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227 Give Me The Gun! It’s the Superman’s Cover!

 Everyone was moving in the shadows inside and outside of the Safe Zone as they prepared to battle!

Meanwhile, a jeep with a heavy machine gun on top of it had slowly entered the battlefield.

Those who were camping at the edge of the Safe Zone were shocked upon seeing it.

'What the f*ck is that?'

What happened next was that flashes of light shot out from the jeep!

Countless bullets were fired as the rifle went "rat-tat-tat" without rest!

"What the f*ck! Xiaotong-chan's Gatling gun is emitting blue flames!"

"That's so f*cking cool! Can I know more about that armored tank?"

"Onii-chan is driving the car while Xiaotong-chan fires the gun. Do you want to know more about this brother-sister combo tank?"

"Genius! Vic knows everything!"

"Hey cute little brother, are you interested in dancing with me?"

Inside the game, Zhang Xiaotong would often lose sight of her crossfire due to the gun's recoil whenever she held onto the trigger. However, at that moment, she felt like she was playing the latest version of the game!

It was extremely stable!

With Liu Zilang driving the jeep at a tortoise's pace, he caused little impact toward the stability of the M249 supported by its tripod as it was laid down on top of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaotong who was prone on top of the vehicle with the M249 had become a moving artillery battery, and she was having the time of her life!

Despite being under extremely heavy fire, there were still enemies trying to take Zhang Xiaotong off by surprise while she laid prone on top of the vehicle.

However, Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu who were not far away from behind the sedan soon taught those people who tried to ambush her a lesson with their 98K and SKS.

"IG-Wolves knocked out Tary_hot by headshot with Kar98K!"

"Lech321 knocked out Quary by headshot with SKS!"

As Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong reached the front lines, Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu swiftly drove to his right and continued moving forward. They used Liu Zilang's and Zhang Xiaotong's immense firepower as cover.

Then, the four of them used each other's firepower as cover from both sides as they slowly pressed forward toward the Safe Zone.

"666. This is what I call oppressing others with firepower!'

"Powerful enemy ahead! Powerful enemy ahead! Warning! This is not a drill!"

Those in the Safe Zone looked on, and they had come to a realization that their cover was useless by the time Liu Zilang and his squad had attacked them.

Hence, they decided to put down everything and give their all in fighting back.

"Da da da!"

Those two squads were startled by Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu's inhuman precision. They tried their best not to lose any of their men as they were not friendly toward each other at all.

Since they had decided to let go of their grudges, their firepower was naturally incredibly frightening!

At that instant, countless densely packed bullets whizzed through the air, forming an incredibly chaotic web!

"Get down from the vehicle!"

Liu Zilang screamed out of the blue.

"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled as she was reloading her weapon on top of the vehicle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What followed next was that blood spurted out from her body.

Startled, she quickly jumped down from the vehicle as she had lost more than half of her health. Not to mention, she took another bullet while jumping down from the vehicle.

"Retreat!" Liu Zilang continued on.

Zhang Xiaotong did not hesitate this time around as she quickly ran to the back.

Then, a small cloud of flames ignited itself on the slowly moving jeep!


What followed next was a huge explosion!

The jeep jumped on its own as the fire enlarged. It flashed and then exploded!

Zhang Xiaotong who was not far away from the jeep shivered as she imagined what would have happened if she was still on top of it!

"Stop standing there blindly. Come on!"

Liu Zilang's voice rang once more.

Despite the fact that the jeep that was on fire had exploded, it was still moving forward slowly.

Hence, Zhang Xiaotong stood confusingly in front of the empty field.

Shocked by what had just happened, she started moving swiftly.

Liu Zilang crouched down as he followed behind the jeep, using it as cover to get out of the two squads' line of fire. They were aiming at them from within the Safe Zone.

He took out a frag grenade before he crouched down and pulled its pin. He then waited for the grenade to cook.

In one swift motion, he stood up and jumped as he threw it high up into the sky!

'Fire in a hole!'

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang took out his M16 which was equipped with a Red Dot Sight. He moved together with the jeep as he fired at his enemies through its window, behind it, and through the fire that was on its hood...

