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222 Skillfully Pampers His Younger Sister!

 While Liu Zilang's squad occupied Georgopol, they continued looting after they had shared the loot from the crates. The squad who changed their landing point to the three warehouses in the south was also done looting.

Once they were done, they went into a two-story building and watched Georgopol from upstairs.

When they heard the gunshots coming from Georgopol, one of them rubbed his chin as he uttered, "What an intense fight! Luckily, we changed our landing point."

"Mmm, I think the winner has probably been decided." Another one laughed out loud. "We're not being timid, only the winner from Georgopol is worthy of fighting us."

Another one of their teammates was eager to try too. "Let's go, it's time to reap the harvest."

Soon enough, the four of them made their way from the south.

However, when they were near Georgopol, the map turned red!

It was the red zone!

It was not a good sign at all.

The ones who had sneaked their way from the south looked at one another.

Whatever it was, they had made their way there. Hence, it was unlikely that they would return just because of such an obstacle. The few of them gritted their teeth as they made their way to the containers.


In Georgopol.

As soon as Liu Zilang saw the red zone on the map, he went outside to take a look at the sky. Followed by that, he yelled, "The thunder's here! Everyone, keep your clothes!"

In the beginning, when his other three teammates saw him fooling around, they did not bother at all.

Who knew that right then, a rumbling sound would be heard!

A bolt of Heavenly Fire struck the side of a container in Georgopol!

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Subsequently, as if he had received a certain signal, a series of thundering sounds sounded around them!

Nonetheless, that was not the main point!

The main point was, when the first Heavenly Fire struck, a sequence of kill notifications appeared.

"WhirlwindSuperhero was killed by the red zone!"

"Terminator was killed by the red zone!"

"ComeAtMe was killed by the red zone!"

"OutwitTreasureSword was killed by the red zone!"

The area covered by the red zone was at Georgopol, which meant that those players had died near Georgopol.

That was when the question came!

Where did they die?

While the few of them were puzzled, they turned to look at the warehouse where Liu Zilang came out from. They were dumbfounded!

Beside the containers not far away from the warehouse, four crates were neatly laid out...

When Liu Zilang turned to look, he was stunned as well.

He coughed and then continued shouting, "The thunder's here! Everyone, quickly come out to receive your parcels!"

Once the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel heard him, they burst out laughing!

"F*ck! That express delivery really cracked me up!"

"Were those four players sent by monkeys? How dare they stick together in a red zone? Were they afraid that they wouldn't die neatly?"

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"Speaking of which, where did those players come from? How the heck did they get punished by Heaven so soon?"

"I recall a squad in Georgopol heading toward the three warehouses from the south just now. They're most likely those four players."

"Those four players must have intended to attack Liu Zilang's team sneakily. Who knew that they would've died before they could succeed!"

"This tells us that when one attempts to attack sneakily, justice may dawn upon that person later. However it'll never be absent!"

In the game, once the bombings from the sky were brought to a halt, Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang who were nearest to the crates quickly ran over to them.

When Liu Zilang saw Li Muqiu dashing happily toward the crates from behind him, he retrieved a stun grenade and then called out to him as he lifted it up, "Guru Qiu, look here!"

Nevertheless, Li Muqiu knew very well how despicable Liu Zilang was.

Therefore, while dashing forward, he was able to react quickly by making a turn to avoid the grenade.

Next, he threw a molotov cocktail back at him and then shouted out loud, "Aiya! I'm sorry, my hand slipped!"


The molotov cocktail shattered right in front of Liu Zilang. It obstructed him from moving forward.

Liu Zilang gritted his teeth, and he took out a frag grenade.

He was about to cook it to bomb that fellow.

Who knew that in their team voice chat, Zhang Xiaotong would suddenly scoff. "Childish."

Embarrassed, Liu Zilang could only stop and repeat what she had said, "That's right, how childish!"

By then, Li Muqiu was at the crates. However, when he took a look at them, he was struck dumb!

Bandages, a Level One Motorcycle Helmet, a Level One Police Vest, a Level One Backpack.

A 2x scope, an Uzi, a UMP9, an S1897...

They were too damn poor!

Upon seeing that, Li Muqiu complained furiously, "What are those people! How dare they want to rob us with such equipment! No wonder the Heavenly Fire couldn't bear look at them too."

When Liu Zilang who was one step behind heard those words, he thought that Li Muqiu was purposely trying to "confuse" them in order to gain more time for himself to loot the crates. He did not believe him at all.

With that being said, as soon as he took a look at the crates, his eye twitched as well.

At that moment, he was itching to use a shovel or a tube to stab those players in the heart...

'With such equipment... are they really that oblivious about who's the real robber here?'


For that match, it seemed like armor was short in supply in Georgopol.

Even after looting the whole area, though they were well equipped with high magnification scopes and weapons, they were still wearing Level One Motorcycle Helmets and Level One Police Vests.

A Level Two Military Helmet would at least make them more honorable.

For example, Liu Zilang was wearing a Level Two Military Helmet.

Once Liu Zilang was done looting a warehouse, he saw Zhang Xiaotong run past him. She only had a Level One Backpack, and a gray-colored Level One Motorcycle Helmet. She was making her way up to the containers.

Since he had just looted those containers, he knew that there was nothing there anymore.

Seeing as Zhang Xiaotong carried a 98K and an M4, Liu Zilang figured that the little girl was definitely searching for better armor.

When he thought about that, an idea struck him.

He returned to the warehouse, removed his Level Two Military Helmet and then exited through the back exit.

The spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were bewildered by his actions!

'Why did he drop brand the new Level Two Military Helmet on the floor?'

Afterward, they heard Liu Zilang say in the voice chat, "Xiaotong, I've searched that place, you don't have to search over there anymore. What helmet are you wearing now?"

"Oh." Zhang Xiaotong who had just jumped onto the container responded disappointingly, "I'm still wearing a Level One Helmet."

"I saw a Level Two Military Helmet in the warehouse just now. Come over and take it." Liu Zilang smiled. "I've marked it for you."

"Ah? Oh, oh!"

Instantly, Zhang Xiaotong became cheerful.

She ran over to the warehouse marked by Liu Zilang and found the Level Two Military Helmet on the floor. She quickly exchanged her Level One Motorcycle Helmet for it.

When Zhang Xiaotong exited the place, Liu Zilang jumped over the railing again and reentered the warehouse through the back entrance. He put on the Level One Motorcycle Helmet...

Everything happened so quietly, just like the spring breeze and rain.

Upon seeing what happened, the spectators in his live streaming channel were absolutely shocked!

"666, Vic really has the skills to pamper his younger sister! I give it to him!"

"Wu, wu, wu! I can't take it anymore! This is too sweet!"

"Doctor, doctor! My girlish heart is beating again!"

"There should be background music for this - My love for you has always been quiet!"

"Could this be the so-called 'providing with love'?"

"Guys...what do you think will happen if Xiaotong-chan knows about this?"

"Win, win, win! She'll sink in her onii-chan's endless care?"

"F*ck! Vic is such a good planner!"

"I got it, I got it! Quick, note it down!"