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215 Foreigners Who Have Not Seen The World!

 After seeing the two hits from the pan, the bullet screen of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel was flooded by "666"s.

If Liu Zilang's first sneak attack with his pan left his opponent bewildered and made others think that he was truly a crafty player, the ultimate hit from his pan that saved Da Sima from that moment of life or death really made them feel that while he was playful, he was extremely strong. No matter which weapon he used, he was able to showcase his skills!

"6666, that smash on the helmet. I really give it to him! His plays are making me dizzy!"

"Please stop showing off! My dander's not up anymore! My hair's all gone from all your plays!"

"Oh my god! Even after being knocked out four times in this match, Teacher Ma still isn't dead yet!"

"Vic is really so fly, I'd like to know if the two players who were killed by his pan have anything to say now?"

"If the Heavens grant me a second chance, I'll definitely carry just one gun!"

"That's right! That gun will be the S686!"

"2333, are you sure that it won't be blocked by Vic's pan?"

Looking at the bullet screen, and recalling the scene where muzzle fire filled the chaotic boiler room...

All of a sudden, everyone in his live streaming channel fell silent!

In the game, even after Liu Zilang revived Da Sima, Da Sima was still in a state of shock.

He expressed, "I was totally terrified! I thought that I'd have to go offline in shame today! It was all thanks to you!"

"That was nothing!" Liu Zilang was not bothered at all, and he chuckled. "If you really feel sorry for it, come over to my live streaming channel to..."

Who knew that before Liu Zilang could finish, Da Sima would burst into waves of laughter and interrupt him. "Oh-! Fish balls! Fish balls, right?

"I have that! Let me take a look! Oh! I still have 1000!

"How about this, I'll give half to you! That's not stingy, right?"

Right after he finished, a gift notification appeared amidst the other comments on the lively bullet screen of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel.

"Wuhu Da Sima` gifted the streamer 500 fish balls!"

Seeing that, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched. He coughed a little before he said, "Ahem... that... thank you for the one thousand fish balls, Teacher Ma!"

Once he said that, Liu Zilang wondered why there was such a huge difference in his behavior.

Previously, before the two of them played together, Da Sima gifted him a rocket just like that.

He could only describe him with one word.


Earlier on, although Liu Zilang was only joking, he guessed that if Da Sima were to give him something again, he would probably use his previous action as a standard reference.

At the very least, he would start looking for airplanes as a gift. Even if he was not doing that well, he would probably get him a gift card?

In the end, he only gifted him 500 fish balls...

Liu Zilang could not help but feel sour about it. He was still unable to fathom Teacher Ma's style...

As a matter of course, if he knew that the previous rocket was actually crowdfunded by other mediocre players, he would probably understand what was going on.

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Enough with the fish balls.

In the game, once they lured and killed the two players at the airdrop, they found from their crates two boosts. There was nothing else for them to loot.

Nonetheless, the two vehicles driven by those two players just now had saved Liu Zilang and Da Sima the trouble of getting a vehicle at the bridgehead.

However, as soon as they entered the sedan car, the area they were in turned red on the map.

The red zone was there!

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang called out, "Teacher Ma, wait up! I think it's best that I drive the three-wheeled motorcycle. In case we're both killed in the same car."

Da Sima felt that it was reasonable too, so he quickly stopped the car for Liu Zilang. Then, the two of them drove toward the safe zone from the red zone.

Since Liu Zilang knew that Grimmmz and his teammate were near the shore, in order to prevent themselves from being ambushed, he intentionally changed their route toward the circle.

Despite that, Liu Zilang had no idea that as they drove toward the safe zone, on the meadow at the border of the safe zone right in front of them, two players were proning there.

On Twitch platform, Grimmmz's live streaming channel.

"Hey, buddy! Don't we look like idiots?" Grimmmz asked while he was prone at where the grass was. He had kept an eye on the situation outside the safe zone.

When Anthony heard Grimmmz's question, he chuckled. "Listen! I know that you like to go head-on with your opponents, but as hunters, we must always be patient. I have a feeling that the person who knocked you out just now will probably pass by this spot."

"I hope so." Grimmmz shrugged.

Who knew that right after he said that, the sound of a motorcycle which was approaching them would be heard.

'Someone's here!'

The two of them were elated.

Grimmmz who was prone on the hill pressed his lips as he recalled the incident where he was knocked out by a headshot. He thought to himself, 'Are you Vic123? If you are, perhaps I'll give you an unexpected surprised this time.'


On the undulating hill located west of the Sosnovka Military Base, Liu Zilang led the way with the three-wheeled motorcycle, whereas Da Sima followed behind him in a sedan car.

"We're not going to camp at the border of the blue circle for this round, let's occupy a house."

"I think that'll work better, it's safer for us to occupy a spot! Our objective for this match is not to kill, but to get chicken dinner! Hehe!"

Their vehicles journeyed through the hills with one in front of the other. They were just happily chatting away.

Without warning, right then, powerful gunshots were heard coming from the hill that was in front of them!

Somebody was there!

"There's an ambush ahead of us! Quick, escape, escape!"

Da Sima who was driving the sedan car turned the steering wheel around. After being knocked out four times, he would really die if he were to be knocked out again.

With that being said, while Da Sima managed to escape, Liu Zilang who was riding the three-wheeled motorcycle could not stop in time!

At that point in time, whether he went left or right, he would become the main target of his opponents.

Seeing how things turned out to be, Liu Zilang simply sped up his three-wheeled motorcycle and charged in front to press forward!

Next, when he entered a valley, he momentarily avoided the line of fire of the two players who were on the hill behind him.

Later on, without decelerating at all, he stormed up the hill at a high speed and flew into the sky with his vehicle!

"Da, da, da-!"

"Tu, tu, tu!-!"

When the three-wheeled motorcycle appeared in the air, muzzle flashes filled the air below Liu Zilang.

Countless bullets swooshed past Liu Zilang, but many also hit his pan, which made "dang, dang, dang, dang" sounds!

At that crucial moment, Liu Zilang switched from seat number one to seat number three, held his Groza and then fired without hesitation at the players below him!

At the speed of light, he fired continuous shots with his Groza which had an amazing rate of fire!

As Grimmmz and Anthony who were on the hill below him witnessed what happened, they were taken aback too!

Initially, they saw the three-wheeled motorcycle headed straight for them. They thought that Liu Zilang intended to escape in the opposite direction. Thus, they felt that it was funny and thought he was naive.

Nevertheless, they never thought that Liu Zilang would make such an act in the air!

Compared to Liu Zilang who was in the motorcycle's third seat, the two players on the hill had no shelter at all. In a way, they were completely exposed to the muzzle of Liu Zilang's fun.

With each shot made, it was entirely up to fate!

Evidently, Grimmmz seemed to be more fated with Liu Zilang!

Once blood splattered out from his body, he collapsed to the ground with a baffled look on his face...

The damage of a single shot from a Groza was comparable to an AK, and the stability of 5.56mm bullet rifles was perfectly displayed through Liu Zilang's amazing show!

As soon as Liu Zilang was done firing, he quickly shifted back to seat number one when his motorcycle was going to land.

Afterward, he forcefully controlled the shaky three-wheeled motorcycle with both hands, made a turn and then headed to a nearby tree speedily.

The entire process was of good flow, and extremely cool!

It totally provided an ecstatic visual shock!

"Oh my god!"

"What the f*ck!"

"Oh! No, no, no, no!"

"Are you kidding me?"

All of a sudden, those "foreigners" in Grimmmz's live streaming channel were so stupefied that their eyes and mouths were left open!

'Who exactly is that guy?'