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220 Drop and Turn Into a Box!

 Once Zhang Xiaotong joined the party, it was only natural for the atmosphere in the voice channel to get a lot more lively.

Li Muqiu invited the two of them into their in-game party. Soon, the four of them were waiting in the in-game lobby.

"Which server?" Li Muqiu asked.

"NA?" Liu Zilang answered.

Since no one had any opinion about which server to play in, Li Muqiu casually brought forth that question.

After selecting the NA server, the four started queueing into matchmaking.

Soon, the screen changed as the four of them were transported to the Spawn Island.

"Prideful when facing waves of trouble,

"Hot-blooded as the red hot blazing sun,

"Guts like iron and bones like fine steel,

for visiting.

"Split up! We'll split up!" Liu Zilang hurriedly shouted, "I'll go with Xiaotong. Guru Qiu, you go with Master Ze."

"Ah? Why am I on Master Ze's team?" Li Muqiu was unsatisfied by his decision.

"How about this, let's vote!" Liu Zilang ignored him as he said, "Guru Qiu forfeits his right to vote, Xiaotong's vote is ineffective, I pick Xiaotong's team, Master Ze ain't speaking... Haha, that settles it..."

Unexpectedly, right after he finished speaking, the silent Shen Zeyan said, "I'm not duo-ing with him."


Liu Zilang's eye twitched.

'So what's this bugger up to?'

"Vic really doesn't give face, he's doing everything he can to stay with his sister."

"Haha, is this the battle for his younger sister's guardianship?"

"Hehe, seems like I've stumbled upon something interesting here."

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Master Ze, this isn't like you! Shen Zeyan's girl will not give up so easily!"

'This cannot go on!'

In the game, Liu Zilang changed the topic, "Oh! Drop now, drop now! The Georgopol Port seems like a good spot. Let's drop in Georgopol first and then decide on the teams later."

As soon as he finished, Shen Zeyan jumped out of the plane!

Bold and decisive!

Yep... A true Macho Man!

Liu Zilang scowled.

'But if you're gonna be so Macho about it, at least give us a heads-up.'

Without thinking further, Liu ZIlang nosedived out of the plane as well.

Li Muqiu and Zhang Xiaotong followed closely behind him.

As the sound of wind blared through their headphones, they saw quite a few black dots appear right above Georgopol. It seemed like there was quite a number of people dropping over there.

It was time to show off their true skills!

With that in mind, Liu Zilang gritted his teeth as he continued to nosedive down toward Georgopol Port. He looked like a meteor flying straight toward the ground.

As soon as he was close to the ground, Liu Zilang conveniently chose to land on the shipping containers near Georgopol Port's factory area,

One Level-two Backpack and a single Extended QuickDraw Mag.

Moving forward, in the next shipping container, a Kar98k!

Liu Zilang was ecstatic as he instantly picked up the Kar98k off the ground. With a loud reload sound effect, he loaded some bullets into the gun.

His drop speed was considered high.

Originally, Including them, there were four squads planning to drop in Georgopol Port. However, one of the squads had sensed incoming danger right before their parachutes were deployed. Hence, they rotated over to the three factories toward the south, seemingly trying to take a detour.

The other two squads continued dropping with no fear, but they decided to cluster up when they landed. Hence, the few players remaining in the air were all headed toward their squadmate.

Once Liu Zilang finished reloading the Kar98k in his hands, he chuckled devilishly as he analyzed the situation.

He masterfully aimed down the sights of his gun, toward the two legs dangling in the sky. The two legs belonged to one of the players heading over to his squadmate.


The crisp gunshot of the Kar98k rang out loud!

Liu Zilang briefly aimed and pulled the trigger!

Instantly, a sniper bullet shot out of his gun's muzzle!

The next moment, blood splattered out of the player's body.

However, that player was not dead yet, Liu Zilang had missed the head of his target.

After taking a hit even before he had landed, that player was terrified. He started spinning as he wanted to land as soon as possible.

In his head, he was spewing vulgarities at whoever had shot him.

'Which f*cking son of a b*tch is being so damn dirty!

'Why the f*ck is he shooting at me before I even land on the bloody floor?'

Although Liu Zilang could not hear his prey's rage, he could see that person spinning.

He calmly aimed with his Kar98k once more, squinting his eyes as he shot.

However, this time, he did not have the chance to pull the trigger.

The crisp sound of another Kar98k gunshot was heard!


Instantly, blood spurted out of the head of the player that was still in the air!

As the knocked out player's body descended down from the sky, he landed headfirst into the ground. He instantly turned into a box.

He really just dropped and turned into a box!

"IG-Wolves killed Gopol by headshot with Kar98k!"

As soon as the poor guy landed, a new kill notification popped up in the kill feed.

Liu Zilang glanced over at Shen Zeyan who was over at the factories. He was holding a Kar98k like him.

"Wow! Amazing!" In the voice chat, Zhang Xiaotong praised in admiration.

Hearing Zhang Xiaotong's words, Liu Zilang frowned. Turning his head over, he saw another person slowly descending from the sky.

He took a deep breath and stabled his center mass.

With his Kar98k, he aimed at his target!


The same gunshot was heard once more!

A sniper bullet pierced through the air. It flew straight toward its target!

Before the person wobbling in the air could react, his brains were splattered in the sky. He similarly dropped down to the ground just like the last player.

As soon as he landed, he turned into a box.

"Holy sh*t! What a start for the round!"

"They dropped and instantly turned into bloody boxes! I can't bear to watch this anymore."

"I beg of you, please stop showing off! At least give people a chance to actually play the game!"

"Holy f*ck! If you let Master Ze and Vic go out bird hunting with Kar98ks together... No, just the thought of it scares me!"

"My heart aches... Why is their gaming experience so much more different than mine!"

"+1, every time I get a Kar98k upon touchdown, it just turns into a glorified boomstick for me!"

In the game, after scoring his headshot, Liu Zilang could not help but wiggle his eyebrows as he looked over toward Zhang Xiaotong's direction.

'Praise me!

'Praise your beloved Onii-chan!

'I'm prepared to be showered with your affection!'

Unexpectedly, seeing the situation, Zhang Xiaotong only said softly,

"Hmph, why do you only know how to mimic others?"

Hearing that, Liu Zilang who wanted to show off to his little sister was left speechless!

...These are the lyrics of the song of the Chinese song "Mr. Strong Man", which is the theme song for Wong Fei-hung in the movie Once Upon a Time in China. Using mainly Chinese instruments, the song describes the manliness of men and urges people to "be a man and strengthen yourself". It is seen by many to embody the spirit and macho atmosphere of old-school Chinese Martial Arts. Listen to it here: part of the lyrics to Mr. Strong Man. It refers to the "Kiai" present in Chinese martial arts, which refers to the "shouts" practitioners let out to tighten up their core muscles when performing an attacking move.Original text here used the phrase "very MAN", with "MAN" written in English. The English word "man" in the Chinese context means to be very masculine and macho.Same as the last TN.