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216 Peak Velocity!

 On top of the hill, Anthony and Grimmmz looked like they had just seen a ghost.

However, they put their shock away despite the fact that Grimmmz had been knocked out. Anthony instantly started spraying down in full-auto mode toward the direction Liu Zilang was driving in.

"Whiff whiff whiff-"

Bullets pierced through the sky.

Liu Zilang grunted as two spurts of blood came out from his body.

However, just as he reached by the right side of the tree, he switched over to the back seat and exited the vehicle while using the tree as cover.

Anthony was a Twitch streamer. Although his aim and technical skills were still a bit behind compared to Grimmmz, he was still far stronger than the average player. He could be considered one of the top tier players in his own country.

Seeing Liu Zilang hide behind the tree, he did not stand idly without cover just to camp Liu Zilang. Instead, he switched over to a Smoke Grenade and tossed it over to the place where Grimmmz was knocked out. "Hey, bro! Don't fret! I'm coming to save you!"

Still kneeling on top of the hill, Grimmmz kept staring toward Liu Zilang's direction. The shock factor that this guy gave him was too high.

At that time, he saw the silhouette behind the tree peek out once more. Instantly, he shouted out, "Look out!"

After all, Anthony had been Grimmmz's "duo partner" countless times.

As soon as Grimmmz opened his mouth, he had instinctively turned over to the highlighted mark and crouched!


Almost at the instant Anthony crouched down, a single sniper bullet whizzed past his helmet!

Anthony had the shock of his life. He could not help but mutter, "What a sly son of a b*tch! FU!"

At the same time, the Smoke Grenade he had tossed over to the hill had started to spread. The place where Grimmmz was stuck kneeling in had returned into a white misty plain, completely sealing off everyone's line of sight. No one could see anything through the smoke.

When Anthony ran into the smoke, the first thing he did was not save his partner, but rather threw down two more smokes. This expanded the range and thickness of the smoke at his location.

On the other hand, Grimmmz had managed to crawl quite a distance within that time period. He had left his previous location as Anthony hastily made way over to his new location to revive him.

"Whiff whiff whiff-"

Just as Anthony was reviving his partner, gunshots rippled through the area.

A flurry of bullets whizzed past the two as a rain of hot lead showered down all around them. However, not one shot managed to hit them.

At that point, seeing that the revive bar was halfway through, he could not help but rejoice. "F*cking bastards! Luckily we decided to rotate over to a new location."

Grimmmz licked his lips as he exclaimed seriously, "That person is the same person who was sniping back at the bridge earlier too... He definitely has skills!"

Thinking back to the silhouette that flew past his head just now, as a proud American that strived toward heroic ideals, even as the enemy, Anthony could not help but feel a sudden passion and underlying admiration.

On the other hand, Grimmmz suspiciously hypothesized, "But his ID, Vic123... With that kind of skill, is he a new C9 or Faze Clan recruit?"

"That might be possible! Maybe that bastard didn't want to get caught by his coach, so he secretly used a smurf to carry girls." Anthony shrugged. "However, unfortunately for him, he encountered us! Let's be careful, we need to get back the upper hand and teach that guy a lesson!"

At that point, the revive bar was at around eighty percent. The two also started to breathe a sigh of relief.

It seemed like there would not be any mishaps...

However, at that time, the sound of an engine revving up was suddenly heard.

A vehicle is coming!

In the blink of an eye, the sound of the vehicle had gotten extremely close to their location!

The two were trembling. However, as they saw the revive bar nearly complete and the thick smoke surrounding themselves, they gritted their teeth and decided to gamble it all!

With the two extra Smoke Grenades Anthony tossed, the area of smoke on top of the hill was extremely wide.

It was without a doubt more difficult for them to be found in such a huge area.

In other words, it was a bet that favored them!

Of course, if Grimmmz and Anthony could hear the words Liu Zilang was saying to Da Sima in his voice chat, the two would not be so calm...

In their YY voice channel, the two players were talking.

"Master Ma, aim for the middle. I've tried shooting left and right, no one's there."

"No problemo! But when you say middle, is it more toward the left or the right?"

"I have no idea, just go in blind! Think of it as a gacha."


Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Da Sima completely went wild.

He instantly pressed down "Shift" to boost as he charged straight into the smoke down the middle!"

In the smoke, as the revive bar reached its end, Anthony successfully revived Grimmmz.

The two felt like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders!


'That was close!'

At the same time, the sound of the vehicle's engine roaring became louder!

The next moment, a bright red car flew through the smoke and miraculously crashed right into both of them!

Since Anthony had just revived Grimmmz, they did not manage to spread out in time.

The two of them were instantly sent flying from the impact of the crash!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Once the roaring of the engine died down, only two boxes remained on the site of the crash...

At the same time, two kill notifications appeared on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

"GoldenLecturer ran over Anthony with vehicle!"

"GoldenLecturer ran over MrGrimmmz with vehicle!"

Seeing this sight, the livestream viewers were utterly stunned!

"Holy cow! Master Ma got a kill!"

"Wow! You're right! And it's a double kill!"

"Not only is it a double kill! He killed Guru G and his stream partner!"

"I'm impressed! That's the GoldenLecturer for you! Finally, showing off what happens when you put theory into practice!"

"I'm willing to bet that that Guru G and his partner are definite tilt-ing right now. Heck, put anyone in their shoes, everyone would be f*cking pissed by this death!"

The real question is how many times will he repeat this story before he stops? I'm gonna say at least one year..."


In the game, Da Sima was in complete shock over the fact that he had just gotten the two kills.

However, he swiftly recovered and chuckled heartily. "Ahhh! Nice! That was really nice! Maybe some of the viewers are thinking that I it was just lucky, but in reality, luck doesn't exist! Those kills were all thanks to the coordination between me and Vic

Of course, a large part of it was up to my god-tier driving skills!

"If anyone wants to mock my driving skills again in the future, ask yourselves this!

"Have you ever run over Guru G?

"You'd be trying to mock a player who has run over Guru G in the NA server!"

Hearing Da Sima's bragging, Liu Zilang could barely hold back his laughter.

The two simultaneously started to loot the boxes. Then, Liu ZIlang took the three-wheeler over to the other side to switch over to the jeep that Grimmmz and Anthony came in.

With the jeep and sedan, the two drove to a cluster of buildings in the next safe zone to mark their territory.

For the next few circles, the safe zone started getting smaller and smaller.

However, no matter what, the building that Liu ZIlang and Da Sima were camping in still remained in the safe zone.

The two's earlier prediction was spot on, that building area was going to become the place they got their chicken dinner that round.

Seeing the situation, an idea popped up in Liu Zilang's head. He went downstairs and got into the jeep that he had parked beside the car. He then drove it into the garage.

'What is he up to?'

Seeing Liu Zilang's actions, a sense of suspicion arose in Da Sima's heart.

...A term originally coined in gambling games, or more specifically poker, "tilt" originates from old-school pinball machines where players tilt the table in frustration. Now more commonly used in gaming, "tilt" refers to the act of the emotion of anger and frustration from losing(usually repeatedly), often times due to luck.