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226 The Lady Tank!

 The viewers from the live stream were completely astonished as they saw everything!

"GG! What a show off, no?"

"Since when did Vic's driving skills improve so much? Did he hire a substitute?"

"The substitute is pretty good! That Flying Dragon's Faceplant was pretty amazing!"

"That's not the Flying Dragon's Faceplant. If I'm not mistaken, that should be the legendary Nine-Day Thunder Double Touch Down!"

"That was way too awesome! I didn't expect Vic to learn a vehicle-based technique! He's really a beast!"

"ZeJW has gifted the streamer an Airdrop Gift Pack - PUBG's Car Crashing Clan has requested the streamer to introduce his driving school to them."

"DanceWildly has gifted the streamer an Airdrop Gift Pack - Can I know more about the driving school you go to? Headmaster Sun is giving the lecturer himself!"

"Randy has gifted the streamer an Airdrop Gift Pack - I'm afraid you'll need a car that can drift!"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang did not stay put after killing his two enemies. The moment he landed, he kept on moving.

It was not just the two enemies in Quarry that were shocked. In fact, Li Muqiu and the rest who were by the foot of the hill felt the same as well.

The eager-looking Zhang Xiaotong flicked her nose bitterly as she gave off a light scoff!

Since Liu Zilang had infiltrated the Quarry like a flying tank, the remaining two enemies at the top of the hill could not hold their ground. To make things worse, they had no place to hide at all.

He soon took over the Quarry with ease with the help of Li Muqiu who was at the foot of the hill.

Liu Zilang's squad of four had broken the duo's line of defense in an instant.

The four of them formed a new line of defense at the top of the Quarry after they had looted the crates.

Meanwhile, the second blue circle had started shrinking slowly.

Vehicles constantly appeared in the north as they attempted to enter the Safe Zone through the region.

At that time, Liu Zilang and his squad had turned into night guards of the Northern Wall.

The four of them had formed groups of two.

The other two had not much to worry about as they had Shen Zeyan covering their backs. The enemy literally had no chance to stop their cars and reveal themselves to fight back.

It would be over in an instant if they were to do so!

Bullets started whizzing about in the Quarry as led rained heavily onto the cars.

The sound of explosions constantly boomed in everyone's ears!

The lot was resisting, or rather, harvesting the vehicles that passed through the Quarry.

Among those squads, a few of their snipers had stopped and exited their vehicles as they were extremely displeased by the attack. They hid behind their vehicles as they attempted to reduce the firepower coming from the top of the hill.

As expected, they themselves were instantly killed the moment they revealed themselves.

What promptly followed next was the explosion of their vehicles...

As the blue circle finished shrinking, a line of burning vehicles filled up the entire northern region of the Quarry.

Countless viewers from the live streams were shocked beyond words as they watched!

"What the f*ck! What a f*cking beast!"

"666, this is literally the great massacre!"

"Hmph! Not a single one of them can fight at all!"

"When these three are assembled together in a public game, they're literally bullying little kids!'

"By the way, why are there so many of them racing against the blue circle? Why do I have the feeling that they were trying to get into the final circle beforehand!"

"What the f*ck! There's only half of them remaining after the second circle?'

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Inside the game, Liu Zilang and his squad went down swiftly to loot the crates as they noticed that no one was no longer coming in from the north.

They were not lacking anything at all.

The three of them were able to gank the rest without worry as they had Shen Zeyan covering their backs. As a result, they had exhausted their ammo.

This was especially the case for Zhang Xiaotong who was lying prone on the ground beside Liu Zilang with an M249.

This girl's rifle did not stop for a second other than when she was reloading it.

In her eyes, she was no longer playing PUBG but a large scale 3D Tower Defense game.

By the time the blue circle merged with the Safe Zone, the next Safe Zone spawned.

It was quite weird as the Safe Zone seemed to be moving toward the south thus far.

The next Safe Zone had spawned around Primorsk and the sea. This placed Liu Zilang and his squad northward of the Safe Zone.

Despite the fact that they had destroyed all the vehicles that had passed by, they were very fortunate that the squad that was ambushing the others before them had hidden a jeep and sedan at the back of the hill.

The four of them hopped into the car and headed straight toward Primorsk.

The ambush they had set up at the Quarry was simply too cruel. One could say that they were asserting dominance so clearly that the squads that had a more conservative fighting style avoided the Quarry and entered the Safe Zone from the side when they heard the gunshots.

However, those squads had silently concealed themselves along the edge of the Safe Zone between Primorsk and Quarry.

It was as if all of them had reached a tacit agreement.

This was because all of them were thinking the same thing.

All of them believed that the squad in Quarry were full of b*stards!

They had no choice!

It was way too cruel for Liu Zilang and his squad to treat PUBG as a tower defense game!

What made it worse was that they had made such a ruckus that every squad nearby knew that there would be a squad waiting for them in Quarry.

Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan who were inside the orange sedan were the first two people to be ambushed.

The two of them got down the car and took cover as they engaged with the enemies opposite of them.

Liu Zilang looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was beside him. He still had not enough fun as he found out that someone was camping by the edge of the Safe Zone.

An idea popped in his head. "Looks like there's someone in front of us. Do you want to have some fun?'

"What?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled.

"Do you see that hill over there?" Liu Zilang smiled. "I'll drive us there and I want you to jump on top of the car."

"Why do you want me to jump on top of the car?" Zhang Xiaotong questioned curiously.

"You'll see." Liu Zilang smirked.


Inside the Safe Zone, two squads were hiding behind cover as they were in a standstill with Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan who were just outside the Safe Zone.

They seemed to have tasted Shen Zeyan's medicine as they were pulling their teammate up.

They were not moving on nor retreating.

They were just camping at the edge of the Safe Zone.

In their perspective, they ultimately had to move forward when the blue circle surpassed them, no?

What happened next left an ever-lasting impression on everyone in the field.

What they saw was a jeep making its entrance slowly from the hill that was toward the north.

However, that was not the point!

What stood out was that there was a person laying on top of the jeep!

Furthermore, that person had an M249 with her!

The viewers from the live stream had jaws wide open when they saw it!

"What the f*ck! You can do that too?"

"That's not a jeep! That's a f*cking tank!"

"Why do I have the feeling that Vic was lying to Xiaotong-chan when he said that she would not fall down from the top of the car?'

"I've tried it before. You'll die if the car moves too fast but you'll survive if the car is slow enough."

"Really? I still believe that it's all a lie!"

Despite the fact that the fans from the live stream were worried about Zhang Xiaotong's safety, she herself did not feel endangered at all.

She was lying prone on top of the jeep with the M249's support fully opened up. Her gaze was filled with excitement and death!