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232 Fly to Fight For the Gun Part 2

 The firing rate of the S12K was similar to the S686, which was approximately four times faster than the S1897.

The only flaw it had was that it was not stable due to its high recoil.

Although it was a shotgun capable of killing a player with one shot, one could say that it was not yet time for the enemy to die if he was still alive after taking a clean hit. Hence, with such logic in place, the flaw could be nullified.

He was able to loot a shotgun the moment he landed, and when there were people around him.

Liu Zilang was without a doubt extremely happy about the situation!

As he finished scouring one floor of the small building, something even more miraculous happened!

He found an 8x Scope inside the toilet and even a Suppressor at the balcony of the second floor!

The only problem he found fault with was that he was unable to spot another weapon inside the entire house.

"Holysh*t! I'm impressed, to be able to find an 8x Scope the moment we landed! However, why the hell did they put an S12K inside here?

"They even gave me a Suppressor. An 8x Scope with a Suppressor? Are you trying to embarrass the mighty Vic?

"Speaking of which, don't you think it's extremely exciting to equip an S12K with an 8x Scope and a Suppressor?"

Inside the house, Liu Zilang did not manage to find a backpack or even a vest that could grant him an additional 50 inventory capacity. All he found was a Level One Motorcycle Helmet, five bandages, and a Vertical Foregrip.

In order to conserve his inventory space, he had no choice but to equip the 8x Scope onto the S12K.

A series of gunshots came from the fake garage next door the moment he finished equipping it!

The Fantastic Four's Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang thought that they had it in the bag as it was 2 against 1. However, one of them had been knocked out while the other had lost half of his health points!

On the commentary platform of the eSports Arena.

"The two Fantastic Four players have extremely bad luck! They weren't able to find a primary weapon on both the third and first floor. All they found was a vest and a Machete on the third floor's balcony."

"Yes, the player on the first floor had only found a P92 but the enemy on the second floor had picked up a UMP9. The difference in their firepower was of two different leagues!"

"Exactly! The last Fantastic Four player inside the fake garage is currently hiding at the foot of the staircase. The enemy one floor above him isn't able to kill off the player he'd knocked out earlier due to his presence."

"Oh! It looks like Fantastic Four's Vic has come to assist his squad! He has an S12K in his hands!"

"That's right. However, players from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology team who had landed at the northern housing region have picked up their weapons and are rushing there as well!"

"We can see that Vic is extremely cautious as he has decided to move to the back of the fake garage. This decision has saved his life, but wait! The enemy on the second floor seems to have heard his footsteps!"

"You're right! He's moving to the edge of the balcony on the second floor speedily. Look at his posture! He's trying to..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"He's trying to land a flying kick!"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang heard footsteps approaching him as he sneaked to the back of the fake garage.

He looked up to see a black figure accompanied by flares and rapid rattling sound of gunshots falling down from the sky.

Liu Zilang did not have a second to spare in such a life-threatening situation!

He immediately pointed the S12K in his hands up and opened its scope out of habit!


The suppressed sound of the S12K rang as shrapnel burst out from the shotgun's muzzle!

Blood erupted from the lower body of the man as he fell from the sky!

The great momentum of the bullets pushed the man to the side as if he was a kite which had its thread broken.

He covered his abdomen and laid on the ground as he landed.

"Woah! It's the legendary S12K with an 8x Scope! That shot was epic!"

"Haha that's hilarious! That man dared attempt a flying kick on Vic."

"That's not a flying kick! That's an air freight service!"

Liu Zilang did not kill him after knocking him out with one shot. Instead, he swiftly rushed toward the second floor.

Although he reacted quickly and was able to kill his enemy off in an instant, his enemy was the one who opened fire first. Since Liu Zilang only had a Level One Motorcycle Helmet on him, his health was in the red even though he had only taken two hits to the body.

Before Chen Zhifei had the chance to look at the Kill Notification, he asked Liu Zilang as he stared at the latter was rushing up the floor above, "Where's the guy?"

