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233 The Invasion Of Evil Forces Outside School!

 A leap into the air!

In mid-air, he pulled the trigger, and fired two shots!

Once he landed, another shot was made!

Altogether, three shots took their souls away!

In the blink of an eye, the three players from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology team were wiped out after going head to head with Liu Zilang!

On the commentary platform of the eSports arena.

After Ms-Joy witnessed it, he could not help but widen his eyes in shock.

"Vic123? This ID!" He suddenly realized what was going on. "I remember! Not long ago, in the second season of Douyu PUBG Golden Legends, the sniper of the champion squad, 4AM, was called Vic. I heard that he's a student from the University of Jianghai! If I've fussed right, he's probably this player here."

Su Changming who was beside him seemed a little surprised too, he was impressed.

He said with a smile, "I think that's most likely the case. After all, ordinary players wouldn't be able to do that so easily."

Ms-Joy became excited. "First, it was Sloth, now, it's Vic. Looks like the competition today is far more phenomenal than what I've expected it to be."

As Ms-Joy said that, he turned to look at Su Changming. He chuckled and then asked, "Speaking of which, Sloth has disappeared from sight for quite some time. Boss Su, you're probably the one here who knows Sloth best. Personally, if Vic's Fantastic Four and Sloth's squad were to meet, which squad do you think has a higher chance of winning?"

Upon hearing Ms-Joy's question, Su Changming furrowed his brows. "I'm not sure about that. I haven't seen that fellow for quite some time too, so I have no idea how he's like after he started playing PUBG.

"Nonetheless, there's absolutely no doubt about this fellow's strengths. Perhaps he's still a little behind the top-notch shooters from Europe and America, but in Asia, he's definitely at an extraordinary level. His strengths are in his body technique, marksmanship, and reaction time, but he has rather low awareness.

"Uh... hehe, in my opinion, this fellow is just too lazy. He trusts his skills so much so that he's unwilling to use his brain..."

In the end, Su Changming put on a bitter smile on his face.

Right then, Ms-Joy who was looking at the screen exclaimed, "Eh! Wait up! It looks like Wuhan University is about to launch an attack onto Zhejiang University that has landed in School."

"Mmm, Zhejiang University's team is quite strong. I heard that they were the champions during Zhejiang province's University eSports League. Faced with a squad like that, is Wuhan University really going to go head to head with them before they've finished looting the dormitory and the puzzle building?"

"Oh! Zhejiang University's squad that has landed in School is being very cautious. They have a player on the rooftop keeping watch for the squad! Now, they've noticed the intention of their opponents at the puzzle building!"

Through the competition's screen, accompanied by the resounding tone of the commentators on the platform, Wuhan University's players who were at the puzzle building did not retreat despite being noticed by their opponents. Instead, they threw a smoke grenade and then charged forward!

Oh no!

To put it more accurately, only one player threw a smoke grenade and dashed out!

The remaining players from Wuhan University who were at the puzzle building did not manage to catch up to him.

"Brother Gao! Wait for us!" One of them called out.

"F*ck! The group of people at School knows that we're going over to them! Brother Gao, you must remain calm!"

"Brother! How about you come back first? Let us give this further thought?"

At that moment, a lazy voice was heard, "Prepare to provide covering fire, keep quiet! The pace of this stupid game is too slow, I'm going to fall asleep soon if we don't fight now."

Of course, the person who said that was none other than Gao Yunyang who was extremely indolent.

As for the other players in his squad, when they heard him, their faces turned gloomy!

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'Who asked you not to sleep last night?'

Gao Yunyang was clearly clueless about the silent curses from the three players behind him. With the help of the smoke, he was shielded from the sight of the person who was watching from the school's rooftop. He was holding an S1897 and an Uzi as he took the lead in the fight.

Obviously, the four players from Zhejiang University had noticed Gao Yunyang, the "foreign school staff" trying to sneak in.

All of a sudden, the four players in the school tensed up.

At the same time, they were filled with curiosity.

This was because, based on the information from their teammate on the rooftop, only one player was running toward them from the puzzle building.

'What can one person do?

'Present himself as a gift?'

Just as this thought ran through their minds, the few of them heard footsteps coming from downstairs. While they began to concentrate, their voice chat became silent.

After all, for a location like School where there were plenty of doors and windows, and where every direction was accessible, footsteps were important for them to deduce their enemy's position. Thus, they needed to remain quiet.

On the commentary platform in the eSports arena, Ms-Joy and Su Changming were both shocked when they witnessed that. They looked at each other.

"Tss..Sloth really went over by himself! That's a full four-man squad at School!"

"Hehe, he really hasn't changed at all, he's always impatient."

"The Zhejiang University players who are at School now are reacting very quickly. They're standing still in their respective positions so that they can suppress their footsteps by not moving."

"Mmm...they're adapting to the situation quite well. For a place like School, especially in a situation where there are more against less, as long as one party doesn't make a sound, the other party will forever remain passive."

"Oh! The caster's perspective moved to the three Wuhan University players who were at the dormitory and the puzzle building. Earlier on, they were exchanging fire with the player on the School's rooftop, but now they're about to cross the road to provide support."

"If that's the case, I think it's better that he be more careful. If the enemy doesn't move, I won't...

"Eh! Wait a minute! Why did he suddenly run toward the School's rooftop."

"The four people from Zhejiang University have split themselves into two rooms. Perhaps Sloth was moving too fast when he climbed the stairs just now, so they weren't able to seize the opportunity. They don't dare act rashly."

"Mmm, is this fellow going to jump down straight from the rooftop? He'll probably lose health if he jumps from that height?"

As the casters commentated, on the big screen in the eSports arena where the match was displayed, Gao Yunyang who was holding a shotgun was seen jumping down from the rooftop.

However, he did not land on the ground. Instead, he landed on the canopy of the back entrance.

'What's he doing?' Everyone else wondered.

The next instant, Gao Yunyang who carried an S1897 jumped!

In a trice, the spectators held their breath as they watched!

This was because in the direction where Gao Yunyang was jumping in, through the window, two players were seen crouching inside the room.

At that point in time, the competition's screen happened to be showing Gao Yunyang's first-person perspective.

The instant he saw the players through the window, he reacted and fired a shot at them!


A muzzle flash could be seen coming out from his S1877 as a big bullet pierced through the window, and it went straight into the room!

Followed by that, a system notification appeared!

"WD-Sloth knocked out ZD-Lolita with S1897!"

Concurrently, at the dragon inn beside School.

As soon as Liu Zilang heard the explosive sound of a shotgun, he turned to look at School.

Nonetheless, soon enough, Liu Zilang froze!

This was because he noticed the ID that appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen.

'It's him!'