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203 Self-punishment, Master Ma Goes Offline Honorably?

 Once Liu Zilang clicked in, the first thing that heaved in sight was a spinning motorcycle in the air.

The backseat passenger on the motorcycle was seen firing shots while spinning around 360 degrees. As flames burst out from the muzzle of his gun, he knocked out two players below him. The whole scene looked extremely cool!

Accompanying the scene was intense, high energy music that had a strong beat!

The background music used was Simple Plan's "Take My Hand", which tickled one's ears whenever it was listened to. It was such that one would want to stomp their foot along to the rhythm.

In addition to the opening scene that seemed like a clip from an action movie, the video totally captured the eyes and ears of the viewer right from the beginning.

No wonder in just the short span of a day, the video was in the top 5 of bilibili's daily ranking, whereby its overall rating was over 179000.

At the same time, all kinds of bullet screen messages began appearing on the right side of the screen.

"He's here! He's here! That man is finally here!"

"Go, go, go! Close the door for the first hundred!"

"Vic's army is airborne! We're here to root for Vic, the one and only in the Attractive Section!"

"Let's go, God of War Vic!"

"Take down Vic, return Xiaotong-chan to me!!!"

"Warning, high energy ahead, non-combatants, please retreat immediately!"

"Tremble! Mortals!"

"The background music is great! Requesting for the background music!"


Followed by that, Liu Zilang continued watching the highlight video. He did not think that the video and music editing done by the video creator was quite good. For most of the gunshots, especially the snipes, they were all on point with the rhythm. This gave double the enjoyment both visually and sound wise.

Nonetheless, when Liu Zilang was near the end of the video, his face suddenly turned black.

This was because the video creator actually dedicated a part of the video to the song "Ten Years" sung by him the other day. In a trice, the bullet screen was flooded with comments saying that they could not take it anymore. The viewers were asking everyone to leave immediately. There were even comments saying that it was a "dead song in eSports"...

'F*ck this!'

Liu Zilang suddenly felt a little distressed!

He could not understand, and he thought to himself, 'I have a good voice, and I'm like the Eason Chan of eSports.

'Why can't I get the approval of everyone else?

'Why do I have to suffer so much pressure at this age?

'The truth lies in one word!


Liu Zilang began pondering.

He felt that he should not be calculative with those people who were blinded by jealousy. Thus, he closed the video and then looked for GodV and the others to begin their training session.


After two matches, it was almost seven o'clock at night.

Since the housekeeping aunty was done preparing the dishes for dinner, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong appeared in the living room at the same time.

"Your friend left already?" When Liu Zilang went to take the dishes out from the kitchen, he casually asked.

Zhang Xiaotong nodded. She seemed embarrassed about what had happened in the afternoon.

At that point in time, Liu Zilang had ascertained this little girl's character. He did not bring up the incident in the afternoon and randomly talked about something else instead.

After their meal, Liu Zilang reminded Zhang Xiaotong to tell him when she uploaded the video so that he could take a look at the response.

To Zhang Xiaotong's surprise, Liu Zilang actually cared about it. Hence, she appeared to be more cheerful and nodded seriously.

Once Liu Zilang was done with dinner, he returned to his room.

He started his live stream for the night.

It was worth mentioning that after the competition that took place the previous night, Liu Zilang received a message from the person in charge of Douyu's Attractive Section to sign a contract.

Clearly, that person was trying to secure Liu Zilang before anyone else did since Liu Zilang had a lot of potential. Thus, after Liu Zilang responded, he offered quite a generous contract. Nevertheless, in the end, both parties had a different opinion on the contract life.

Douyu insisted two years, and the lowest they would agree to was a year and a half; Liu Zilang requested to sign a new one in half a year.

At last, the other party broke the deadlock by compromising. However, there was still a need for them to further discuss specific details. Naturally, the scheduled date to sign the contract was delayed again.

Liu Zilang was not in a hurry at all.

That was because Douyu was the one who was anxious about it.