"Dead," Liu Zilang responded casually.

He crouched down just beside the window as he pulled out his bandages. He saw enemies heading toward them across the street through the window. "You guard the staircase while I heal up."

"Guard the staircase?" Chen Zhifei was at a loss for words as he looked at the P92 he was holding and the little health points he had left.

Liu Zilang seemed to have read his mind as he reacted quickly, "Nevermind. Do you have a frag grenade?"

"Frag grenade? Didn't manage to loot one." Chen Zhifei shook his head. "I only have a smoke grenade."

"That will do," Liu Zilang muttered. "How about this. I want you to smoke up the entire corridor. The enemies know that I have a shotgun so they shouldn't dare barge in casually. Furthermore, I didn't kill the enemy I knocked out earlier and there's a high chance that they'll try to pull their friend back up first."

"No problem." Chen Zhifei nodded. "If the enemies decide not to barge in, I'll head toward the third floor to pull Third Brother up while you guard the corridor."

"I've found weapons!"

Ran Maotong shouted excitedly through the voice chat. "Everyone, don't panic and watch me kill them all!"

He was not able to find a weapon when he landed at the small warehouse down south and had no choice but to scour another small building.

As Liu Zilang felt Ran Maotong's excitement through his tone, he quickly warned the latter while he crouched down to heal himself up, "There are three of them at the bottom of the fake garage and all of them are armed."

Ran Maotong froze upon hearing his words as he chickened out. "Uhm... I think I should observe for a little bit longer."

It was the most intense battle thus far in the entire match as the casters followed the entire scene closely through God's perspective.

"University of Jianghai's Fantastic Four have smoked up the entire corridor. Their response is pretty good as this will psychologically interrupt their enemies. The three players from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology have chosen not to barge in, and they're heading to the back of the fake garage to save their friend."

"Exactly, it seems that the Fantastic Four have realized this as they are pulling their friend up as well."

"Wait a minute! Fantastic Four's Vic is heading toward the balcony on the second floor! He has healed himself up with bandages but what is he trying to accomplish here?"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang started walking quietly once he reached the balcony. He said, "Mantou, I want you to head toward the back of the fake garage and fire a few rounds."

"I can't reach them from here!"

"It's fine, just fire at the wall."

Ran Maotong reacted quickly as he heard Liu Zilang's words and went into action.

He swiftly took out his M4 and fired at the corner of a wall. The automatic rifle rattled on endlessly!

As the gunshots started rattling, Liu Zilang took hold of this golden opportunity as he tried to get closer!

As he reached the edge of the balcony on the second floor, he leaped and jumped down!

Through God's perspective, Liu Zilang turned around while he was in mid-air, and the S12K in his hands roared!

"Bang! Bang!"

He shot twice in an instant!

The enemies at the back of the fake garage were startled as a figure had fallen from above!

One of them was pulling their friend up while the other two were guarding them. It was not like they did not know of this trick as one of their members loved doing it as well.


That player was kneeling on the ground.

They did not expect someone to be daring enough to attack the three of them in such fashion!

Would it not be a suicide attack?

However, what happened next caused the audience to gasp in shock!

Through God's perspective, Liu Zilang fired two shots to his left and right!

He was able to kill off two enemies in an instant!


The enemy who was crouching down while saving his teammate instantly gave up and attempted to counterattack!

Liu Zilang's hands were on the ground, supporting his body as he landed. However, the S12K's pitch black muzzle gave off a deadly spark the instant he stood up!


The enemy was sent flying toward the wall behind him due to the S12K's huge momentum!

Then, four crates appeared on the ground...

Countless viewers from the live stream could not believe what they saw!

"Holysh*t! Holysh*t! Holysh*t!"

"One shot one kill! What an amazing feat!"

"I'm so f*cking impressed that my mother asked me why I'm praying while watching a stream!"

"No pain no gain. That's what a real flying kick looks like!"