The gun went "rat-tat-tat" endlessly as he kept firing at his enemies!

"GG! Has ZHANQISUSUSU come online?"

"That jeep is way too cool! It's literally moving cover!"

"This isn't scientific at all! Why's it that whenever I crouch down to heal myself, my vehicle slides so that others can kill me!"

"Brother, perhaps you should learn more about using the hand brake?"

"I'm guessing Vic didn't pull the hand brake on purpose. He's a genius!"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong moved forward together with the jeep as they headed straight into their enemies' territory.

Furthermore, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyang were just behind them.

Hence, the enemies camping at the edge of the Safe Zone were pincered by Liu Zilang's squad from the front and back.

As Liu Zilang's group fired at their enemies, Shen Zeyan took the opportunity to knock out an enemy or two from both the two squads. Hence, the enemies started panicking as they had no time to pull their teammates back up.

As Li Muqiu threw a smoke grenade to obstruct the vision of the area and to get closer to the enemies on the other side, the enemies' defense line at the edge of the Safe Zone which seemed impenetrable instantly crumbled!

A bunch of Kill Notifications appeared on the screen instantaneously.

Naturally, there was a headcount parked under Li Muqiu's name.

As that man fired at the enemies' heads with his AK, he did not expect the enemies that were hiding behind cover to be pulled up.

As he fought against three enemies all by himself without any cover, he was knocked out after he had knocked out two out of three enemies. When was knocked out, he was left in a spot where he had no cover.

Just as he was about to be killed off, Liu Zilang who was at the back pulled out his Mk14 EBR that was equipped with a 15x Scope. He swiftly pulled the trigger of his gun, taking Li Muqiu away from death's grasp.

Li Muqiu who was granted a second chance felt extremely touched as he looked toward Liu Zilang's direction.

A sense of intimacy that he had felt a long time ago was surging inside him...

Liu Zilang turned his head around out of the blue as he spoke to Zhang Xiaotong, "Did you see that? That's the classic fighting style of a barbaric man. It's best for you to not learn it."

"Yes yes." Zhang Xiaotong nodded in agreement.

She covered her mouth and started laughing softly as she realized that something was amiss.

Li Muqiu was speechless...

Liu Zilang and his squad had finally entered the Safe Zone after eliminating the two squads.

Frankly speaking, those two squads were not the only squads camping by the edge of the Safe Zone. Their firepower was bound to spread out since their defense lines were too far apart from one another.

It would have been impossible for Liu Zilang and his squad to enter the Safe Zone if all of the squads were gathered in one spot.

However, Liu Zilang and his squad would without a doubt report them and protest as they would have been intentionally grouping up to spoil the game!


As they entered the Safe Zone, the blue radioactive web was slowly approaching them.

Although Liu Zilang and his squad had successfully broken through, their two vehicles were destroyed and they could only run against the incoming blue circle.

The next Safe Zone spawned as the blue circle merged together with the Safe Zone.

"Yay! The Safe Zone has finally spawned on our side!" Zhang Xiaotong cheered.

It looked like the Safe Zone had no more intention to keep moving southward as it spawned back to Primorsk which was located toward the south.

All they needed to do was run a few steps and they would be inside the Safe Zone.

The rest of them gave out a long sigh of relief upon realizing the situation.

All they had to do next was wait.

They had been on a killing spree as they traveled from the north. Hence, there was practically no one left who would run against the blue circle from their end when they camped by the Safe Zone. However, there were a few squads attempting to ambush them from the side.

Seeing as how Liu Zilang's squad was inside the Safe Zone, they did not retreat and instead took extreme caution against them.

After all, they felt that they had to give them the respect they deserved as they were able to annihilate the two squads under such an intense attack.

However, why should they let outsiders lurk beside them?

Since they knew that there were enemies there, Shen Zeyan raised his 98K up. He intended to fire at anyone who dared to reveal themselves!

Liu Zilang was extremely attempted to pull out his weapon as he watched. However, he realized that he only had an Mk14 EBR in his hand.

