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224 There’s A Traitor Among Us!

 Since one of their opponents was taken down, the other two opponents had stopped their vehicle to provide covering fire as they revived their teammate. Liu Zilang immediately went back into his car and called out, "Let's go!"

Zhang Xiaotong was startled for a while before she entered the car excitedly.

Liu Zilang did not forget to tell her, "Don't take the passenger seat, change to seat number three. If our enemies shoot at us later, it'll be easier for us to stop the car."

Of course, Zhang Xiaotong was quite smart, she quickly understood the reason behind it. Hence, she took his advice and shifted to seat number three.

As expected, halfway through, one of their enemies peeked from behind a vehicle and then went full auto-firing mode on them!

"Dang, dang, dang, dang-!"

Sparks of fire appeared on the body of the UAZ!

Nonetheless, what made Liu Zilang more surprised was that he was not hit even though he expected it to happen.

'Looks like it's just another monkey fooling around!'

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang who was initially ready to stop if they were hit, pressed the 'Shift' key to accelerate. He crashed straight into the sedan car opposite them that was parked sideways!


The sound of a car crash was heard!

At once, the player who was reviving and the player who was being revived flew away after their car was hit! They of course were behind the yellow sedan.

On the other hand, their teammate who was covering them was rather quick-witted.

In that moment of life or death, he reacted quick enough by hopping back into the car.


After some friction between the tires and the ground, both cars were brought to a halt!

In a trice, the player who was in the yellow car peeked from the window to fire shots at Liu Zilang's direction!

Liu Zilang responded quickly as he shifted to seat number two and peeked from the window too.

Since he was unable to change his MK14 in time, after scoping in, he dragged his mouse to move the crosshair of his scope onto that person. With his 15x scope, he simply controlled the recoil of his gun while aiming at his face!

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

"Da, da, da-!"

Intense flashes were seen from their muzzles!

The scene was totally comparable to the gunfights in Fast and Furious!

On the contrary, Zhang Xiaotong who was in seat number three just blanked out. Before she could react to what was happening around them, she saw Liu Zilang stick his body out the window to fire at their opponent.

While being the one who fired later, as blood splattered out from his body, he was still able to take out the last opponent with his MK14 that was attached with a 15x scope!

All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaotong was so astounded that she widened her mouth, and her eyes were shining like stars.

At that point in time, she only had one word in her mind!



Back at Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu.

By using the airdrop crate as cover, they took their respective positions.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At that time, the three vehicles that were heading toward them appeared to be from the same squad. Seeing as there were only Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan beside the airdrop crate, they wanted to toy with them like cats chasing after mice. Therefore, they began driving round and round the airdrop crate.

On top of that, one of the players even shouted in the All voice chat, "Hey guys! You're surrounded!"

Evidently, the squad was purely made up of foreigners in the Northern America server.

Nonetheless, soon enough, they quickly realized that something was off!

It seemed like the ones who were encircled were not the two players at the airdrop crate. Instead, it was them!


Shen Zeyan squinted his eyes and did not hesitate at all as he held his 98K.

The instant he moved sideways from behind the airdrop crate, he scoped in there and then before firing a shot!

A quick-scope!

The next second, blood could be seen from the passenger seat of the UAZ that was still moving. That player fell from his seat without warning!


Upon seeing what happened, the foreigners were stupefied!

"Chi, chi, chi!"

The screeching sound from the friction between car tires and the ground was heard. At once, they exited their car, and took cover behind it!

However, it was at that moment when something was thrown from the airdrop crate.

'A frag grenade?

'It's not a frag grenade!'

Once that item landed, it rolled a few times and then released white smoke into the surrounding.

Right away, those foreigners realized that they had guessed wrong. Hence, they quickly felt at ease again.


'This is clearly a smoke grenade.

'But that's the problem. Why did they throw a smoke grenade at us?'

The answer was revealed soon after!

In the game, once Li Muqiu used the smoke grenade to block their opponents' line of fire, he dashed into the smoke with his AK.

