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206 It’s Wise To Not Oppress The Poor!


The muzzle flared up as shrapnel rained down!

However, Liu Zilang was not a man with muscle for brains.

It was only natural that he did not rush toward the man over the wall while throwing his fists at him.

He was running swiftly toward the jeep.

However, the shrapnel scraped his body and his health was down to half in an instant.

The player with the S1897 was shocked as he realized that he had missed his shot.

He smirked as he reloaded his shotgun and went after Liu Zilang!


Liu Zilang crouched down.

He missed his shot again!

The man was caught surprised. Feeling frustrated, he quickly chased after Liu Zilang once more!

Since he had a shotgun with him, he was not afraid of Liu Zilang punching him to death...

Even if Liu Zilang's fists were made of steel, his bullets were still faster than them!

Hence, an extremely comedic scene was about to unfold.

The two started revolving around the jeep as they played catch with each other.

The enemy had no choice but to stop moving to reload his shotgun after missing all three of his shots.




Shells of 12mm ammo were pushed into the barrel one after the other. The man stared furiously at Liu Zilang. He was devising a plan to kill Liu Zilang after he had finished reloading!

However, unexpectedly, Liu Zilang who was in front of the jeep vanished into thin air.

It seemed that he had instantly teleported to the fourth seat inside the car and appeared right in front of the enemy.

'Holy sh*t!'

That man was caught off guard and immediately tried to stop reloading.

However, the S1987 could not be fired immediately once the reloading was interrupted and there would be a short delay when a shell was being loaded into it.

Liu Zilang took this window of opportunity to jump right in front of his enemy. He started punching him in the head.


After throwing a punch at the man's skull, he immediately threw a jab at his enemy's chest the moment he landed.

This combo threw the enemy with the shotgun off balance and the latter was instantly knocked out.

The enemy lost all of his energy as he laid on the ground before he turned into a crate...

'Players who are punched to death are idiots, right?'

The player was beyond frustrated to the point where he was on the verge of vomiting blood out of his mouth as he recalled his earlier statement!

The viewers from the live stream were flabbergasted as they saw everything. They did not carry much hope that Liu Zilang would be able to win by punching him to death.

"666, that teleportation and punching combo is impressive!"

"Are you f*cking serious? Vic didn't die?"

"One Punch Man is way too overpowered! Stop messing around even though you have the implanted hack in you."

"Vic will definitely apologize and say that he really thought that he was invincible!"

"Hahaha, I can't believe they survived that. I really thought that Vic and Master Ma were going to die and turn into crates."

"One who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune in the future. Hehe, I can smell that chicken dinner already!"


Inside the game, Da Sima was utterly shocked as he witnessed everything.

When he saw Liu Zilng rush out, his cursor hovered over the main menu button. He was prepared to return to the main menu.

He had almost clicked out of the match after seeing Liu Zilang's stunt.

"How stupid can that guy be!" Da Sima immediately insulted the enemy player before turning around to praise Liu Zilang, "You... I see you've been training!"

"It was just a sleight of hand." Liu Zilang was very humble.

"Uhm..." Da Sima stuttered. He did not expect such a straightforward answer from Liu Zilang.

Seeing how he was still laying down on the ground, he immediately screamed, "Save me! Oh! There's still one more person right over there!"

Inside the game, there was a player running toward the bridgehead when he realized that he was at a disadvantage.

That man was in the same squad as MountAkinaDriftKing, the player who had been killed by a shotgun while driving the jeep earlier.

Liu Zilang immediately crouched down and looted the S1897 from the crate. He did not even have the time to reload the shotgun as he swiftly ignited the jeep and chased after the player that was running toward the bridgehead.

Since the player running toward the bridgehead saw that his team member had perished, he was thinking of surviving throughout the game until the very end. He was hoping that his team members would at least be able to taste chicken dinner as well.

Hence, he decided to retreat after realizing that he was at a disadvantage and decided his next move from then on.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Liu Zilang to chase after him and leave his friend behind.

He was cussing in his mind when he realized the situation!

'Is this guy a b*stard?

'Is there really the need to kill me off this quick?'

Soon, Liu Zilang who was in the jeep had caught up to him from behind at the middle of the bridge.

The player started hiding behind the abandoned vehicles. He wanted Liu Zilang to know that it would be impossible to ram into him and it would be in his best interest to retreat.

However, Liu Zilang halted and came out of the car.

"Hey hey hey! Brother! Let's talk this through. Why don't we see each other at the end of the game?"

The player had attempted to "attack" him verbally.

He was begging for mercy.

"I don't think that's necessary."

Liu Zilang squinted as he smiled. "How about this. I'll give you a chance to fight me fair and square if you don't run away."

"A chance to fight you fair and square?" That man's eye twitched.

This was because as Liu Zilang got down from the car, he took out his shotgun behind his back and started reloading it.

His words were not convincing at all!

He knew that the fellow in front of him was so barbaric that he would not be able to talk his way out of this.

As soon as he realized this, he started moving behind the abandoned cars discreetly as he spoke.

He then jumped onto the car as soon as Liu Zilang was close to him.

He then screamed as he jumped onto the rail guards of the bridge. "Life is filled with ups and downs. It's only wise to not oppress the poor. You f*cking shit you better not let me see you again in the future!"

Just as he spoke, there was a loud bam!

The S1897's muzzle flared up as Liu Zilang pulled the trigger, firing shrapnel toward him!

"Thud thud thud!"

Blood erupted everywhere around his body as he leaped from the rail guards. He then stayed in the air for some time before dropping down.

Liu Zilang walked over the side of the bridge and looked down.

All he saw was a wooden crate floating in the sea above the bridge.

Countless viewers from the live stream had their jaws wide open as they watched on!

He had forced someone to jump into the sea!

'He really wanted to f*cking kill everyone off as quickly as possible!'

"What the f*ck! Vic is getting more and more barbaric!"

"He's worse than a barbarian! However, I still want to say that he did a good job!"

"Hahaha, I'm laughing my *ss off. It'd be wise to not bully the poor? He's read too many novels!"

"Vic is rather skilled at using a shotgun! He killed someone in mid-air, turning him into a crate in the sea."

"It's fine to turn into a crate in the sea! The others have turned into a crate on land."


Inside the game, Liu Zilang got into the jeep swiftly as he went back to where he came from.

After pulling Da Sima back up, Liu Zilang threw out five bandages to Da Sima so that he could heal himself back up. He had obtained them while looting the same crate the shotgun came from.

"Are we still heading to the Sosnovka Military Base?" Liu Zilang questioned.

"Of course! We have to go there! It would be a waste, fighting for this jeep if we don't go there now!" Da Sima claimed as he finished using the bandages. "From my analysis, the Sosnovka Military Base belongs to us since we've won the battle at the bridgehead. There's a very high chance that the Safe Zone is going to cover the Sosnovka Military Base. If we go there now, we'll definitely have the advantage!"

Liu Zilang had nothing to say since Da Sima's analysis was reasonable.

Both of them got into the jeep as they headed straight toward Sosnovka Military Base.

The Safe Zone appeared as they were halfway through their journey to the Sosnovka Military Base.

The Sosnovka Military Base was inside the Safe Zone!

Da Sima sneered. "See, I told you! What did I say just now?"

However, they were both stunned when they reached the Sosnovka Military Base.

They saw a few vehicles just outside of the Sosnovka Military Base and it seemed like a few squads had reached there before them.