The 98K was without a doubt more suitable than the MK14 EBR when it came to fighting in a stationary position.

Liu Zilang had his eyes set on the 98K that was on Zhang Xiaoton's back. He reached out his hand and demanded rudely,

"Hand over the gun!"

The rest of them stared at him for a brief moment upon hearing his words and turned around afterward.

The atmosphere was rather awkward...

Liu Zilang's lips curled as he wanted to ask of it from Zhang Xiaotong sincerely.

However, he felt that it was low of him to do so and all he could do was ramble in his mind that the little girl was too insensitive. He did this while drawing circles on the ground at one side...

Time passed slowly as the blue circle shrunk one after the other.

Liu Zilang and his squad traveled southward for each Safe Zone from Georgopol. They seemed to be very lucky.

The Safe Zone did not spawn in favor to anyone but it was never too far away from them. All they had to do was travel a small distance and they would arrive in the Safe Zone.

There were 13 players left in the battlefield by the time the final Safe Zone spawned. The Safe Zone had unexpectedly spawned at the field that was flourished with flora.

"GG! This is the best place to ambush others!"

"You'd invincible if you lay prone there! Xiaotong-chan can finally dominate the battlefield!"

"I get it now! This is the legendary Superman's Cover!"

"The Super Man's Cover is incredible!"

Although there were a lot of trees inside the Safe Zone, the trees were different from other regions as they were all incredibly thin.

They were unsuitable to be used as cover as it would be impressive if one could cover half of their body by hiding behind it!

Hence, Zhang Xiaotong was not the only one crawling about like a caterpillar on the ground as Liu Zilang and the other two had no choice but to do the same as well.

Each of them covered a direction and it was only natural that they did not spot anyone.

All they could see was either grass or trees.

This was where PUBG showed its lack of realism.

There was simply no wind at all.

If a strong wind were to blow in this Superman's Cover, they would definitely spot the enemies hiding under the grass.

Then, the next Safe Zone spawned.

To top it off, the Safe Zone had spawned at an incredible location!

If the previous Safe Zone was described as a circle, then the new Safe Zone had spawned directly in the center of the last Safe Zone.

With at least ten players hiding among the bushes, it was the equivalent of having a spotlight on them on a pitch black stage if they were to reveal themselves.

Liu Zilang and his squad had no choice but to keep crawling forward after the Safe Zone had spawned.

However, Liu Zilang felt something was wrong as he crawled.

He turned his head to the side and saw a person beside him staring back at him as well.

'Xiaotong, is that you?'

Liu Zilang did not even have the time to open his mouth as the player had started firing at him...

'What the f*ck!'

Fortunately, Liu Zilang was crawling with his weapon in his hands as he immediately fired back with his M16!

"Da da da!"

Bullets were fired from his chest as they headed straight toward his enemy's face.

Spurts of blood appeared on the enemy's head as he covered his abdomen on the grassy field!

This meant that his teammates were still alive!

Liu Zilang was startled as he attempted to warn the rest.

However, Zhang Xiaotong who was behind him had pulled out her M249 as its muzzle flashed with bright light. She was firing mercilessly toward where Liu Zilang was!

In that heated moment, the power of the M249's 100 ammo magazine appeared once again!

Zhang Xiaotong did not need to aim properly at all as all she needed to do was fire at the grassy field without injuring her teammates.

However, she would naturally reveal her location if she were to fire in such a manner.

The other players lurking in the area soon noticed Zhang Xiaotong and her machine gun.

One of them stood up as they wanted to kill her off first.

However, Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu, and Liu Zilang were one step ahead of him.

Zhang Xiaotong had become a shining bait as she attracted all the enemies lurking in the shadows.

They were all swiftly dealt with by Liu Zilang and the other two.

The smoke had yet to disperse after some time!

As Zhang Xiaotong who was lying prone on the ground shooting anxiously was about to reload her machine gun, a bunch of letters appeared on her screen!

Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

As she regained her composure, she started recalling what had happened.

'Did I kill all of them?'