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211 A Thousand Miles Away!

 In the live streaming channel, after being startled by Liu Zilang's shot with the frag grenade, many spectators dissolved into laughter.

"666, that was a double kill using a grenade!"

"I feel sorry for those two brothers, I suppose they're still clueless about where their enemy is even after they've died."

"Pfft! Would they think that an invisible player went over to them to throw a grenade?"

"Vic is such a mischievous player, couldn't he have just killed them with his gun?"

"Exactly! At least let them die in peace!"

"Quick, look at the corpse at the bridgehead! Its eyes aren't even shut! It turned in its grave!"


At the bridgehead of the West Bridge.

Da Sima went one round under the bridge before he made his way up.

When Da Sima heard the sound of a frag grenade coming from the bridge, he initially thought that the battle had erupted. Thus, he instantly became so excited that he yelled out of habit as he ran, "Charge, charge, charge! Charge forward!"

In the end, he was struck dumb when he arrived on the bridge.

In the container that was soundless, two crates laid still.

Everything appeared to be extremely quiet.

Never did Da Sima think that these two players would actually prone in the container as soon as they reached the bridgehead. They were then bombed by Liu Zilang on the bridge...

They were simply out of their freaking minds!

Although things went contrary to the way Da Sima wanted it to go, it did not affect him from looting at all.

Once he jumped into the container, he chuckled as he looted away.

'This feels great!'

On the other hand, Liu Zilang who was crouching on the bridge connector felt that it was too troublesome to climb up and down. Since he did not lack any resources, he remained crouched up there.

When Da Sima was done looting, rumbling sounds of a vehicle were heard coming from the bridgehead.

'Somebody's here again!'

Their eyes glimmered, and they pulled themselves together as they waited for the UAZ to get closer to them!

The moment the vehicle was at the middle section of the bridge.

Liu Zilang who was on the bridge connector held his M16, whereas Da Sima who was at the carriage held his M4. The two of them then aimed at the UAZ as they blasted shots at it, giving of "tu, tu, tu" sounds.

As the result of the joined fire by Liu Zilang and Da Sima, before the two players in the UAZ could stop their vehicle once they were attacked, they were knocked off their vehicle. They turned into crates instantly.

Upon seeing this, Da Sima smirked. "Let me park the vehicle for the two little bosses."

Quickly after, he jumped out of the container nimbly and then ran toward the vehicle.

Next, he looted their crates for a bit before he drove the UAZ to hide it behind the bridgehead.

Later on, the two of them crouched again at their respective positions at the bridgehead.

They waited quietly for their prey.

However, since the first circle shrank to the bridgehead, perhaps there were too many players nearby who were ready to cross the bridge.

It only made sense if they heard all the noise from when Liu Zilang and Da Sima caused such a huge scene.

Therefore, when the next vehicle appeared in sight, the two of them were waiting with their heads up high.

Who knew that vehicle would stop at the bridgehead, whereby two players came out to crouch behind cover. The players then stole glances at them.

Nonetheless, those two players had no idea that Liu Zilang who was crouching on the bridge connector had a clear view of them.

He reached his right arm out, by which his 98K that was equipped with an 8x scope appeared.

Liu Zilang scoped in to aim at them. Seeing two white Level Two Military Helmets behind the cover, they were unusually eye-catching for Liu Zilang!

His mouth curled up into a smile and he pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation!


A gunshot was heard!

A sniper bullet projected toward them like an electrical fire!


The Level Two Military Helmet of the player who was on the left side of Liu Zilang shattered at once. Undoubtedly, he collapsed to the ground!

"F*ck! Who hit me!"

"Crawl over to me! The gunshot sounds like it's from the opposite bridgehead."

"I think you heard it wrong! I didn't even show my head, how can anyone hit me from the bridgehead?"

"Ah? That's true! Could it be that someone else is behind us?"


While the two of them were at a loss, the one who was knocked out crawled over to a position that was thought to be safer.

Just as his teammate was about to revive him, another gunshot was heard!

A sniper bullet zoomed through the air and instantly shattered his Level Two Military Helmet!

Afterward, that person fell to the ground helplessly and the two of them turned into crates...

Even after they had died, they were still unaware of who shot them!

"F*ck! Another two players who didn't die in peace!"

"Wu, wu, wu! Cry! All of you, cry!"

"I didn't think that you're this kind of streamer! Is it meaningful to crouch up there?"

"Please, come down already! Let them die peacefully!"

"A trash streamer bullies with stealth! I'm reporting you!"

Liu Zilang glanced at the bullet screen of his live streaming channel, then smirked as he boasted, "Hehe, I got to the top of the bridge with my own skill, why should I go down?"

His tone was so despicable that the others wished they could PK him in person right away.

Nonetheless, right then, a gunshot was suddenly heard from afar!


At the next second, blood splattered out from Liu Zilang's head!

Followed by that, from crouching on top of the bridge connector, he ended up in a kneeling position!

Soon enough, a system notification appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen!

"MrGrimmmz knocked out Vic123 by headshot with AWM!"

When the spectators in his live streaming channel witnessed this unforeseen scene, they were stunned, and they began spamming the bullet screen!

"Wah! What a sick shot!"

"Hahaha! Forgive me for laughing out loud!"

"This is what they mean by karma strikes! Please continue your show!"

"Who asked you to be so savage? Do you still dare to act like this now? Quickly apologize to us!"


Amidst the cheering and laughing that was going on in his live streaming channel, somebody suddenly asked out of confusion,

"Eh? Don't you guys think that the ID of the player who just knocked out Vic looks quite familiar?"

"MrGrimmmz? Isn't that Guru G?"

"Guru G? What Guru G?"

"The streamer from Twitch! A top PUBG master from overseas! He seems to be an expert in rifles and snipers like Vic too!"

"I went to take a look at Guru G's live streaming channel! He's truly Guru G!"

"Just returned from Guru G's live streaming channel! His live streaming channel is full! It looks like Guru G shot from very far away, it's a godly snipe!"


At the same time, on the Twitch live streaming platform.

In the live streaming channel of the person called Grimmmz, a guy with clean, attractive features sat on his eSports chair as he held his head excitedly with both hands. He said, "Oh my god! WT*! Oh! Yes! Yes, yes..."

The streamer, Anthony, who was in the two-man squad with him laughed instead. "Hey, buddy! Do you see it now? This is the fun part of having an alternate account, there's always a dumb player who'll remain still for you to practice your marksmanship."

The two of them were from one of the squads that crossed the ocean in a boat previously.

At that point in time, they were located near the housing area along the ocean which was roughly a thousand meters west from the bridgehead.

"No! No! Please don't insult my opponent! I think that he's a opponent with many ideas!"

Upon hearing Anthony's remark, Grimmmz immediately shook his head.

Subsequently, he added on happily, "Admit it, buddy! I know that you're just jealous of my handsome shot! You're also a thousand meters away too! You can challenge me."

"That's not fair!" Without thinking for long, Anthony rejected. "You're using an AWM, whereas I'm using a Kar98, my sniper's effective shooting range isn't as far as yours!"

"Haha, if you're willing to bet something, I don't mind lending you my AWM."

Grimmmz was elated, he began tempting his good buddy.