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205 Defy Gravity And Throw A Punch!

 "The car would've been mine if my parachute didn't get stuck!"

"Heck, they even rammed me over with the car! How stupid is this guy!"

"Let's not discuss this anymore!"

Da Sima waved his hand in the live stream as he seemed extremely frustrated.

He thought that he would have been killed on the spot by then.

However, he did not expect the squad that had snatched the jeep away from his hands would be chased after by the other squad that was in the three-wheeled motorcycle.

Hence, they headed toward the bridgehead after they rammed over Da Sima.

Da Sima let out a sigh of relief as he screamed excitedly while crawling forward, "Come save me! That idiot didn't kill me! Hehe!"

Liu Zilang shifted his direction toward him immediately while he was at a low altitude.

Hence, he had quite some distance to cover as he landed on the ground.

He comforted Da Sima as he heard the latter's words. "It's fine Master Ma. Don't be frightened! I'm on my way."

"Frightened? Impossible. I'm telling you, a professional must not be swayed even when faced against a lion! This is what we call having a dignity." However, Da Sima who was crawling behind the petrol station's wall became shocked as he looked behind. "There's a guy with a gun behind me! Come save me quickly! Quick quick quick quick quick!"

At the entrance of the petrol station.

There was a man running out from it with an S1897 in his hands.

He was in the same squad as the guy in the three-wheeled motorcycle at the bridgehead and he too was initially after the jeep when he landed.

He headed toward the petrol station in search of a weapon when he did not make it in time for the jeep.

The MountAkinaDriftKing who was driving the jeep took a turn out of the blue and immediately made a beeline toward him.

The person with the shotgun had the dignified vibe that Da Sima had talked about earlier.

He stood at the entrance of the petrol station courageously with the S1897 in his hands!


The muzzle of the shotgun flared up as shrapnel headed toward the jeep!

From the screen, one could see the driver MountAkinaDriftKing in the car covered in blood.

However, the drift king was not knocked out as he was quite some distance away.

He stepped onto the pedal as he rushed straight toward him!

The man with a shotgun at the entrance of the petrol station started looking frightened as he saw the car nearing toward him.

All he did was reload his shotgun, raise it up and fire again!


This time, it was extremely effective.

The player in the jeep became covered in more blood and instantly fell out of the car.

However, the car kept moving forward due to inertia.

Naturally, the player with the shotgun was prepared for this as he swiftly retreated back to the pillar at the entrance of the petrol station.

Then, there was a loud clank!

The jeep crashed into the pillar.

It then slid backward.

The person with the shotgun behind the pillar scoffed. "Still trying to crash into me? Dream on!"

He then told his squad. "There's another person opposite us! You guys move forward while I go and kill him off!"

The player riding the motorcycle sneered. "Wait up! There's one player knocked out just behind the wall! I'll go and ram him to death!"

"Vroom vroom vroom!"

The three-wheeled motorcycle's exhaust pipe pumped out black smock as it headed toward Da Sima!

Da Sima's heart plunged to the very bottom when he saw the motorcycle heading toward him even though he had taken a lot of effort to crawl behind the wall.

'What wrong have I done in this life!'

When the motorcycle was halfway through heading toward him, a player ran out from the petrol station behind.

It was no other than Liu Zilang!

Between the player who had been knocked out and the player who was running, the player had chosen the more challenging Liu Zilang.

Da Sima thought that he was without a doubt dead meat. However, he then saw the motorcycle that was rushing toward him pass by him.

He was relieved. "Did he miss me? That guy is really an idiot!"

However, the smile on his face froze as he realized that the car was heading toward Liu Zilang.

'Something isn't right!'

He would be dead too if Liu Zilang were to be hit by the car, no?

Da Sima screamed, "Avoid it! Avoid him!"

However, it seemed like Liu Zilang did not hear him at all.

He who had appeared behind the petrol station was running head-on toward the three-wheeled motorcycle as the motorcycle sped towards him!

Was he giving up?

The viewers from the live stream could not believe their eyes as they watched.

Meanwhile, the player in the motorcycle saw Liu Zilang rushing toward him on his own accord.

He then laughed as he talked to his squad via voice chat. "This man is way too weak. He's trying to commit suicide just because of this? I guess I'll fulfill his wish."

The motorcycle and the player were about to collide into each other!

In that instant, Liu Zilang dashed to the right!

He then took a leap as he threw a punch toward the man's skull.

He went against gravity as he threw out his punch with all his might!


Liu Zilang's fist came in contact with the man's head!

When Liu Zilang leaped into the air, he leaped over the three-wheeled motorcycle's royal seat and ultimately evaded the incoming crash!

One had to realize that the player had taken a fist or two at the bridgehead when he was competing against the three-wheeled motorcycle before he was punched in the head by Liu Zilang.

A thud could be heard as he fell down from the vehicle. He rolled onto the ground before he covered his abdomen with his hand. He had a shocking look on his face.

Naturally, he was not the only person that was shocked.

Da Sima and countless viewers were completely flabbergasted!

"666, that was the perfect justice punch! I'm not even mad if you're proud over that one."

"If I'm right, that fist was equivalent to a swinging hammer! Admit it, you know martial arts!"

"This Vic is f*cking doing it again! He's doing everything he wants!"

"I really don't know what other words I can use to describe him other than crazy."

"The guy on the motorcycle must've felt that punch since he looks quite stunned while kneeling down!"

"If I'm not mistaken, he still has his team members who seem to have weapons as well. I feel like Vic and Master Ma are a foot in the coffin!"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang immediately heard footsteps coming from the petrol station behind the wall the moment he punched the guy.

He knew that he could not sit there and wait to die. Even if he were to escape when the man with the shotgun arrived, Da Sima who was kneeling on the ground might not come out alive from the encounter.

Then, a jeep slowly appeared behind the wall as it entered his field of vision.

Liu Zilang reacted swiftly as he rushed out from behind the wall!

The man with the shotgun looked extremely confused as he saw Liu Zilang who dashed out of nowhere.

He was still confused as he tried to make sense of what had just happened as he looked at his team member that had been punched to death.

The driver must have been an idiot if he were to be punched to death!

He thought that Liu Zilang was still trying to reenact the scene and give him punch.

He then scoffed as he raised his shotgun up and fired at him!