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210 An Ambush!

 "Rifle Combat Art?"

Da Sima lost it upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

He laughed as he shook his head. "Aiya! You little playful b*stard. I'm not buying any of this! If there really was such a move, why haven't we seen it before?"

The bullet screens from the live stream voiced out the same doubt as Da Siman's words.

Then, Liu Zilang questioned back, "Master Ma, what does your right hand hold when you're firing in game?"

"What else could it be? Of course, it's the mouse." Da Sima laughed without giving a second thought.

"What I'm holding is a gun!"

Liu Zilang's tone became heavier as he said, "In order to achieve this, you must see your mouse as your weapon. You and the gun shall become one! The gun is you! And you're the gun!"

Da Sima was speechless...

This guy was purely spitting out nonsense.

"666, I almost believed your bullsh*t there!"

"I'm impressed! To be able to bullsh*t to this level."

"Yep! That's totally believable! However, I still want to f*cking kill you for that!"

"Increase the bullet's velocity? Someone, please knock on Newton's coffin!"

"F*ck you! I didn't know Vic was a liar!"

"Haha, there's a gullible man here! Everyone, come and bully him!"

"F*ck! There's a gullible person in Vic's live stream?"

"Hey gullible person, I have a platform here, do you want to know more about it?"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang told Da Sima as he pulled him up, "Master Ma, it's best for you to not get knocked out again. Let me handle the fighting next time."

"What should I do then?" Da Sima questioned.

"Hmmph." Liu Zilang pointed. "There's a crate there, right?"

Da Sima was furious upon hearing his words, "Woah you b*stard! Do you know what kind of person the GoldenLecturer is? I'd rather die trying! I'll never follow you around just to loot crates."

Liu Zilang was speechless...

Half a minute later, Liu Zilang headed toward the vehicles just outside the Sosnovka Military Base as he was preparing to ambush others by the bridge.

Meanwhile, Da Sima was just beside the crate behind the tree on top of the hill north of the Sosnovka Military Base. He laughed out loud. "Woah this guy is loaded! I guess the sniper suppressor is mine now."


By the time he was done looting everything, the first blue circle had shrunk halfway through.

The Safe Zone was based slightly to the left of the Sosnovka Military Base. Hence, the probability of players from the north entering the Safe Zone via the West Bridge was higher.

After a short discussion, Liu Zilang and Da Sima decided to ambush the players that decided to do so.

They both got into the jeep and headed toward the West Bridge.

As they arrived near the bridgehead, Liu Zilang did not dare drive the vehicle over.

This was because the blue circle had shrunk halfway through. Although the Sosnovka Military Base had been cleared by them, there could have been other squads camping by the bridgehead. Those players would be attempting to ambush others after they realized that no one else was camping there.

It would spell trouble for them if two people jumped out of the container beside the abandoned truck when they were heading over to the bridge.

Hence, Liu Zilang honked out loud as he drove the jeep around the bridgehead twice.

He drove over slowly as he noticed that there was no reaction from the bridgehead.

Everything seemed to be a false alarm.

It was embarrassing when they realized that not a single soul was at the bridgehead. The two of them had been fighting against nothing the entire time.

"Cough cough. Better to be safe than sorry!" Da Sima explained to his viewers in the live stream as Liu Zilang added on, "How do you want to ambush them?"

Liu Zilang glanced at the containers beside the abandoned truck. "Why don't we head in there?"

"Hey! That's a good idea!" Da Sima nodded.

Liu Zilang then hid the jeep as they both entered the container swiftly.

They hid inside there for some time but no one seemed to be heading over.

Meanwhile, they could hear a boat's engine roar, suggesting that someone had passed them through the ocean.

Both of them sighed with disappointment as they could not ambush anyone on the bridge.

Liu Zilang started to feel bored as he waited and eyed at the railing by the side. "Master Ma, can we go up the railings?"

"Probably, I've seen someone climb up there before." Da Sima caressed his chin.

"Why don't we head up there and attack them from there?" Liu Zilang started feeling adventurous.

It was his hyperactivity acting up again as he felt the need to do something when there was nothing going on.

Da Sima was tempted by Liu Zilang's suggestion as he agreed to his idea.

However, it was difficult to climb up the railing.

Both of them hopped around at the side of the bridge for a long time before finding a way to head up.

As Liu Zilang got up, he continued ascending along the bridge.

The bridge was not wide at all as it gave off the vibe of walking on top of an iron bar high up in the sky. He would fall down if he were to lose focus.

It would be great if they managed to get to the top safely but if they were to fall down...

As Liu Zilang was thinking of this very problem, he heard a scream from behind!

He turned around to see that Da Sima had fallen down.

To make it worse, he was the one following from behind.

Fortunately, he had not started climbing up yet and he was not too high above.

Da Sima's health plunged to its very bottom. However, he was still alive with just a little bit of health left.

Liu Zilang might not have been able to rescue him if he were to be knocked out for the fourth time.

Da Sima who had escaped from the grim reaper's grasp purposely spoke in a calm manner as he recalled his mistake, "No worries! Phew! I'm not panicked at all."

"This is because I knew that I'd definitely survive if I were to fall from such a height. Do you know why I decided to fall down? It was because I wished to spread a message to everyone that this is a dangerous place and everyone should take precaution here."

The viewers from the live stream started spamming "666" on the bullet screen as they were touched by Da Sima's life-risking stunt upon hearing his words.

Liu Zilang was holding his laughter in as he suddenly heard a car engine buzzing!

"Someone's coming!" He immediately threw himself into the mood.

"Don't panic! Don't panic! Wait for me up there!" Da Sima immediately crouched down and healed himself.

Liu Zilang crouched on top of the bridge as he looked out and saw a yellow sedan car.

The enemies seemed to have guessed that someone was setting up an ambush at the bridgehead but they showed no sign of slowing down at all.

When they were halfway through the bridge, the player seated in the shotgun seat got out from the window and started firing at the bridgehead aggressively!

"Da da da!"

"Hmm... He's pretty wild."

Liu Zilang who was crouching on top of the bridge nodded.

He guessed that the two were probably foreigners to the US server as not many of them would rush across the bridge without taking any precaution.

The squad in the vehicle essentially fired at nothing before stopping abruptly with a drift at the bridgehead!

When they noticed the jeep behind the abandoned truck, they immediately took caution toward their surroundings just like Liu Zilang did...

Naturally, they found nothing.

Perhaps they thought that someone would return for the vehicle later as they decided to set up an ambush.

They immediately went inside the container beside the abandoned truck after hiding their vehicle.

They laid prone as they each took cover from the front and back.

Meanwhile, directly above them.

Liu Zilang sighed as he stared at the two enemies laying down in the container. He quietly took out a frag grenade from his waist.

He pulled its pin!

The two enemies inside the container moved confusingly the moment the heard the noise.

They could not make sense of the situation as they stared at each other as if they were communicating through their eyes.

'Was that you?'

'Huh? I thought it was you, no?'



Then, all they heard was a loud clank!

Something had dropped into the container they were in and it had coincidentally rolled and stopped just right in front of their faces.

Both of them were startled as they saw a metal ball on their screens!

What happened next was that a bright light flashed inside the container!

The two enemies crawling inside the container were sent flying away!

It was only when they were about to die did they see a black figure on top of the bridge...