After the finals of the competition, his reputation in PlayerUnknown's Battleground grew so much so that he was truly an "up-and-coming talent". If other platforms found out that this star in the Attractive Section had not signed an official contract with Douyu, he would unquestionably become a piece of delicious cake to all the other platforms.

Therefore, regarding the contract life, Liu Zilang deducted through their tone that they would agree with it in the end.

He pondered for a while before he cast those thoughts away and then began streaming live with his live streaming software.

When he retrieved his room title, Liu Zilang did not forget about the room title he had used in the past, "Live Stream of Number One in North America". Hence, he added it to his live stream that night.

At that point in time, Liu Zilang's live streaming channel had over five hundred thousand subscribers. Honestly, as a streamer who had been streaming for only half a month, it was quite good.

As soon as he started streaming live, many spectators who had subscribed to his live streaming channel received a push notification. Thus, they quickly clicked in to watch him.

All of a sudden, the popularity of Liu Zilang's live streaming channel rose to a hundred thousand.

One thing to note was that after the competition last night, since Liu Zilang's squad had been crowned champion, the fans in his live streaming channel had become very excited. They were eager to discuss the tournament in his live streaming channel.

After that...

After that, the screen went black.

Liu Zilang ended the live stream and quickly went offline.

While the spectators in his live streaming channel were baffled, their screens suddenly changed. They appeared in the live streaming channel of a young lady in the Attractive Section.

That was because after Liu Zilang ended the live stream, he naturally closed his channel as well. Hence, the rear end of Douyu automatically "airfreighted" the spectators in his live streaming channel to another channel in the Attractive Section.

Initially, the popularity of that young lady's live streaming channel was only at one to two thousand and she was casually interacting with her spectators.

When she suddenly saw her popularity burst up to more than a hundred thousand, she thought that a rich guy had presented her with a gift. Without even looking at the gift notification, she was so excited that she gestured heart signs and kisses.

With that being said, at the next second, she was struck dumb.

The spectators who were airfreighted from Liu Zilang's live streaming channel did not bother about her at all.

They began cursing on the bullet screen as they scolded Liu Zilang for acting improperly...

'This f*cking...'

The smile on that young lady's face instantly froze and she gritted her teeth as she remembered the name "Vic" in her heart.


Right then, once Liu Zilang went live again.

His bullet screen was spammed!

"F*ck! This bastard still dares to show up!"

"Don't run away! It's not easy for me to pull out my forty meters long sword!"

"Yesterday you didn't want to behave like a man, today you act like a dog!"

"Quick, bark! If you don't, I'll unfollow you!"

"Apologize! Quickly kneel down and apologize to me!"

"Bullet screens are very strict! I think it's okay for us to comment 'Win, win, win' too!"


When Liu Zilang took a look at the bullet screen, his eye twitched.

'Who the h*ck are these people...'

Despite that, it was indeed his negligence the night before that he forgot to inform his spectators before he went offline.

Liu Zilang took the bottle of Nongfu Spring placed on his table and then poured some water into its bottle cap.

Next, he moved the bottle cap toward the camera and uttered sincerely, "Everyone, I'm sorry for leaving yesterday night without saying goodbye, I'll punish myself with this!"

Right after he said that, he lifted the bottle cap and then drank the water!

Later on, Liu Zilang turned the bottle cap upside down in front of the camera. He even made "tss, tsss-!" sounds, which really made the Nongfu Spring seem like it was actual spirit.

Throughout the process, the spectators in his live streaming channel were at a loss for words. They continued cursing Liu Zilang for being shameless!

Even so, after that drink, Liu Zilang felt entirely different!

The guilt in him vanished, thus he moved his bullet screen away and began his game in the American server to strive for some points...

At the same time, in Douyu Da Sima's live streaming channel.

A square-faced middle age man with glasses sat in front of his computer with a disdainful look. "Go offline because of shame? That doesn't exist! Eh! I have a feeling that I'll definitely get chicken dinner this round!"

A minute later, the middle-aged man sat slumped and sluggishly on his chair.

Through his now monochrome screen, a person was seen sticking out his butt as he looted his crate.