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218 Macho Man!


Yes, that's right!

It was a wallbang!

However, it was only a wallbang due to the system's for visiting.

Liu Zilang angrily stated, "Alright, stop spamming! Mods, come do your job! Stop this madness! Permaban anyone who utters the word 'GAY' in chat!"

Just as he finished speaking, Liu Zilang turned over to his chat. Then, his jaw dropped.

The people who started all of it were the Mods themselves!

At that point, the people who were enjoying it the most was them as well!

'F*ck me...'

Liu Zilang lost all his energy as he hurriedly said, "It's me, it's me! That guy is me! If Xiaotong asks me to dance with them, of course I can't say no!"

Hearing it straight from the horse's mouth, the chat erupted once again!

"Holy f*ck! It's actually him!"

"Couldn't you tell just by looking at those hands? Didn't you notice that guy's hands look exactly like Vics!"

"Answer me! Other than Xiaotong-chan, who's the other Loli!"

"In all fairness, Vic actually looks quite handsome!"

"Mods! Mods! There's a traitor in our midst! Hurry up and ban that person who was calling Vic handsome earlier!"

"To be honest, he's actually quite handsome, the more I look at him the hotter he gets! As a fangirl like me, what a blessing this is!"

"Fangirl +1, Husbando Vic give me a hug! Ow ow ow!"

"Another fangirl here! I knew it! Since Vic's hands look so pretty, he must be a hottie! Mister, mister, wanna cyber-date? I have a Loli voice!"

"Stop trolling! I'm a motherf*cking Tieguanyin!"

"F*cking hell! Is the stream getting raided? Why the hell are there so many fangirls?"

"Shhh! Stop talking! This bastard Vic is GAY! Maybe all those 'fangirls' on top are just acting like cute chicks to get his attention!"

"Good point! Good point!"

"Hey, what video are you guys talking about? Vic, stop playing dead! Let's just play it on stream!"

"That's right! That's right! C'mon, show us the vid!"

At that time, Liu Zilang's livestream popularity had reached nearly five hundred thousand.

Only a small portion of that were passersby who saw the video on Bilibili. The large majority of people had no idea what they were spamming about, so they all requested Liu Zilang to watch it live on stream.

Liu Zilang tried to ignore them at first, but seeing the 'GAY' spam getting more and more out of control, he did not want his other viewers to fall for such fake news and start to spam 'GAY' as well.

In order to correct the masses, he gritted his teeth and opened Bilibili.

'F*cking hell!

'Today, I'll show you lil' sh*ts how a true 'Macho Man' deals with this!'

...Abbreviation for "hit registration" in FPS gamesReference to the title of the last chapter, i.e. a martial arts move commonly used in Wuxia novels.Originally , which means inch and force. It is the 'theory' behind the 'Punching a Cow Through a Mountain' move, also other wuxia and real life martial arts moves like Bruce Lee's One-inch Punch.Possibly a reference to the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, as it uses the Chinese title for it. However, I found no correlation.From this point on, all capitalized "GAY" are written in the original text in English. Despite the homophobic nature of using the term as an insult, it is still quite ingrained in toxic communities.Net slang for when you agree with someone who posted before youA term fans of the Manga, Anime, and Games community uses to call male characters they like. The female equivalent is "Waifu"Common phrase used in forums and games chatrooms to act cute.Common phrase used in forums and game chatrooms after saying something controversial or cringe-y to signify "getting hit" after saying those words.Tieguanyin is a type of tea. It's a form of wordplay since Tieguanyin's "Yin" is the same word for voice.