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221 M4 Is Like Xiaotong!

 'What do you mean by imitating others?!

'Tell me!

'Whose sister are you!'

Liu Zilang cried to himself.

Right then, Li Muqiu's voice was heard.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"F*ck! Why are there so many people here! Save me! Quick, save me!"

Liu Zilang jumped onto the crates and then onto the top of the container. He picked up an Uzi and went over as back up.

At that time, a gunshot was heard coming from Shen Zeyan!

Somehow, he had made his way up the wooden guard tower in the middle of Georgopol. He had crouched and sniped at the person who was chasing Li Muqiu, giving Li Muqiu the chance to escape.

Li Muqiu then went around the corner of a container and took a long breath of relief. Followed by that, he noticed Zhang Xiaotong standing blankly with an AK on her back.

His eyes glimmered, and he ran over to her so fast as if he had wings. "Xiaotong-chan! You're really my savior!"

Being praised by a famous guru so abruptly, Zhang Xiaotong felt rather embarrassed. She mumbled, "I...I didn't do anything."

Li Muqiu realized that the little girl misunderstood him, hence he quickly replied, "No, no, I meant... can you lend me your AK for a while?"

"Ah?" Zhang Xiaotong was startled.

Nonetheless, seeing as Li Muqiu looked so distressed, she pouted her lips as she dropped her AK unwillingly.

Obviously, Li Muqiu did not think much of it at that time.

Previously chased by three players, Li Muqiu picked up the AK, reloaded it and then went back out again!

On the other hand, Zhang Xiaotong who had no gun stood helplessly on the spot. All of a sudden, she had no idea if she should continue looting for items or attack together with her teammates.

At that moment, a figure jumped down from the container beside her.

Of course, it was Liu Zilang.

Once Liu Zilang landed, he generously unequipped his 98K and dropped it on the floor. "This is for you, take it."

"Ah? Oh, oh!" Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback.

Quickly after, she was elated as she picked up the 98K from the floor.

Although she was not that good with such a gun, somehow, she just felt happy.

After picking up the gun, Zhang Xiaotong watched the back of Liu Zilang which was moving further away. Her eyes became watery.

Later on, she subconsciously wanted to reload her gun... but realized that she had given all her AK bullets to Liu Muqiu and Liu Zilang had dropped only the gun for her just now.


Clearly, Liu Zilang was clueless about Zhang Xiaotong's resentment.

With Shen Zeyan covering for them at the back, he and Li Muqiu were equipped with an Uzi and an AK respectively. The two ran straight toward the three players behind the container who were chasing Li Muqiu previously!

"F*ck! Are they in a rush for their reincarnations! They're coming straight at us to court death?"

"Be careful! There's someone providing covering fire behind them! He hit me with a few shots."

"I don't believe that..."


While that person said that, he shifted his body sideways and tilted his head as he wanted to peek from behind the container to shoot at the two players who were coming for them.

As soon as he peeked, a gunshot was heard. Then, blood splattered out from his head!

Subsequently, he pressed on his abdomen as he crawled back with a sullen face.

'I believe it!

'I believe it, okay?!'

By that time, Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang had arrived.

However, halfway there, Liu Zilang changed his direction and went between the containers.

Next, when Li Muqiu who struck from the front peeked, the two remaining healthy players fired at him with a UMP and an M16. They managed to push him back!

Nonetheless, Liu Zilang had flanked them from behind!

"Da, da, da-!"

The sound of an Uzi that had an extremely high firing rate was heard in a trice!

Earlier, the two players behind the container were totally distracted by Li Muqiu and their gunshots had masked the footsteps of Liu Zilang.

Therefore, when Liu Zilang went behind them, he was able to give them a huge surprise.

Almost at the instant when the gunshots were heard, one of them had been knocked out!

As for the other person, once he realized that somebody was sneaking an attack behind them, he quickly turned in an attempt to launch a counterattack!

Without warning, just as he turned around, Li Muqiu attacked from behind him. He shot at him with his AK!

Right away, that person collapsed too.

With that, for the four-man squad that landed in Georgopol, one of them "landed as a crate".

As for the remaining three-man squad, they were also settled by Liu Zilang and the others in the blink of an eye!

Shen Zeyan provided covering fire!

Liu Muqiu charged in from the front!

Liu Zilang went behind them!

Li Muqiu with another easy strike!

Throughout the process, there was no verbal communication between them at all, but they still cooperated with remarkable chemistry.

It was all so simple and easy that it was infuriating!

The spectators in their live streaming channels were astounded too!

"666, that was too damn strong! I was absolutely stunned!"

"Oh my god! They look just like special force soldiers slaughtering little sheep!"

"Sit down, sit down. Wasn't that just child's play for those three insane players?"

"I feel sorry for that squad. One of them landed as a crate, and the other three only lived an extra minute..."

"What a bargain! Treasure time, and you'll get an efficient game!"

"I saw another squad landing in Georgopol just now, one of them was shot down. I wonder where the other three players are hiding in fear."

"Hehe, do you feel the horror of the three devil kings now?"

Afterward, with Shen Zeyan covering them, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu played out the same scene again.

Once they found the remaining three-man squad in Georgopol, it was as if strong wind swept the dead leaves in the area. They managed to clear Georgopol just like that!

When it was time to loot the crates, Zhang Xiaotong who had the 98K finally gathered with the others after looking for bullets.

She was dumbfounded when she saw the crates.

With that being said, as the rear end player in the squad, she had quite good tactical awareness. At once, she laid prone to loot the crates.

Right then, Li Muqiu asked Liu Zilang, "I have two guns here, an M16 and an M4. Which one do you want?"

"The M16, it's easier to wield it," Liu Zilang answered without further ado.

Li Muqiu dropped the M16 right away and then chuckled as he asked, "Why don't you use the M4? The full auto-firing mode is so easy to use! What's your take on the difference between these guns?"

Liu Zilang could not be bothered at all, he casually blurted, "The M16 is thinner, whereas the M4 is fatter, like Xiaotong."

As soon as he said that, the atmosphere around them became dead silent.

In order to smoothen things out as the situation was extremely awkward, Li Muqiu coughed a little. "You're joking again, I've seen the videos posted by Xiaotong-chan on bilibili. She's not fat at all."

Liu Zilang finally realized that he was talking foolishly, thus he quickly covered it up. "I was wrong, I was wrong! How can it be like Xiaotong? I wanted to say that it looks like our neighbor, Wang Erya! That girl was fat when she was young, and she always sucks her snot, yuck-!"

When Zhang Xiaotong heard Liu Zilang's explanation, she only scoffed and did not bother about him.

At that moment, Shen Zeyan who had remained silent all the while suddenly spoke, "Xiaotong's not fat."

An honest man only spoke the truth.

Shen Zeyan's words were like a hammer that set the tone!

Right away, Zhang Xiaotong's furrowed brows became relaxed.

However, that hammer also hit Liu Zilang rock-bottom.