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225 An Antelope Flies Over!

 Once all of them were done looting the airdrop, they gathered again.

As a whole, they were not really in luck. Although they managed to secure the two airdrops, the airdrop crate at Shen Zeyang and Li Muqiu's side did not have a sniper in it. They only found an M249.

If there was a Groza in it, Li Muqiu would have used it as he was particularly crazy about guns that used 7.62mm bullets. This was why the M249 clearly did not attract his attention at all.

Needless to say, for Shen Zeyan, other than the various kinds of sniper guns, weapons like shotguns, submachine guns, and rifles were quite similar to him.

At last, the M249 ended up with Zhang Xiaotong who had been secretly eyeing the airdrop crate.

As soon as she knew that nobody was interested in the gun, she went over happily and exchanged her SCAR-L for the M249. She carried it with her head high, chest out.

With that being said, she was equipped an M249 on her left, and a 98K on her right!

Even as she walked, she appeared to be dignified and clear-eyed.

Based on how she looked, she felt like she had become a strong firing point in the squad!

When Liu Zilang who was looting turned to see Zhang Xiaotong standing blankly beside the airdrop crate, he wondered what was on her mind.

He reminded her, "There's another crate here, do you want to come over to loot it?"

The moment Zhang Xiaotong heard him, she was drawn back to reality.

She quickly ran small steps over to him and then laid prone beside the crate.

Upon seeing her posture, Liu Zilang was speechless. He was puzzled about how this little girl picked up the habit of laying prone whenever she looted.


By the time Zhang Xiaotong laid prone to loot the crate, the first blue circle was almost done shrinking.

During that time, vehicles appeared in the east from time to time. Despite that, with Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu, and Liu Zilang providing covering fire, Zhang Xiaotong's looting process could be described in one word.


Once the blue circle had completely shrunk, the second safe zone refreshed as well.

The safe zone refreshed to the Quarry, Primorsk, and some parts of the ocean.

At that time, Liu Zilang and the others who were in the north of Gatka were not in the safe zone anymore.

When Zhang Xiaotong was done looting, the few of them decided to camp by the blue circle on the high grounds in Quarry.

Obviously, there was still quite a number of players in Gatka. As long as they got the upper hand by getting to Quarry ahead of the others, it would unquestionably be another round of harvesting for them later.

After making a few plans, they got into their vehicles and drove all the way southward.

However, they were not the only squad with the same thinking.

The moment they arrived at the border of Quarry, they received a warm and grand "gun salute"!

Once they were attacked by their enemies, they parked their car sideways, whereby Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu, and Zhang Xiaotong utilized the UAZ as cover to confront the players on the hill.

As for Liu Zilang who rode a motorcycle in front and even called himself the for visiting.

A double kill with a motorcycle!

...A hero from League of Legends, also known as Teemo