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214 The Ultimate Kill By Smashing His Helmet!

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Looking at the airdrop crate that "belonged to destiny" slowly land from the sky, Liu Zilang and Da Sima quickly went over to it without hesitation.

A Groza, 7.62mm bullets, an assault rifle suppressor, an adrenaline syringe, and a ghillie suit.

When Da Sima saw the consumables and equipment in the airdrop crate, he could not help but sigh. "We're out of luck, there's no AWM in here. Even an M24 would work."

"I think it's alright." Liu Zilang chuckled. "Teacher Ma, are you going to take the groza? If not, I'll take it."

"Take it, take it, I'll just take the ghillie suit," Da Sima replied with a smile.

Liu Zilang swapped his M16 with the groza and then equipped it with the suppressor. He then asked, "Teacher Ma, do you have extra 7.62mm bullets on you? I'll give all my 5.56mm ones to you."

"I don't have much. How about this, I'll leave 30 for my 98K and give the rest to you," Da Sima responded.

"Thank you very much."

"Welcome, welcome!"

On the hill, the two of them crouched behind the airdrop crate as they split the loot happily among themselves.

Who knew, that at that moment, from the blue circle at the West Bridge, a three-wheeled motorcycle would charge out abruptly. It was followed by an orange sedan car.

"Wah! There are actually people running out from the blue circle now? I'm afraid they would've taken in a lot of damage by now?" Da Sima was surprised.

Quickly after, he added regretfully, "If I'd known earlier, I would've stayed at the bridgehead. I could've gotten two more easy kills."

"It's not too late for that now." Liu Zilang chuckled.

Da Sima was startled for a while before his eyes widened!

Through the screen, it was seen that the two vehicles had no intention of stopping at all. Without even healing themselves, the players actually sped up to the hill where the airdropped crate was located at.

At that time, both Liu Zilang and Da Sima were crouching behind the airdrop crate. Since the airdrop crate was emitting thick red smoke, they had perfectly become one with the airdropped crate. Not to mention, they had arrived there by foot.

Evidently, those two players did not notice them. Instead, they treated the airdrop crate in front of them as a reward given from the Heavens for going through the hardship of getting out of the blue circle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Once they were close, the person who drove the three-wheeled motorcycle got off first. He ran speedily toward the airdrop.

At the same time, Liu Zilang and Da Sima who were behind it tried their best to stick close to one another so as to not expose any loopholes.

When that person ran over to the airdrop crate to take a look, he saw an M16 on the floor. He then realized that the airdrop had been looted. Right away, he looked disappointed.

Subsequently, he crouched on the spot and began using bandages on himself.

Right then, the person who drove the sedan car arrived on top of the hill as well. After pulling the hand brake, he ran over to his teammate who was near the airdrop.

Upon seeing the situation, Liu Zilang and Da Sima who were watching from behind the airdropped crate were confused.

'Did his teammate not tell him that the airdrop is looted?'

Followed by that, they finally realized what was going on.

It turned out that the second person who had arrived near the airdropped crate was crouching beside him. The person was tilting his head left and right as if he was a puppy asking for food.

Afterward, the person who was crouching paused, and...

Dropped a few bandages to the ground.


Once Liu Zilang and Da Sima witnessed that, they almost died from laughter.

'They're truly two brothers in hardship!'

The medical resources from the two crates on the bridge had been looted by Da Sima, or else the two brothers would not have ended up in such a miserable state.

Next, the two of them listened behind the crate as the two brothers healed themselves with bandages.

Da Sima could not hold in his laughter any longer. "These two dummies are too funny, he he he. I don't have the heart to kill them anymore."

"Uh... it really is inappropriate for us to attack them so sneakily under this situation." Liu Zilang nodded. After that, his eyes glimmered as he suggested, "How about this, let's not bully them..."

As he said that, he retrieved a black pan from behind his butt.

Upon seeing that, Da Sima's mouth twitched. He felt rather uneasy. "This...nothing bad will happen, right?"

Liu Zilang assured him, "Teacher Ma, have you forgotten what happened at the Sosnovka Military Base just now? The damage caused by a pan is extremely high. It even acts as a shield wall!"

When Da Sima heard Liu Zilang's explanation, his heart moved a little.

Therefore, later on, while being watched closely by the spectators in the live streaming channel, the two of them peeked from both sides of the airdrop crate with their black pans.

As of then, the two players on the other side of the airdrop crate were still applying bandages with their heads lowered. Their health bars were about to turn white again.

'Should I consume the red bull or the painkiller later?'

Right then, the two of them felt that something was off!


The next thing they knew, shadows of two people holding pans appeared beside them. They were instantly dumbfounded!

'What the...h*ll?'

The person who was crouching on the left immediately stopped healing himself, pulled his gun out and then did something that made Liu Zilang puzzled!

Firstly, he took his M4 out with his left hand and then suddenly placed it back. Next, he took his 98k out with his right hand. However, half-way through, that person finally realized that something was not right. Thus, he placed the 98K back again and reached for his M4 instead...

"Pfft, haha! Is this brother showing us tricks? I think he went dumb from being too shocked!"

"Are you surprised? Shocked? Nervous?"

"Vic is too playful, he scared his opponent so much that he's trembling!"

"If someone were to show up all of sudden when I'm halfway healing myself, I'd freaking... make him kneel before me!"

In the game, after seeing how that player was utterly shocked, Liu Zilang felt bad as well.

Despite that, he swung his pan at him!


The crisp voice from the pan was heard. With much effort, that player finally managed to take out his M4, but it was too late as he found himself knocked out on the ground by then.

'Damn it!'

Instantly, that person felt as if a hundred thousand beasts were galloping on the big meadow in his heart!

On the other hand, Liu Zilang licked his lips as the sweet, crisp voice of the pan sounded. He nodded to himself.


'What a nice pan!'

Without warning, Da Sima suddenly yelled!

"Wah! He actually tilted his head! This person is too cunning!"

When Liu Zilang turned to look, he saw Da Sima had missed his first hit. Before he could make his second hit, the enemy had stood up with his gun.

Instantly, Da Sima's pan hit his chest.

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

A series of rapid gunshots were heard. It was followed by muzzle fire that came out from that person's SCAR-L, whereby countless bullets burst out!

With that being said, Da Sima was not as fortunate as Liu Zilang. The "shield wall" of his pan did not activate its blocking effect in time.

In the blink of an eye, he collapsed to the ground!

"Save me, save me, save me, save me!"

Once collapsed, Da Sima looked at his health that kept declining. He became so appalled that his soul was about to leave him!

In that crucial moment, Liu Zilang jumped up with both his hands holding his pan. He smashed that player's helmet with force!


The clear voice of the pan was heard once more!

As soon as the person with the SCAR-L turned his gun around, he was hit in the head by Liu Zilang. That was another kill!

Killing with a pan x 2!

The second he landed, he quickly revived Da Sima whose health bar was dwindling.

Once again, Liu Zilang had saved him from the brink of death!