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219 Humiliation Play, Squadmates Reunion!

 After opening Bilibili, Liu Zilang navigated over to the Dance section.

Soon, he found the video that Zhang Xiaotong had posted. At that point, it was one of the top videos under the for visiting.

At that time, he did not think too much of it. However, at the current time, Liu Zilang felt a huge sense of humiliation coursing through his veins!

Especially since he was happily jumping all over the place with two Lolis...

It was so motherf*cking humiliating!

He could not help but try negotiating with the viewers, "Why not we go back to gaming? This is a lil' embarrassing! If you guys wanna go watch it, y'all can just watch it yourselves in Bilibili, right?"

Before he could finish, the livestream viewers had started to voice out their objections to his plan!

"No way! Just click on the video already!"

"Hurry! I've unzipped my f*cking pants!"

"If you don't watch it now then you're admitting that you're GAY!"

"A real warrior is born under the chants of 'GAAAAYYY'! Vic! No matter what, we'll support you!"

"That's right! Even if you're actually gay, we'll always support you!"


Seeing the chaotic chatroom, Liu Zilang frowned as he frustratedly shouted, "Ok ok ok! Let's watch this, stop spamming lies about me!"

After clicking on the video, a familiar song started playing.

The first person to appear in the video was a small twin-tailed Loli wearing a cute pink cartoon face mask.

Naturally, that was Zhang Xiaotong.

As the dance routine progressed, Liu Zilang and the Loli with glasses made their appearance.

However, just as he appeared on the screen, Liu Zilang minimized the browser window.

Seeing as how they were interrupted halfway through the video, the livestream viewers started protesting angrily.

Liu Zilang helplessly pulled up the browser window once more. Seeing his embarrassed face, he scolded himself for agreeing to such a thing out of a momentary surge in emotions.

Thinking back to it, right after Zhang Xiaotong let out her token Tsundere "Hmph", he felt his entire body turn into mush...

'F*cking balls...'

Make one misstep and forever live in regret!

As Liu Zilang self-reflected in his head, the phone on his desk vibrated briefly before a notification for an unread message popped up.

It was from Li Muqiu.

"Hehe! Looks like you're a man of many talents."

Seeing that message, Liu Zilang's heart sank. He felt a sudden urge to slam his head right through his monitor!


'When did that bastard start lurking in my stream?'

Without thinking twice, he picked up his phone and typed two simple words.

"F*ck off!"

Unexpectedly, Li Muqiu replied quite quickly.

Just as he placed his phone back on the table, he received another message.

"Ok then, I'll just f*ck off, I guess."

Liu Zilang raised his eyebrows as he stared at the message on his screen. He could not help but feel a bit suspicious.

'That was easy?

'This doesn't sound like that bastard's style!'

Falling into the temptation of curiosity, he grabbed his phone after hesitating for a moment. He then replied the message with a question, "What were you doing lurking in my stream? Are you spying for the enemy team?"

"Hehe, take a guess!"

"Stop beating around the bush! C'mon!"

"Alright, we're looking for players to squad up, so Master Ze had me come to ask you. But, I told them that you told me to f*ck off so..."


Liu Zilang's eye started to twitch, and he felt a strong urge to kick that brat's *ss!

He took a deep breath to calm himself down before replying, "How many do you guys have? I can head over now."

"Hehe, two players now, so only me and Master Ze. You have a plus one?"

"Hmm... That won't be a problem, remember not to act dumb in voice later," Liu Zilang replied.

After replying to Li Muqiu, Liu Zilang started to deliberate. Then, he sent a message to Zhang Xiaotong asking her to come online.

With that, at least she could come up and explain how she forced him to do the dance.

Otherwise, it would be bad if rumors spread about him having a hobby dancing with little girls...

At that time, Zhang Xiaotong had just finished singing a song.

Seeing Liu Zilang's message, she was briefly stunned.

When she thought about it, it was the first time Liu Zilang took the initiative and asked her to play with him.

She bit her lip and replied with two letters.


Seeing Zhang Xiaotong's reply, Liu Zilang sent her the link for Li Muqiu's YY channel.

Then, he looked and saw that the video had reached its end, so he dryly coughed a couple of times and said, "Alright, now you guys know why I'm called Asia's Dancing King!"

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the livestream chatroom transformed into a trash talk server.

Liu Zilang acted like he did not see anything as he continued, "Alright, alright! Now that we've all finished watching the video, let's get back to gaming!"

With that said, he hopped into the voice channel.

"Hello? Anybody there?"

Li Muqiu's voice replied, "Wow, if it isn't the new generation Killing God Vic! It's an honor to finally meet you!"

"Ahh! It's Guru Qiu! Surely you jest!" Liu Zilang cheerfully replied.

As the two conversed, a hint of awkwardness could be heard in their voices.

The last time Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu duo-queued, Liu Zilang was using Pu Taizhuang's ImProudWhatAreYouGoingToDoAboutIt account. Back then, the two acted like old friends.

However, that time, Liu Zilang was using a voice changer from the first time he was playing with Zhang Xiaotong. Hence, he sounded a lot different.

With that being said, no one knew that the two were acquaintances. From their conversation, it further sold the idea that they did not know each other even back in Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends tournament.

In the viewers' heads, since Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan needed players, they decided to invite Liu Zilang who seemed to have decent skills.

Seeing that the two seemed to be like two peas in a pod, Shen Zeyan who was also in the YY voice channel at the time did not bother to speak. The conversation was not something he could keep up with.

Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang also thought of it as normal.

Soon, Zhang Xiaotong joined the voice channel.

Seeing that there were two randoms other than Liu Zilang in the YY channel, she instinctively gave a polite greeting in the chat,

"Nice to meet you guys."

Hearing Zhang Xiaotong's voice, Li Muqiu got excited as he said, "Ahh! It's Xiaotong-chan! How are you? Nice to meet you! I'm a regular viewer of your streams, you can call me Guru Qiu! Scratch that! Just call me Qiuqiu."

Hearing Li Muqiu's words, Liu Zilang scowled.

He coughed dryly as he pulled out the brother card. "Better to call him Guru Qiu, we need to mind our manners."

Zhang Xiaotong let out a soft "Hmph". However, she obediently said, "Nice to meet you Guru Qiu, you can just call me Xiaotong."

At that time, the silent Shen Zeyan started to speak.

In an extremely calm voice, he said three words in a monotonous, expressionless manner,

"Nice to meet you."

Liu Zilang and Shen Muqiu were utterly stunned.

They had known that Shen Zeyan was a man of few words.

Back when they were in Se7en, whenever they needed a fourth, they would pull some random into their YY channel to play together.

The people who played with them for the first time would often think that there were only three out of the four people in the YY voice channel.

Halfway through the game, Shen Zeyan would suddenly start speaking during key points of the game, often times causing the newcomer to get a jump scare!

However, this time, Shen Zeyan seemed to have given Zhang Xiaotong a greeting almost immediately after she had entered.

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as he went into deep thought...

...ってみた or in Bilibili and Niconico Douga. A category for non-professional dancers to share their dance videos/routines for various popular songs.A common phrase in forums or game chatrooms, often used when seeing something that is possibly inappropriate.Reference to the "Warning: High Energy Levels Detected Ahead" trope in the mecha genre of Manga, Anime, and Games. It's commonly used as a trigger warning in forums in the comments of something shocking or scary.Originally the phrase used was 'I've already taken off my f*cking pants, but in the Western half of the Internet, 'unzip' is a more commonly used netslang.Self explanatory Chinese idiom.