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208 Was Everything A Setup?

 The bullet screen inside the live stream was as chaotic as a monsoon flood.

"666. What a showoff!"

"Impressive! The sound of a pan hitting one's head is way too addictive!"

"Vic's going at it again! He's not following any conventional method!"

"Poor guy. Perhaps he's a student of Master Ma and has just learned how to close the distance for a close combat battle."


Inside the game, Liu Zilang swiftly pulled Da Sima who had been knocked out twice back up before he bled to death.


As soon as he had been pulled up, Da Sima immediately took out his shotgun and fired at the corpse.

"Hmph! Aren't you a c*cky one!?"

The one he fired at was no other than the player that had knocked him out Lunar new year style with the Uzi.

Liu Zilang gave out a dry cough as he watched. He did not expect Da Sima to be the kind of person who had the hobby of firing at corpses. Perhaps both of them did have something in common after all.

The only difference was that Liu Zilang would only do it to a specific someone.

"Master Ma, Master Ma!" Liu Zilang immediately reminded Da Sima as he realized the latter was about to pull the trigger again. "I've got a strong feeling that there are more squads in the Sosnovka Military Base. I think it's better for us to loot the crates, heal ourselves up and move out."

Da Sima regained his senses upon hearing Liu Zilang words as he quickly nodded and started looting the crates.

Although it looked like they were playing very casually, their pace was pretty quick.

Rifles, grenades, armor, helmets, healing items, scopes, and so on...

Although they were not of the best qualities, they had all the essentials!

Liu Zilang and Da Sima who only had a shotgun before entering the Sosnovka Military Base had become rather wealthy in an instant.

As they finished looting everything, Da Sima had gotten himself an Uzi and a Scar-L. He also had a set of Level Two equipment and a 4x Scope.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had an AK, a 98K, a Level Two Police Vest, and a Level One Helmet. Although it was not the best, it was still much better than his gear before.

As both of them came out of the Boiler Room, they set their eyes on the observatory beside them.

However, they realized that someone had been there before them as the door was wide open. It was very likely that it had been rummaged by the two people they had killed earlier.

Liu Zilang looked at the Sosnovka Military Base before he opened his mouth and said, "There might be someone around building C. Why don't we go check it out?"

"We'll kill anyone on sight." Da Sima waved his hand imposingly as he analyzed the situation calmly. "Seeing how we managed to kill off those two youngsters with such bad gear, do you think anyone in the Sosnovka Military Base stands a chance against us with our current gear?"

It was a rather sound argument...

Liu Zilang nodded.

They then split up to cover more area as they headed toward the C Building No. 3 discreetly.

Just as Da Sima was about to reach the containers, his eyes gleamed as he said shockingly, "Hey! There's someone here!"

"Hehe! Idiot! I'll give you the run of your life!" Da Sima said as he raised up his SCAR-L that was equipped with a 4x scope.

He then started firing at the player just outside of the door to the left of building no. 3 with his automatic rifle!

"Da da da!"

The muzzle of Da Sima's Scar-L lit up as countless bullets were fired in a very short amount of time!

"Pew pew pew!"

The player that had just walked out of the building immediately retreated back as he was startled by the rapid gunshots.

As he turned around to make his retreat, a bullet or two whizzed past him!

It was so intense that he felt as if some of the bullets had grazed pass him. He was so frightened that his heart was on the verge of popping out of his body.

He finally returned back into building no. 3 after escaping the grim reaper's grasp. He let out a long sigh of relief as he shut the door. However, he could not believe his eyes when he looked at his health points.

He was at full health and not a single drop of blood had been shed!

Meanwhile, focusing on Da Sima.

Da Sima had fired close to forty rounds of shots intensely with his Scar-L and yet he did not land a single hit on/ his enemy. The viewers stayed silent for a moment but they burst into laughter shortly after!

"There it is! The legendary whiffing marksmanship!"

"That's really impressive Master Ma. Are you a buffoon?"

"666, Haha! Master Ma your 4x Scope is a joke!"

"Master Ma has definitely learned how to sketch in the past! I'm quite impressed with him sketching out a person's head with his bullets!"

"You should ask where Vic bought his implanted hack from. We'll crowdfund it for you!"


Da Sima was speechless as he saw the live stream's bullet screen.

However, his response was rather calm. "Some of you are unable to see through the intention of my fire earlier and I don't blame you for it. After all, I'm in a whole other league and most of you aren't able to see the entire picture."

"Oh? Are you trying to say that you had aa hidden intention?"

Liu Zilang was extremely smooth in playing along as his tone sounded rather surprised.

Da Sima praised Liu Zilang in his mind as he heard the latter's words. He was impressed with how well this guy was able to read the situation.

He let out a dry cough before he spoke, "Allow me to explain my hidden intention to everyone here. Many of you may think that my round of shots s*ck! Right? Wrong! In fact, it's the other way round!"

"It's not an easy task to be able to consistently fire just beside a player. Think about it. Many bullets had been shot but all of them missed the target even though it looked like they had hit the target! How many of you are able to achieve such a feat? Do you really think that no technique is needed to achieve this?"

"Sounds reasonable." Liu Zilang nodded as he continued, "So the intention of you shooting pass him is to..."

"They were warning shots!" Da Sima said firmly. "There's definitely more than one player over there. I'm confident that they're currently shivering in fear as they're shocked by my gank! If we were to rush in right now, they'd definitely surrender without putting up a good fight!"

"Are we going to kill him straight away then?" Liu Zilang smiled as he questioned.

"Definitely!" Da Sima said firmly.

Then, both of them walked side by side as they sneaked toward two of the building no.3's doors.

Liu Zilang did not experience any issue at all as he crouched down and moved forward confidently with his AK!

On the other hand, Da Sima was extremely anxious as he approached building no. 3.

Since he had been knocked out twice, it would spell trouble for him if he were to be knocked out for the third time if he went inside.

There might not be another opportunity for Liu Zilang to pull him back up even if Liu Zilang were to kill the two enemies inside the room.

However, they had to go in!

Since the GoldenLecturer had given such an in-depth analysis, what he had to do next was to act based on it.

There were so many viewers spectating in his stream.

They would not have accepted it if he did not rush in!

Da Sima found himself in a dilemma as he was right in front of the door. Then, he decided to press the Z button out of the blue...

Next, he screamed shockingly. "Ah! How did I fall down?"


Liu Zilang who had rushed into building no. 3 from the right was flabbergasted upon hearing his words.

'Can you even fall down in this game?'

Da Sima's viewers who saw everything were outraged. They were clearly angry at Da Sima's act of falling down...

Liu Zilang, on the other hand, did not have much time to think.

He saw two people by Da Sima's entrance the moment he entered the building.

Liu Zilang instantly swapped his AK to the 98K, opened up his 4x Scope and then pulled the trigger!


Blood spurted out of the enemy's head by the door as his Level Two MIlitary Helmet was shattered on the spot!

The other player was startled as he immediately retreated to the floor above.

As he was putting all of his attention toward Liu Zilang who was on the right side of the staircase, Da Sima barged through the door out of the blue.

"Da da da!"

The sound of rapid gunshots from an Uzi reverberated through the entire room!

That man fell down frustratingly by the staircase in an instant.

The two men laying on the ground in the corridor then turned into crates.

They were still in the dark as to why no one was rushing into the building despite them hearing footsteps approach them from the door.

Then, a player appeared out of the blue from their right!

'Isn't this a ridiculous setup?'