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212 Human Implant Hack VS Lip-pressing Hack

 "I reject!"

Anthony replied without delay.

He shook his head as he continued, "Now that he's alert, it's impossible that he'll just crouch there like a target for me to hit. I won't be able to do it."

"Hehe, buddy, it looks like you finally admitted that my shot couldn't have been done by any other player." Grimmmz teased him.

"The h*ll! I didn't." Anthony argued.

In Guru G's live streaming channel, those two gay buddies were bickering.

At the same time, Liu Zilang who was on the bridge connecter was pressing on his abdomen. He looked miserable, an absolute contrast compared to when he was high-spirited earlier on.

He took a look at the bridge platform underneath him and felt that he would not die from that height if he were to fall down. Thus, he quickly shifted his body to fall down from where he was.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Since his opponent was able to hit him previously, should he stay up there any longer, he would likely suffer another shot... by which he would really be dead.

Upon seeing that, Da Sima who was crouching in the container quickly rushed over to revive him.

On the other hand, after it was confirmed that it was Guru G who shot Liu Zilang's head with a single bullet, the bullet screen of his live streaming channel became lively.

"F*ck! Guru G's score is probably not that low, right? Vic and Teacher Ma were actually put in the same match as Guru G?"

"It seems like Guru G's good gay buddy, Anthony, created an alternate account. GG!"

"Just now, I was in Guru G's live streaming channel. That shot was really sick!"

"I was also in Guru G's live streaming channel. Guru G is really strong! As soon as he pressed his lips, a shot was fired!"

"Pressed his lips? I was asking, why the shot was so d*mn accurate! It turns out his 'lip-pressing hack' was online."

"Haha, isn't Vic nicknamed to be a human with an implanted hack? Isn't he at least a week ahead of Earth's science and technology? I wonder who's more powerful, him or Guru G's 'lip-pressing hack'?"

"Human implant hack vs lip-pressing hack? F*ck! The big war between human figurines! I'm thrilled from just the thought of it!"


At the bridgehead, Liu Zilang was healing himself after he had been revived. When he spared some time to take a look at his bullet screen, he came to a sudden realization.

Grimmmz was a renowned streamer from Twitch games. He was quite different from most professional FPS players. After trying to stream all kinds of games, he finally found the place he belonged in. On top of that, due do his attractive appearance, great marksmanship, and humorous character, his popularity sky-rocketed very quickly. He drew the attention of many fans. Besides, he was a gifted player, whereby he had been crowned champion in another official online tournament of a shoot to survive game. He even had a gun that was named after him.

Besides that, he had a habit of pressing his lips whenever he aimed. This was why he was nicknamed by some spectators as "lip-pressing hack".

Previously, the headshot made from a thousand metres away was unquestionably a reflection of his top notch skills.

Once Da Sima revived Liu Zilang, he took a look at his bullet screen of his live streaming channel. He also realized that they had probably encountered a monster.

"Eh! That squad is probably one of the squads that crossed the ocean in a boat." Da Sima shook his head. "If I'd known, I would've looked for an opportunity to bomb their boat. I miscalculated!"

"Maybe...but this makes things interesting." Liu Zilang smirked.

After using a medkit, without consuming any boost, Liu Zilang turned around to scope into that direction.

"Eh! There's a helmet in the crate inside the container," Da Sima said as he saw Liu Zilang.

"That guy is using an AWM," Liu Zilang replied calmly.

Right away, Da Sima came to a realization.

At that moment, Liu Zilang was seen squinting his eyes as he searched for his target through his magnification scope.

Without warning, his pupils shrunk and he crouched immediately!


The instant he crouched, a sniper bullet swept past the top of his head!

It turned out that a tiny shadow appeared in his vision just now. Though he could not see it very clearly, he saw that the figure was standing still.

Through Liu Zilang's sixth sense by which he was born with, he instantly sensed danger!

Evidently, him crouching, saved his life.

However, there was no lingering fear inside of Liu Zilang. Instead, an inexplicable elation rose in his heart.

'I found you!'

As he looked at his screen, his lips slightly curled up again.


On Twitch's platform, Grimmmz's live streaming channel.

"Oh! Oh my god! He suddenly crouched just now!" Shocked, Grimmmz expressed his thoughts.

Unlike other snipers who preferred to lift their guns and calculate the bullet trajectory for long distance scenarios, Grimmmz was one of the few players in PlayerUnknown's Battleground who was used to zeroing the distance.

Formerly, he was able to knock out Liu Zilang with a headshot in one try. Thus, it indicated that the zeroing distance technique was suitable.

Subsequently, even though Liu Zilang moved a certain distance when he fell down from the bridge connector, as compared to a thousand metres, the deviation was insignificant.

In other words, there was an extremely high chance that a second shot would hit his head again.

With that being said, through his 8x scope, Grimmmz saw the person on the bridge crouch the instant he fired a shot with his AWM.

Of course, he missed.

When Grimmmz recalled the scene, he felt that it was strange

'Was that a coincidence?'

As he pondered, the sound of a 98K was heard from the bridge that was a thousand metres away!

Grimmmz was a little startled when a bullet flew past the top of his helmet.

It missed!

Even then, his opponent was attacking him!

When Anthony saw that, he could not help but laugh. "I must say, buddy, looks like your shot just now didn't scare your opponent!"

"Haha, I like unrelenting opponents!" Grimmmz smiled.

Subsequently, he quickly pulled the bolt of his AWM, pressed his lips again and then scoped in to aim at the bridge!

Who knew, that the moment Grimmmz scoped in, before he could even aim at his target, his pupil would shrink!

The next second, the sound of a bullet piercing through the air was heard. With that, blood burst out from his head and his vision shook!

Concurrently, Grimmmz's health declined drastically. His health was left in the red!

He had been hit!

Upon seeing what had happened, his good gay buddy, Anthony, stopped mocking him. He was so dumbfounded that his jaw dropped!

Earlier, Grimmmz was able to perform a headshot at a thousand meters away by zeroing the distance.

Other than his own skills, he had to attribute the feat to his AWM. That was because the zeroing distance range was from 100-1000 metres. It barely covered enough distance.

However, judging from the sound of the opponent's gunshot, it was obvious that his opponent was using a 98K.

In comparison, the 98K's linear range was only 300 meters. Even after zeroing the distance, its longest range was only 600 meters.

All in all, it meant that it was out of the question for Grimmmz's opponent to have made an effective headshot through range measurement and accurate zeroing distance, just as he did.

His opponent totally relied on lifting his gun and predicting the falling trajectory of the bullet to hit Grimmmz's head.

'From the beginning till the end, he only used two shots!

'One to test!

'One for the headshot!

'If it wasn't a coincidence,

'What kind of terrifying sniping skill was that?'

When Anthony thought about it, he gasped.

All at once, he had the same feeling as Da Sima who was on the bridge, whereby he felt that they had encountered a monster!