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223 On That Day, Humans Finally Recalled…

 After they were done turning Georgopol upside down, the first blue circle began shrinking slowly from all corners of the ocean toward the center of the map.

For that match, the first safe zone refreshed to the bottom left corner of the map which enveloped the Quarry, Gatka Trenches, and the west of Pochinki.

Owing to the fact that the flight route of the match was at the middle of the map, from left to right, the map was split into two.

When the match began, not only Georgopol, but even Downtown was occupied by at least two squads.

Initially, the few of them were planning to head toward Downtown after clearing Georgopol.

Nonetheless, when the circle refreshed, they knew that their initial plan was not going to work out.

That was because the people from Downtown could just enter the circle by heading south all the way. There was no need for them to go through Georgopol.

Therefore, Liu Zilang and the others could not be bothered to seek trouble as well.

After finding two vehicles outside of Georgopol, they drove southward.

In the UAZ, Zhang Xiaotong kept staring at Liu Zilang's Level One Motorcycle Helmet as she felt that it looked familiar.

Later on, she bit her lips as her eyes became watery. However, she still remained quiet.

As their car journeyed shakily through the hills, they made plans to camp at the border of the blue circle in the east. They wanted to ambush players coming in from School and Rozhok.

Despite that, once they entered the circle, an airplane appeared in the sky. It was getting closer to them.

Instantly, the few of them became spirited and forgot about waiting at the border of the blue circle.

If one had no dream in life, how was one different from a salted fish?

Liu Zilang who was driving the vehicle quickly changed directions and then accelerated the UAZ to chase after the airdrop.

Nonetheless, they were unaware that there were around three squads from Rozhok, Water Town, and Pochinki who were going after the airdrop. The situation was just like cats smelling the smell of fish.

If there was God's perspective to display the top view of the battleground, everyone would be able to see how the vehicles on the ground were moving like a dragon as they chased after the airplane.

Unquestionably, the UAZ that Liu Zilang's squad was in was the dragon's head as they were leading.


"It dropped! It dropped!"

In their team voice chat, Zhang Xiaotong mentioned excitedly.

Next, she exclaimed, "Wow! It's a double yolk!"

In the sky above them, they saw the airplane drop a second crate not long after it dropped the first one.

Upon seeing that, the few of them in the UAZ became energized as they felt that their time was not wasted.

However, right then, Zhang Xiaotong felt rather dispirited. "It'd be great if there were four airdrops, two aren't enough."

When the three of them heard her, their smiles froze.

Liu Zilang could not help but roast her in his thoughts, 'Do you think this is a 'candy distribution' game?

'These aren't enough?

'Though the two targets are so big, we're not certain if we can get it...'

Subsequently, once they arrived below the first airdrop, Liu Zilang hit the brake and announced, "We're at the first stop, we're at the first stop! Master Ze, Guru Qiu, both of you disembark here. Xiaotong and I will go get the next airdrop."

After hearing what Liu Zilang said, Shen Zeyan exited the vehicle coolly without saying a word.

On the other hand, Li Muqiu who was in the passenger seat made a fuss. "Why don't you and Master Ze get down here, Xiaotong and I will go get the next airdrop."

Without hesitation, Liu Zilang changed to seat number four and then pointed his M16 at the back of Li Muqiu's head.

At once, Li Muqiu froze and then muttered, "I'll just get off here, why do you have to use violence."

He then took his time to get off the car.

Immediately after, Liu Zilang shifted back to seat number one and stepped on the accelerator, causing the vehicle to release smoke toward Li Muqiu.

Upon seeing that, Zhang Xiaotong who was sitting in the back chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" Liu Zilang was somewhat in low spirits.

Zhang Xiaotong stopped laughing right away and then blinked as she asked, "Are you very close to Guru Qiu?"

"Uh...not really, but we played in a tournament last time." Liu Zilang then blabbered, "He was crying so badly because I was too cruel on him. He had to add me on WeChat and became my apprentice... aiya... it's hard to explain!"

"Pfft!" Zhang Xiaotong burst out laughing again and then replied snappily, "You... you're talking nonsense again."

When Li Muqiu heard Liu Zilang make up stories about him, he was so furious that his eyelids kept twitching.

Nevertheless, considering the fact that Liu Zilang was like a brother to him, he forced himself to hold it in so as to not embarrass him in front of his sister. Instead, he thought about when he could use the statement against him to teach him a good lesson.

With that being said, before he was done thinking about it, Shen Zeyan suddenly called out, "There's a car coming!"

At the same time, a thump was heard!

The airdrop crated landed right behind them and thick red smoke began escaping out from it.

Even so, Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu did not go for the airdrop.

That was because they had suddenly realized that there was more than one vehicle headed in their direction.


An MK14!

7.62mm bullets!

A sniper extended quickdraw magazine!

A 15x scope!

A Level Three Backpack!

As soon as the airdrop crate landed, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong ran toward it.

Once Zhang Xiaotong took a look at it, she curled her lips. "What kind of airdrop is this? There's no AWM in it."

Liu Zilang wondered to himself, 'You can't just get an AWM that easily.'

"If you don't want it, I'll take it."

While Liu Zilang said that, he quickly looted the MK14, 15x scope, and the sniper bullets.

Later on, he reached for his 98k and then attached the cheek pad and sniper compensator on his MK14. That made it a full set.

With Shen Zeyan in the squad, Liu Zilang's 98K would not be of much use.

Furthermore, Zhang Xiaotong was carrying a 98K as well. Once he had shaped her into a little follower, he could simply borrow it from her whenever he wanted it.

Zhang Xiaotong looted the Level Three Backpack and followed behind Liu Zilang. This made her look like a "moving Level Four Backpack".

At that moment, there were other squads around them which drove past the first airdrop. They were headed straight for Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.

Liu Zilang raised his brows and then held up his MK14 that was attached with a 15x scope!

Upon seeing that, the spectators in his live streaming channel paid attention to him!

"Da, da, da-!"

Next, a series of rapid gunshots were heard!

Through the live streaming channel's camera, Liu Zilang's desk where his keyboard was placed was seen to be extremely inclined. It undoubtedly gave him ample space to move his mouse around.

He was seen holding his mouse with a tissue paper in his right hand, by which he dragged his mouse down a huge margin over and over again.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He almost dragged it from upstairs to downstairs!

As for the yellow car that was speeding in their direction, through the downpour of bullets, the driver was knocked out after being shot multiple times!

When the players in the passenger seat and seat number three witnessed that, they quickly stopped the car. They crouched behind their car in fear.

Looking at the terrifying scene, the bullet screen in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel was instantly flooded!

"He's here! That guy finally appeared!"

"F*ck! Vic's control of his gun's recoil is too hair-raising!"

"I knew it! When Vic picked up that gun, everything was destined!"

"I'm wrong! It turns out that Vic didn't lie to me! It's real, it's possible for a man and his gun to be one! Which is when an MK14 meets an MK14!"

"On that day, humans finally recalled the fear of being dominated by an MK14!"