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231 Fly to Fight For the Gun Part 1

 Su Changming and Ms-Joy were seated firmly in their seats on the commentary platform.

"I'll be honest with you, I was super excited when I was preparing for the commentary of this competition. After all, this tournament has gathered the best squads from all over China."

Ms-Joy could not control his laughter as he recalled what happened earlier. "Who would've thought that we would be welcomed with such a surprise in such a place. It seems that a lot of the students here recognize him. That man is Sloth of Se7en, Asia's number one entry-fragger in the past."

Ms-Joh seemed to have recalled something as he questioned out of curiosity, "Oh right Boss Su, you knew beforehand that Sloth was participating in this tournament today, right?"

"HUh?" Su Changming was startled as he shook his head and smiled wryly. "This... To be frank I'm not entirely sure. I'm quite surprised to meet him here today as well."

Ms-Joy laughed as he pointed at him. "We've known each other for some time now Boss Su. Just be honest with me, that isn't what you said in the hotel last night..."

The crowd gasped and a heavy discussion ensued after they heard Ms-Joy's words!

"They were in the same hotel room last night... Holy sh*t! The implication they did something is extremely strong!"

"Open the door! I need to get down! This is not the bus to the kindergarten!"

"I didn't know you were such a person! How dare you lust over another man behind your wife's back!"

"Spill it out! Is this because of your sister-in-law's inability to hold the sword or did Boss Su's f*ck up?"


Su Changming was slightly startled on the commentary platform.

He recalled the conversation he had before the tournament and his lips had slipped while he was talking to Ms-Joy last night. He did, in fact, had mentioned the possibility of seeing a familiar face that day.

However, it was clear as day that the person he was talking about was Liu Zilang and it was a complete coincidence that he encountered Gao Yunyang there.

Su Changming could only shake his head and smile wryly as his thoughts ran on.


As the two casters were chatting idly on the commentary platform, each squad representing their respective universities were almost done with their preparations.

"Alright, I'm sure our audience is at the edge of their seats. I've just received news from backstage that our participants are doing their final checks and the tournament is about to begin."

"Yes! Oh! It's beginning! The participants have entered the spawn area."

"That's right. Before they board the plane, let's talk about today's tournament. The tournament today will be played out in the Four-Man Squad Mode, in TPP, and there will be a total of three matches."

"That's correct. The structure of the tournament is based on kills and chicken dinners. Each kill will award 15 points and obtaining a chicken dinner will award 500 points."

"I have to say, the structure of the tournament is definitely beneficial to those squads who prefer fighting other squads. This is due to the fact that it's theoretically possible for them to gather more points than those squads who accumulate points by obtaining chicken dinners. It doesn't matter if they get chicken dinner or if they're ranked first, second or third."

"Indeed. However, it's rare to see squads like that. Even in past tournaments, I've encountered very few of them. They would need to keep fighting endlessly if they wanted to rack up kills. You may be able to win against a squad or two but it's gg the moment you lose a battle. After all, no one can guarantee that they'll keep on winning."

"Exactly. You're very likely to expose yourself to others when you open fire. They might ambush you from behind or from the side. Hence, players playing in the competitive scene often try to survive instead of hunt others down in the early stages of the match."

The scene inside the big screen behind the commentary platform shifted as the two chatted idly. There were a total of 25 squads, which was equivalent to 100 players. All of them were inside a plane that was slowly appearing from the sea's horizon.

"Let's have a look at this match's flight route. Oh! It's flying from the north toward the south, and it seems like the route is splitting the map into half. You can say that the odds are totally even and it depends on everyone's early game decisions."

"Exactly. It looks like one of our home squads have jumped out of the plane and they're heading toward Georgopol! Are they going to glide there or search for a vehicle?"

"One of them is descending toward the main road. My guess is that they're looking for a vehicle."

"Yes, it looks like the other squads are jumping out one after another. The plane has now reached Primorsk and there are ten more squads in the cabin. Oh! The other home squad, Fantastic Four has jumped out of the plane!"

Inside the game, the strong wind howled in the sky.

Liu Zilang spoke after he had muted the game, "We should play safely this match. We'll split into groups of two later. Mantou and I will head toward the dragon inn while the two of you head toward the housing area beside it."

"So we're going to rob the others in the wild?" Chen Zhifei asked.

"Yes. We're going to scour the area as soon as we land. We'll head toward either the school or the north of Primorsk, wherever gunshots appear." Liu Zilang nodded.

Ran Maotong questioned, "What if someone wants to fight us on this side?"

Pu Taizhuang did not wait for Liu Zilang to speak up as he responded promptly, "We'll kill off anyone who dares compete with us!"

"We'll annihilate their entire squad!" Liu Zilang added.

Just as they finished speaking, they noticed a few players had appeared beside them. Their posture was the same as theirs as they were landing!

"My f*cking god! They really came!"

Ran Maotong was startled.

Chen Zhifei quickly followed suit. "Langzi, should we switch locations?"

"It's too late." Liu Zilang analyzed the situation calmly. "There's nothing but wilderness around this area and there won't be a single vehicle by the roadside. We'd definitely turn into barbarians if we choose to leave now."

Pu Taizhuang did not seem fazed at all. "There's nothing to be scared of! It's still uncertain who'll be annihilated!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Chen Zhifei and Ran Maotong gritted their teeth and nodded upon hearing his words. "Let's kill them!"

They soon reached the altitude where they were forced to open their parachutes.

The players behind them started swirling downward with their parachutes open as this increased their descending velocity.

Meanwhile, the Nanjing University of Science and Technology team was also in a discussion as they descended downward.

"Huh? This squad seems to be quite arrogant! They don't intend to leave at all!" One of them said skeptically.

"Looks like they're trying to go against us!" Another person said, "Let's follow them closely once we land. We'll enter the same building as them to snatch their weapons away!"

"Yes, this latent trouble must not be left unattended." The squad leader commanded, "Let's not get too spread out. Those who aren't able to get ahold of an item should rush toward the closest squad member."

"No problem," The other three said in unison.

On the commentary platform of the University of Jianghai eSports Arena.

"We can see that Sloth of Wuhan University has chosen to land on the puzzle building in this match. They seem to have split up into two groups as they've chosen to land in different locations."

"That seems to be the case. Oh! Look! There seems to be some movement at the dragon inn! It's University of Jianghai's Fantastic Four and the Nanjing University of Science and Technology's team! Will these two squads engage in a fiery battle the moment they land?"

Inside the game, Pu Taizhuang was rotating cooly in the air as he landed on the third floor of the fake garage.


He heard movement and saw that a player had landed on the second floor beside him.

"There's someone here! Where are you! Where is the other person that's supposed to be with me!" Pu Taizhuang shouted anxiously.

"Stop screaming! I'm one floor below you! I didn't manage to land on the rooftop," Chen Zhifei said embarrassingly.

"There's no problem then! Let's fight him two against one! We'll definitely win!"

Pu Taizhuang calmed down immediately.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had entered a tiny two-story building just beside them.

His eyes shone brightly the moment he opened the door!

What he saw was a black S12K laying on the floor silently just inside the house.