At that time, even though he had no cover when he ran, he had Shen Zeyan cover from behind. Hence, he was totally not worried about his opponents seeing through the smoke to shoot him.

As a matter of fact, if they were to do that, they would die even quicker!

Subsequently, while Li Muqiu was getting near the smoke, Shen Zeyan swiftly changed his 98K to his M4.

At the next instant, without even aiming, muzzle flashes appeared from his gun as he went full auto at the smoke's direction!

In actual fact, there was indeed no need for Shen Zeyan to aim!

This was because he did not intend to get a lucky shot by firing at the smoke

Rather, while he wanted to attract the attention of their opponents, he was masking Li Muqiu's footsteps with the sound of his bullets!

Amidst the smoke, the foreigners had gathered together behind the UAZ.

Two of them were positioned left and right behind the UAZ, whereas one of them crouched in the middle as he revived their fallen teammate.

"What the h*ll! That person's marksmanship is unbelievable!" One of them was utterly shocked.

"It's too crazy! How could he knock me out from the car?" The player who was knocked out chuckled. "With that being said, their next move was too irrational. Why did they throw a smoke grenade at us? Are they trying to cover us?"

"Oh! Perhaps they're taking the opportunity to loot the airdrop."

"Hehe, when we're back, the airdrop will return to its rightful owners."

"Those are two adorable fellows."

The foreigners were immersed in their conversation. Obviously, they were relatively positive about their current situation.

However, it was right then when a figure appeared in the smoke like a ghost!

"Da, da, da-!"

Followed by that, with sparks of flames, a series of rapid and intense gunshots was heard!

Li Muqiu was seen coming in from the side, and he was somewhat in the same line with the few players behind the vehicle.

With his AK on full auto-firing mode, he locked the crosshair of his holographic sight on the players behind the car!

As the foreigners were entirely caught off guard by the sneak attack, they were dumbfounded!

The situation was slightly better for the person who was crouching in the middle and the person who was being saved.

However, there was an inevitable overlap of positions for the two players on the left and right.

Therefore, no matter how fast they reacted, the moment Li Muqiu fired, even when he only hit the person in front twice, his teammate behind him accidentally "assisted" him with the final shot!

"Friendly fire!"

Upon seeing the red system notification, the person who was knocked out was instantly stunned!

"Sorry! It wasn't on purpose!"

The person behind him explained.

Later on, in order to prove himself, he fired shots at Li Muqiu after his teammate collapsed.

'You cunning fellow!

'Go to h*ll!'

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

Who knew that as soon as he began shooting, another person would stand up in front of him again!

To clarify, once a person was revived from being knocked out, that person would stand up automatically.

Coincidentally, when the person at the back was firing, the person who was crouching in the middle happened to have revived the person who was knocked out behind the vehicle...

"Friendly fire!"

Once again, a red notification appeared.

The person had been revived was knocked out again by his teammate. He was so furious that he roared, "F*ck you! What the f*ck!!!"

Right after he said that, Li Muqiu's bullets hurtled past him!

"Pu, pu, pu, pu-!"

The sound of bullets hitting a person's body was heard!

At the speed of light, Li Muqiu knocked out that person who "double-killed" his teammates and then aimed at the remaining person who was about to get his gun out.

In a trice, the last two players collapsed to the ground as well.

Once the smoke dispersed, four crates were seen behind the UAZ...

"666! Is this squad of foreigners trying to make me die from laughing too much?"

"The two players who were knocked out by their teammate: There's a traitor among us!"

"I thought that Guru Qiu was about to end all of their lives right there. Who knew he would only kill two. How humiliating!"

"Looks like foreigners are not united at all, this fully displays the decadence and depravity of capitalism!"


In the game, when Shen Zeyan who was beside the airdrop crate no longer heard gunshots, he glanced at the kill notifications on the bottom left corner of his screen.

Once Shen Zeyan noticed that Li Muqiu only had two kills and the other two players had been killed by someone else, he uttered concisely, "Is there someone else?"

"Mmm." Li Muqiu who was speechless nodded with a strange face. "I incited a rebellion in the opposing team."

Shen Zeyan was at a loss for words.