenade.


After rolling on the floor for a while, the smoke grenade stopped at the door, and white smoke began spreading out!

One thing for sure, the sound of a smoke grenade landing on the floor was similar to a frag grenade. Hence, when the players in the rooms heard it, they thought that their opponent had thrown a frag grenade.

Thus, they subconsciously wanted to jump out of the window to avoid being bombed.

However, when they saw the smoke along the corridor, they were startled!

\"What's going on? Is he covering us so we can revive our teammate?\" One of the players was confused.

Another player made a guess, \"Could it be that...he misthrew that?\"

The commander in their squad gritted his teeth and replied, \"Let's not care about that. Since there's smoke now, revive him first. I'm guessing that he's trying to delay time for his teammates to arrive, we'll...\"

Who knew that before he could finish, footsteps would be heard approaching them from the corridor!

Upon hearing those footsteps, the three players in the room were stupefied!

'He's here!'

Soon after, they pictured a possibility!

'Did he throw the smoke grenade to block our view of the door?'

Earlier on, this did not cross their minds because once the smoke spread the air, their opponent's view would also be obstructed if he were to move forward. On top of that, since they outnumbered him, it would be more disadvantageous for him to break through.

With that being said, their opponent still charged at them...

'Is this person really that confident about himself?'

The players from Zhejiang University raged with fire!

\"Kill him!\"

All at once, the three of them ran out of the room!


Now, through the caster's God's perspective, on the second-floor corridor of School, Gao Yunyang was seen carrying an S1897 as he strode into the smoke.

Once he heard footsteps diagonally left of him, he responded quickly by blasting a shot at the vague figure that was in the smoke!


Instantly, one player was knocked out.

The next second, muzzle flashes were seen amidst the smoke as gunshots were heard!

The player who was parallel to the player who had just been knocked out dashed out with a SCAR-L!

Due to the smoke, the two of them nearly crashed into each other!

\"Bang, bang-!\"

Gao Yunyang who was reloading his shotgun jumped at the right time, this allowed him to avoid the shots that were aimed at him!

Even so, he still suffered two hits!

Afterward, he pulled the trigger as he jumped, and by the time he landed, he completed the push and pull motion of reloading his shotgun.


Another shot was fired!

Given the short distance, his opponent flew away due to the enormous impact from the bullet.

With that, he collapsed to the ground!

From the other side, before Gao Yunyang could take a breather, the third player located him. That player was running toward him at the speed of light!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

As soon as they met, that player fired shots at him with his UMP9!

At that point in time, Gao Yunyang who was wearing a Level Two Police only had less than half of his full health. If he were to reload his S1897 at that time, he would most likely have been killed.

In that swift moment, he laid prone to avoid his opponent's line of fire.

During that process, he switched his S1897 to his Uzi!

The instant he laid on the ground, he pointed his Uzi upward to fire at his opponent's waist!

Once again, intense and rapid gunshots pierced the air!

The Uzi was the king of all guns for close-range battles as it had an extremely high fire rate, which was almost double of the UMP9!

At that time, the player from Zhejiang University also managed to react to the situation. He quickly moved his gun down as he fired shots!

However, during the shootout, all 25 bullets of Gao Yunyang's Uzi were emptied!

On the spur of the moment, the spectators widened their eyes, and stared at the screen anxiously...

'Who lives, and who dies?'