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213 Vic The Monster Hunter!

 Not only did the shot exceeded Grimmmz's expectation, it was highly unexpected for most of the spectators in his live streaming channel.

If one needed to lift an AWM very slightly to hit a target that was 1000 meters away, one would have to lift a 98K all the way up and aim at the sky to do the same.

Earlier on, many spectators witnessed Liu Zilang miss his first shot when he "lifted it up to the sky". They even ridiculed him to not dream of making such a lucky shot as they all thought that he had a despicable character.

It was simply impossible!


However, after seeing Liu Zilang make the second shot through his 8x scope, blood was seen coming out of the head of the person who was standing on the beach at a 1000 meters away...

At once, the spectators in his live streaming channel fell silent as they watched the scene in disbelief.

'This... his character broke out?'

"Oh my god! He hit him from so far away? Are my eyes blur?"

"Illusion! That was definitely an illusion! How can someone like Vic be so lucky!"

"Illusion for visiting.

Liu Zilang was speechless as he looked at the black muzzle. "Teacher Ma, you better not let your hands tremble. I'll panic."

Da Sima only realized what was going on after hearing Liu Zilang, thus he quickly kept his gun away.

It turned out that when he scoped in to the housing area and found out that the enemy player had been knocked out, he naturally turned to look at Liu Zilang who was beside him...

At that time, he was looking at Liu Zilang who was done healing himself. Liu Zilang was also picking up a helmet from the crate in the container.

Finally, after feeling puzzled for some time, Da Zima raised a question, "I heard that you've only played this game for a short period of time. How are you so good at it?"

His question really came from his heart. This was because he had been playing the game for a long time, but had only gained the skill to retreat within seconds...

"Ah?" Liu Zilang was stunned. He then replied awkwardly, "I'm not actually that good at it, if I really have to put it in words, it's probably just talent."

When Da Sima heard Liu Zilang mention the word "talent" so shamelessly, his eye twitched.

'Normally, if one is praised at a time like this, wouldn't that person go through the ordinary procedure of saying that it was hard work, experience, and little tricks.

'Furthermore, in the end, you're supposed to say that it's only one percent of talent.

'Liu Zilang is really something else, he didn't go through the procedure. Instead, he just admitted it calmly.'

Da Sima mumbled, "Looks like the old saying is right."

"What's the old saying?" Liu Zilang was curious.

Da Sima responded leisurely, "When god closes a door, he opens a window for you."

Liu Zilang was startled and bewildered. "This...why do I feel that it doesn't sound right?"

"Uh... it's nothing, it's nothing! I'm complimenting you!" Da Sima giggled and then quickly changed the topic after taking a look at the safe zone. "Aiyo! The safe zone has refreshed to their side!"

In the map, the first blue circle had completely shrunk.

The second safe zone refreshed to the left side of the Sosnovka Military Base. This included a small section of the ocean and the housing area occupied by Grimmmz.

Liu Zilang did not hesitate at all, he simply suggested, "Let's take the vehicle and leave."

"We're not fighting anymore?" Da Sima asked.

"We've given them a little setback, that's about it." Liu Zilang continued, "Besides, we won't be able to kill him from this distance even if we can knock him out. If we really want to fight, we'll have to look for a chance to get closer."

"Uh...I think it's better for us to pull the distance apart." Da Sima was rather anxious. He then tried to explain himself, "This way, we'll be able to..."

With a smile, Liu Zilang cut him off instead. "I get it! The Legendary Pull, right?"

Instantly, Da Sima became red-faced. He then pointed a finger at the sky. "Wah! There's an airplane!"

Right after he said that, rumbling sounds of an airplane came from the sky!

All of a sudden, Da Sima was struck dumb.

"F*ck! Has Teacher Ma's mouth been this blessed before?"

"I'm reporting this! Other people control the airdrop with their voice, Teacher Ma controls the airplane with his voice!"

"Is this a ground commander calling for backup from the air force?"

"I wonder if Teacher Ma can make the airdrop drop."

While the bullet screen of his live streaming channel was being filled with discussions, Liu Zilang held his 98K up and then fired a shot to the sky!


The next instant, a tiny black dot appeared underneath the airplane.

An airdrop with a parachute was falling down slowly to the hill directly in front of Liu ZIlang and Da Sima.

A sound-controlled airplane!

A hand-controlled airdrop!

Once the spectators in their live streaming channels saw this, they were totally stupefied by their cooperative move!

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