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228 Su Changming, The Esports Nanny!

 It was over!

The game had been won by those four.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it had been won by the three of them.

The viewers from the live stream were flabbergasted as the three of them had forcefully turned PUBG into a game of massacring.

Zhang Xiaotong had killed 4 players in that match, and it was equivalent to the total kill count she obtained after playing for an entire night previously...

"Oh my god! Xiaotong-chan is at the peak of her life tonight!"

"It's best not to let Vic pick up the Mk14 EBR again! He's stupidly overpowered with that x15 Scope!"

"Master Ze's sniping skills are incredible as well! I feel a shiver go down my spine whenever I see him in action!"

"Have you all not seen Guru Qiu's deadly AK!"

"Well played! The North America Server will collapse if these three demons are to keep carrying a single chick!"

"I can see it happening. Tonight, the North America Server will be drenched in blood. Let's suit up, quickly!"

"What do you mean suit up! Men will face them without any shirt on! Let's head out and snipe them now!"

"Snipers unite! YY4396! Our motto shall be defeating the three great demons and rescueing Xiaotong-chan!"

People from Douyu and Panda gathered gradually in the YY channel as they formed a legion of snipers inside YY.

As Liu Zilang and his squad started queueing for a match, their fans in YY began queueing as well!

With so many of them queueing at the same time, it was inevitable that dozens of them would be successfully placed in the same match as Liu Zilang and his squad.

If a typical streamer found out that a swarm of people were rushing toward him the moment he picked up a weapon, right after he landed, he most likely would rage quit the game right there and then...

However, Liu Zilang and his squad were different. When their fans began ganking them, it made it extremely harder for them. However, it had brought them immense enjoyment!

Naturally, such enjoyment was something Zhang Xiaotong had never experienced before.

She had been knocked out four times in a row the moment she landed and was killed on the spot as the rest were not able to pull her up in time. Hence, she spectated the rest of the match as an observer.

In the following match, Zhang Xiaotong pouted as she sneakily went away and drove a buggy along the road into the wilderness.

Hence, such crude enjoyment was something only Liu Zilang and the other two could enjoy.


The few of them played a total of five to six matches and had successfully gotten three chicken dinners.

Since Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu had training sessions that night, they decided to leave early.

As the two of them went offline, the phone beside Liu Zilang's keyboard vibrated for a brief moment. It was a message from Li Muqiu.

"I heard that you're competing in the China University Esports League this weekend?"

Liu Zilang was startled as he replied back, "What do you want?"

Li Muqiu responded after some time, "Nothing much. Hehe. You should get prepared. I heard that Boss Su will be there."

The man who had a gentle face, wore a pair of spectacles, and who spoke with a soft tone appeared in Liu Zilang's mind as he heard the name Boss Su.

Boss Su's real name was Su Changming.

He was the oldest member of Se7en in the past. He was also the oldest among the middle-aged eSports players in the FPS circle.

He had invested his time to compete competitively in the FPS scene back when CS was still in its early stages. He liked to speak a lot despite the pace of his speech which was slow. As he was ten years older than the average age of the rest of Se7en's members, he was no longer a senior to them.

Hence, the others started calling him the nanny of eSports.

Speaking of which, Su Changming had indeed turned into a nanny.

He chose to retire when he lost the Clash of the Titans tournament half a year ago. He then proceeded to become the manager of Se7en. Not to forget, he got married to his girlfriend, Sasi, who gave birth to his daughter.

Liu Zilang felt rather guilty when Su Changming decided to end his eSports career and retire.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He believed that Su Changming might have continued fighting on the stage if it was not for that loss.

However, when Liu Zilang apologized to Su Changming privately, the latter behaved like his usual good-mannered self as he laughed and said that he had been planning to retire for a long time. He wanted to reassure Liu Zilang that he did not retire because of that match.

In the end, Liu Zilang never had the chance to make peace with him.

Half a year had passed since then when Li Muqiu brought up Su Changming.

Liu Zilang was surprised.

He then replied the message in frustration, "Why is Boss Su attending the China University Esports League? Is he trying to find his youth back?"

"Quit your bullsh*t. He's there as a commentator."

Li Muqiu replied instantly.

Liu Zilang finally understood the situation after reading the text.

Everything made sense then.

Liu Zilang felt anxious at the thought of seeing him at the Esports League that weekend.

Liu Zilang would not be able to hype himself up if he were to face against Su Changming and his good-mannered, slow-paced, long-winded way of speech!


The days passed by in the blink of an eye.

During those few days, the Fantastic Four and Team One of the University of Jianghai had played a few skirmishes against each other.

After those skirmishes, the squad leader of Team One of the University of Jianghai, Jiang Xinou, realized that Liu Zilang's gaze had become wider by the second. In fact, he was able to catch Liu Zilang daydreaming as well.

It was so weird that Chen Zhifei and the other two also asked Liu Zilang in private that if he was in debt.

Naturally, Liu Zilang denied that claim.

Then the three of them said in unison that he had definitely cheated someone's feelings.

'What the h*ll...'

Liu Zilang was beyong speechless!

As the weekend came closer, Liu Zilang noticed that Qin Xuanxuan of Team One was staring at him weirdly.

This senior who had shown him a flying kick gave him a weird stare as she noticed that Liu Zilang was bothered by something.

Upon realizing this, Liu Zilang quickly patted his chest with confidence. This was to state he had not fooled around with another person's feelings before the three found out about it.

However, Liu Zilang did not expect the three of them to laugh at him for imagining things.

They gave him examples of the three illusions in life.

'The phone vibrated.'

'I can counter-kill him.'

'She's looking at me!'

Liu Zilang was furious upon hearing their words, so much so that he wanted to cuss at them.


As the weekend arrived, so did the tournament.

The China University Esports League was held in the University of Jianghai eSports Arena. This was also the reason why IG had chose Jianghai previously.

Although the tournament would determine their rankings at the national level, there were not many squads participating in the tournament. The overall structure of PUBG in the competitive scene had yet to mature and the same could be said for this offline tournament.

Hence, it would be better to describe the China University Esports League as the China University Esports Invitational League.

However, those who were invited to the tournament were the best in their region or universities in the eSports realm. For example, teams from Wuhan University and Yanshan University were invited...

There were only three universities that had been invited within the Jianghai district.

Naturally, one of them was the University of Jianghai.

Evidently, the Jianghai University's administration took the event seriously as a networking event between universities.

Hence on that weekend, not only was the university's main entrance fully opened up, there were receptionists organized by the university to welcome the guests.

There were also drivers who sent the contestants from other universities back to their respective universities and hotels.

Admist that festive atmosphere, a car had stopped at the entrance of the university.

Its doors opened up as an extremely lazy-looking figure got down from it.