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229 Who’s Looking Down On Who?

 The lazy-looking man gave off an incredible vibe!

If one were to describe him in one sentence, one could say that it was better for him to lay down instead of standing up, and he would shut his eyes if given the choice.

The moment he got down from the car, he walked straight into a lamp post that was by the entrance!

This was because his eyes were literally shut the entire time!

The receptionists at the entrance of the University of Jianghai were shocked as they saw everything!

They then set their eyes on the car.

It was the car used to commute participants!

'That can't be right!'

They then watched the man crouch down as he held onto his skull with his eye twitching.

'Is he really here for the tournament?'

'Brother, are you still dreaming?'

Then, the three people behind him walked toward him swiftly. They pulled him up as he seemed to have fallen asleep while crouching down

One of them whispered embarrassingly, "Brother Gao! Brother Gao! We haven't reached the venue yet. We can rest once we've reached there."

The other one continued, "Brother Gao, didn't we tell you that today's the tournament? Where did you go last night?'

The man crouching down opened his eyes after hearing their words.

He looked to his side as he smiled. "I couldn't sleep."

The three of them were speechless...

They looked at their senior who was two semesters ahead of them and on route to graduate the next year. The three of them were very tempted to just abandon him at the entrance for good.

However, they could not bear the thought of doing so.

In one way, it would affect the reputation of their university as it would be improper of them to leave a person at the entrance of another university. Secondly, that man had a history as great as a legend's and their results that night were totally dependent on his performance.

The three of them sighed once more as those thoughts crossed their minds.

Two of them carried him by his arms as the third one carried his backpack.

The three of them smiled embarrassingly and walked through the entrance of the University of Jianghai as they faced the crowds staring at them...

Moments after they had entered the university, another vehicle stopped at the entrance of the university behind them.

The door opened up when the car came to a stop as a few people got down the car.

They looked slightly older than usual, and unlike the previous group of people, they did not have any backpacks on them. On the contrary, they were chatting cheerfully as they walked into the university.

However, the students in the area started to get excited as they saw the two men in the middle!

A few of them had walked up to them and requested for autographs.

"Who are they? Why can't we recognize them?"

"What the f*ck! Don't you know who Ms-Joy is from Starcraft?"

"Oh! Look at that uncle with glasses. He looks extremely kind!"

"That's Boss Su! He's an ex-player of Se7en's and was in the same squad as Master Ze and Li Muqiu in the past."

"Ah, he's the legendary nanny of Esports! No wonder he looked so familiar!"

"Oh right, tonight's casters are Ms-Joy and Boss Su."

A crowd had gathered at the entrance of the university.

As usual, Su Changming put on a kind smile as he accepted all the autograph and selfie requests from the crowd.

Despite being on the verge of reaching thirty years old, many women still fell for him because of his manly aura that derived from his gentle nature.

Many ladies stared at Su Changming excitedly as their eyes turned into stars at the entrance of the university.

None of them knew that he was married and had a daughter...

After those ladies found out about it, all of them shed a tear of sorrow.

Su Changming smiled as he took a picture together with an excited man standing beside him. Then, he frowned slightly as he looked at the entrance of the university.

Although what he saw was just the back of a figure, a sense of familiarity surged inside him.

Who he saw was the man who had walked into a lamp post the moment he got down the car earlier. At that point in time, he was held up by his friends as they walked further into the university...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Inside the University of Jianghai eSports Arena.

The Fantastic Four and Team One of the University of Jianghai's home base advantage was very evident.

Unlike the outsiders who were looking for their seats on the stage, Liu Zilang and the others were in their seats setting up their gear.

"Why did you bring a keyboard?" Liu Zilang questioned, "The keyboards here are quite good."

"They aren't as comfortable as a piano!"

Ran Maotong sneered at one side. "Brother Lang! When are you going to bring yours for us to have a look at it?"

"Yeah." Chen Zhifei nodded as he continued speaking, "You better not bring out a counterfeit similar to what Feng Yanzu did to woo us! We know one when we see one."

"Yes yes!" Ran Maotong nodded hastily.

"You know one when you see one?" Liu Zilang's lips curled up on one side. "Have you guys seen one before?'

They looked at each other as they shook their heads.

"What a coincidence!" Liu Zilang shrugged. "Me neither."

Both of them were beyond speechless...

They wanted to punch this guy in the face before they continued talking.

Then, the few lots from Team One of Jianghai University walked towards them.

Although they were from the same university and could not possibly become allies inside the game, they were still closer to each other in comparison to the other squads from the other universities.

After all, the win would be on the University of Jianghai's head regardless whether the winner was either of them.

Liu Zilang and his squad looked at each other amongst themselves as they Team One walking toward them.

'Are they here for you?'

'They're here for you!'

Jiang Xinou's expression was no longer gloomy when he walked over.

He reached out his hand naturally. "We're all representing the University of Jianghai in today's tournament. Let's do our best.'

It seemed news of Liu Zilang participating in Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends as Vic had spread throughout the University of Jianghai. There were only a handful of people that played PUBG who did not know of him.

As Jiang Xinou had looked down upon him in the past when they were enemies, he felt that he had the need to give him the respect he deserved.

Jiang Xinou reached out his hand as he offered a handshake of friendship.

Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment. As he was about to reach out his hand, the tall, mighty, and big-hearted Pu Taizhuang reached out his big hand and greeted Jiang Xinou, "Nice to meet you! I think we know each other by now from the skirmishes."

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit?" Jiang Xinou frowned as he looked at Pu Taizhuang.

"It's me."

Pu Taizhuang looked surprised. "What's wrong?"

Jiang Xinou glanced at him. He did not say a word and in fact, all he did was smile at him.

It was obvious that he had noticed something after observing for some time.

However, Jiang Xinou had forgotten something when he was smiling at him.

His hand was still holding onto Pu Taizhuang's huge hand...

Pu Taizhuang was raging inside as he looked at Jiang Xinou's expression!


'How dare you look down on me!'

He then increased the strength of his grip as he crushed Jiang Xinou's hand.


Jiang Xinou was not able to hold up his cool expression as he was in extreme pain.

Qin Xuanxuan and the rest could not help but turn their heads around when they saw Jiang Xinou's expression...

They were afraid that they would burst into laughter.


'I'll let you stay on your high horse for now!'

'Do you think you're Master Ze?'