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207 The King of Cold Weapons!

 Both of them hesitated as they saw vehicles parked just outside the Sosnovka Military Base.

The vehicles were most likely from squads who had come from the west bridge or had glided directly to the place.

Since they did not know when they arrived, it was hard for them to tell how much had been scoured inside.

Under such circumstances, they would most likely die if they were to enter with just a shotgun.

"This is troublesome!" Da Sima rubbed his chin. "Why don't we check out the Boiler Room? No one would be willing to scour that area since it's rather complicated."

"Hmm, that's doable." Liu Zilang nodded.

Hence, both of them sneaked into the Sosnovka Military Base as they headed toward the Boiler Room.


At the rear of the Boiler Room.

They did not enter from the backdoor as they tried to listen for any footsteps nearby.

Their surroundings were extremely quiet and not a single footstep was heard.

"Looks like no one has been here yet."

They were excited as they rushed in.

They searched high and low but it was so clean inside that there was not a single bandage at all.

Then, Da Sima saw an M16 on the ground in front of him.

He was delighted. As he went towards it to pick it up, he realized that there was not a single bullet inside it.

"Be careful! Someone has looted this place before us!"

Da Sima took a deep breath as he looked around cautiously.

Liu Zilang picked up a Pan and a P92 pistol on the ground as he questioned, "Master Ma, do you have any weapon?"

"I've picked up an M16 but it has no ammo in it." Da Sima looked hopeless.

"Since I've found a pistol, I'll give you my shotgun in case you encounter any other players," Liu Zilang spoke.

"Ah! How kind of you," Da Sima spoke as he picked up the shotgun with a smile on his face. "Ah! Finally, I feel at ease. I'll lead the fight later while you cover me from the back."

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he threw the 12mm shells onto the ground.

As Da Sima finished picking up the shells, their footsteps had become much lighter as they knew that there were people there prior to their arrival.

When they reached the front door, Da Sima who was at the front encountered an enemy player!

Da Sima was so surprised that his reflexes kicked in as he raised up the shotgun and fired at the enemy player.

The enemy raised his Uzi up as he shot at Da Sima. His spray pattern went up and down as if he was greeting him during the lunar new year.

His changed his stance between crouching and standing up alternatively as the Uzi's muzzle flared up.

On the other hand, Da Sima had missed his shot as blood started erupting all over his body. He was then knocked out by the Uzi.

"What's this? This doesn't abide by science at all! How's it possible that I missed my shot!" Da Sima's eyes widened as he fell to the ground.

It was the second time he had been knocked down!

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang had rushed out from behind.

One had to realize that the Uzi had an incredibly high firing rate, but it had a very small ammo count in a clip and one could only fire 25 rounds of Ammo without any restriction.

In a normal close combat battle, the clip would be on the verge of depletion after firing a round. Hence, reloading was definitely required.

The player with the Uzi was reloading his weapon when Liu Zilang rushed out of his place.

"Bang bang bang!"

Liu Zilang held the P92 with both of his hands as he fired rapidly at him, knocking the enemy out instantly.

However, more footsteps could be heard from the outside the moment he knocked out the enemy!

Liu Zilang heard them and immediately reacted by swiftly taking cover as he moved to the back!

It was as he had predicted

Right after he had hidden at the back, a player peeked in at the entrance of the Boiler Room. He aimed his AK at Liu Zilang.

"Clank clank clank clank!"

The door frame became covered with a firework of sparks!

Once the enemy stopped firing, Liu Zilang peeked out from behind the door as he fired repeatedly at him with the P92 pistol.

However, the enemy seemed to be rather skilled as he retreated while reloading when he saw Liu Zilang peek out.

"Wow! This guy is a natural!" Da Sima who was laying on the ground commented before he said shockingly, "Hey hey hey! He's charging in!"

The enemy who was reloading by the door decided to charge in with his AK when he realized that Liu Zilang only had a small pistol!

From his point of view, how hard would it be for him to kill Liu Zilang with an AK?

It made sense since Liu Zilang only had a pistol.

To top it off, it was the P92 which dealt relatively low damage.

Liu Zilang had yet to heal himself up back to full health since he came from the bridgehead. Even if he had healed himself back up, it was extremely unlikely for him to win a close combat battle against a full-health player with an AK.

Viewers from the live stream started pitying Da Sima and Liu Zilang as they watched.

They had gone through hardships at the bridgehead before coming over and everything was about to end just as they had entered the Sosnovka Military Base.

They came and left like a wrecking ball.

Then, Liu Zilang did something no one could think of.

He put away the pistol in his hand and took out the Pan that was attached behind his butt!

Just as the man was rushing into the building, Liu Zilang raised up the Pan, jumped out and clashed head to head with his enemy!

The enemy was shocked as he did not expect Liu Zilang to come out on his own accord!

He laughed slyly as he regained his composure. He then raised his AK and fired at Liu Zilang as the muzzle of his gun flashed endlessly.

"Clank clank clank clank!"

A chain of weird noises rang.

Inside the game, one could see a pitch black pan being covered in a series of sparks.

The majority of bullets had landed onto Liu Zilang's pan as the enemy raised his weapon up close to his face and fired.

Then, all he saw was Liu Zilang jumping up!

Liu Zilang grabbed hold of the pan firmly with both of his hands and struck it hard into the enemy's skull!


The clear sound of the Pan rang in everyone's ears.

It was a sound that was part of nature as it resonated in one's ears.

Then, the man with an AK fell to the ground.


It was a kill with a strike from a Pan!

The viewers of the live stream gasped as they saw the entire thing.

They had prepared themselves for the outcome where Liu Zilang would showcase his amazing marksmanship!

However, they did not expect Liu Zilang to give up using a gun when the man in the AK barged in.

They could not believe that Liu Zilang had gone back to the cold weapon era and used a pan to hit someone in the head, killing his enemy in the process!


This was all under the assumption that the Pan was considered a cold weapon.

Despite this, the viewers of the live stream were astonished as they started spamming the bullet screen.