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204 What Should I Use To Save You!

 Inside Da Sima's live stream.

"Sigh. Do you guys know how annoying this is? He's just crouching there in the bush! What's the point of camping at me for such a long time! What's the point of playing the game if you plan to do so?"

Da Sima who was laying on his chair lazily was becoming agitated over time. He then stood up without any warning, clicked on the escape button with his mouse and then exited the game in an instant. He seemed extremely skilled at doing so.

The viewers from his live stream could not bear watch any longer as they started spamming the bullet screen.

"How sad! Master Ma, I think it's better for you to stop shaming yourself and just sign out!"

"Yeah! There is no pride in closing your stream. Master, stop being in a dilemma."

"It's impossible for you to get chicken dinner. Not in this life at the very least. You'll be closing your stream shamefully for the rest of your life."

"Master Ma, why don't you find a person to carry you instead. One-man squad is simply way too much for you!"

Hasn't Vic started his own live stream? Why don't you play together with Vic?"

"Vic? That king of all chickens in the Attractive Section?"

"Yeah him! That man is a beast!"

"Master Ma, why don't you have a match with Vic! You won't be able to stop streaming if you don't."


Inside Liu Zilang's live stream.

He stretched as he had finished his game. He went out to his bullet screen and was welcomed with a flood of messages telling him to carry Master Ma, to let him have a small taste of chicken, or of sorts.

'Master Ma?

'Do they mean Douyu's Da Sima?'

Liu Zilang began feeling suspicious as he saw such a strong demand from the viewers.

Then, he received a gift notification in his live stream.

"Wuhu's Dasima, I have sent you a rocket!"

Liu Zilang was speechless as he saw that it was the man himself who had entered his live stream.

He was a man of reason. Since they were not close and Da Sima had gifted him a rocket, he had no reason to reject him.

Liu Zilang nodded and smiled. "Master Ma, are you in my live stream? Hold on a moment while I go to your live stream. Let's meet up in YY."

Then, the two exchanged their YY IDs through each other's live streams.

However, their fans swarmed into their channel and chatted nonstop the moment it was created.

While Liu Zilang was slightly annoyed by the cluster of noises, he saw a YY friend request sent by Da Sima.

Da Sima then sent him a message after adding him.

"Let's go! Let's change to another YY!"

Liu Zilang was caught off guard but he reacted immediately afterward.

Both of them switched to a private channel as they chatted personally. They were then greeted with peace and quiet.

"That's amazing Master Ma!" Liu Zilang praised him sincerely.

"Hehe. It's nothing. This is called the Skin Casting Cicada." Da Sima sneered.

They added each other in game and Da Sima invited Liu Zilang into his squad.

"Which server are we playing in?" Da Sima asked eagerly.

"Let's go with the US server, I'm trying to earn points there," Liu Zilang responded.

"Huh? I don't think it's a good idea to bring me along." Da Sima sounded worried.

However, Liu Zilang responded back casually, "It's fine. I'll take this as a handicap match."

Da Sima's eye started twitching upon hearing his words.

He screamed in his mind as to how Liu Zilang could be so straightforward toward him?


Inside the game, both of them prepared themselves before they were assigned into a squad.

The scene changed as they were transported to PUBG's spawn area.

There were quite a number of people in the US server as all Liu Zilang could hear around him were vulgarities in a variety of languages.

"What's our objective?" Da Sima smiled as he questioned. "I'll open up a quiz to lighten up the mood."

"Uh... To end the stream with an honorable chicken dinner?" Liu Zilang answered cautiously.

"Don't you think the objective is a little bit too simple?" Da Sima questioned.

"I mean for the both of us," Liu Zilang responded back.

Da Sima was surprised as he rubbed his chin. "That's quite a challenge."

He then gave off a dry cough. "Why don't we let fate run its course! Let's leave it to fate! I don't care if I don't survive till the very end. I'll release my students from my class as long as Vic is able to end the stream with an honorable chicken dinner."

The viewers from the live stream protested as they heard Da Sima spoke. They wanted him to live until the very end before he ended his stream.

Da Sima felt hopeless as he noticed that his viewers were not buying it. All he could do was smile at Liu Zilang wryly. "Perhaps we should play safe and move cautiously."

"Sure, no problem." Liu Zilang nodded.

The scene of the spawn area shifted to the plane above PUBG's island as they talked.

The airplane was slowly flying out of the horizon on the sea.

Liu Zilang looked at the map to realize that the flight route in that match started from Lipovka located on the right of the map. The flight route was slightly below the center of the map as it passed through Prison and Pochinki South Hill before stopping near Pochinki.

"What do you say? Lipovka or Mylta?" Liu Zilang asked.

"Let me have a look at it... Sigh! Those two places don't possess many resources." Da Sima claimed.

"So Yasnaya Polyana? We should be able to glide over there," Liu Zilang responded.

"That place is too big. We won't be able to scour the entire place!" Da Sima shook his head.

"I guess we've no choice but to find a vehicle by the bridgehead and head toward the Sosnovka Military Base. It's loaded and small," Liu Zilang said.

"I think it's possible... with this flight route!" Da Sima's eyes shone brightly.

Once they had decided where to land, both of them jumped out of the cabin simultaneously as the airplane was flying above Mylta.

At that moment, their first objective was to locate a vehicle.

"Master Ma, you can try searching for a vehicle by the bridgehead while I search around the west area."

"No problem!"

Liu Zilang reminded him again as they descended as he wanted to prevent the awkward situation where both of them could not find a vehicle.

Then, they descended slowly as the view through their sights gradually became clearer.

"Hey! I found vehicles! Two at that!"

Da Sima was excited as he saw a three-wheeled motorcycle and a jeep at the bridgehead and petrol station respectively.

Liu Zilang immediately changed direction in the air as he flew toward Da Sima upon hearing the latter's words.

Then, Da Sima seemed to be rather anxious out of the blue. "Hey hey hey! Wait up! I think there are people here competing for the vehicle against me! It's more than just a squad in fact!"

He then told himself immediately after, "Don't panic, stay calm! We must stay calm now! We must believe in gravity and science! We're the fastest!"

Liu Zilang listened on as he looked at where Da Sima was. He saw that there were two squads heading toward the bridgehead as well.





The five of them had forcefully deployed their parachutes simultaneously as they descended down to the very limit.

"Eh! Pull it down! And Start Spinning! It's intuitive!"

"Some of you may not know but doing so can increase your descending speed!"

Da Sima spoke as his eyes were glued toward the jeep by the petrol station.

As Da Sima was above the jeep, he said arrogantly. "Hey! Hehe! Trying to compete for a vehicle against me? Are you guys still dreaming?"

Just as he finished speaking, he stopped descending just above the jeep as the strings of his parachute were pulled.

His parachute was stuck!

He could not believe that such a thing was happening to him.

Da Sima was flabbergasted!

He was like an ant on a hot plate. "Get down! F*cking get me down! Ah! How annoying! It just won't descend."

Then, his body jolted as he fell to the ground.

He finally made it all the way down!

However, the jeep in front of him had been ignited!

Furthermore, Da Sima had landed right in front of the jeep!


A prompt appeared.

"MountAkinaDriftKing has rammed GoldenLecturer!"

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter as they saw everything.

'What the hell...'

Was Vic unable to save Master Ma from ending his stream without any humiliation?