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202 Life Or Death Is Just A Show!

 "When the sun sets, the miniature street bustles."

"The night breeze becomes playful as well, blowing the crowd and the crows."


Zhang Xiaotong's computer in her room.

When the music played, Liu Zilang mouth could not help but twitch as he watched the few people on the computer screen stretch their arms and shake their legs. He took a deep breath before he asked, "You're sure that this is a dance, not radio calisthenics?"

Once Zhang Xiaotong heard him, her face instantly turned dark.

The "Loli with glasses" who was beside her explained hurriedly, "This is a real dance, it's the Gakki dance that has become very popular lately."

"" Liu Zilang was startled.

"It's Gakki!" The "Loli with glasses" corrected him.

Later on, she stared at Liu Zilang in surprise as if she felt that it was unbelievable that he had no idea what Gakki was.

Liu Zilang was indeed quite clueless about it but he did not dwell on that.

Instead, he mentioned as he looked at the screen dreadfully, "The moves of this dance, aren't they quite tough.."

Upon hearing Liu Zilang, Zhang Xiaotong turned her head around and harrumphed. She mumbled softly, "Show-off! How dare you call yourself Asia's Dancing King..."

Liu Zilang was speechless.

He thought to himself, 'I casually said that just to boost your confidence.'

Nonetheless, since he agreed to this, he could only bear through it.

'Isn't this just radio calisthenics?

'Who hasn't gone through 'Shake It Up'?'

Subsequently, it was practice time...

First, the "Loli with glasses" made Liu Zilang remember the tempo and then the three of them began practicing according to the order appearance of the dance.

As they danced, Liu Zilang felt that the person called Gakki on the screen had quite a nice smile. The person gave off an extremely therapeutic feeling that swept his low spirits away, such that his lips slowly began to curl up.

When Zhang Xiaotong noticed the change in Liu Zilang's face, she took a look at his line of sight and then pursed her lips before scoffing softly.

On the other hand, the "Loli with glasses" chuckled as if everything was in accordance with her expectations.

The three of them practiced for roughly thirty minutes before they stopped.

After all, they were not professionals in this, and the geeks of bilibili had always been quite flexible with geeky dances from Lolis and young ladies.

As long as they were cute and pretty, no matter how much their dances looked like radio calisthenics, their bullet screens would still be spammed with "666".

That day, Zhang Xiaotong wore a midiskirt matched with black stockings and a pair of leather shoes. Adding on to her dollish facial features, she simply looked like a little girl who grew up eating cuteness.

The "Loli with glasses" looked slightly duller, but as she stood beside Zhang Xiaotong, they appeared to complement each other well. Besides, their dissimilarities made them more attractive.

As for Liu Zilang himself, he looked very appealing since he had not just woke up. His facial lines were pleasant in a way that he was well worth a second look.

Therefore, with the three of them joined together, their outer appearances were quite good.

Followed by that, before setting up the DV to begin the official recording.

The "Loli with glasses" retrieved three masks. She passed a pink cartoon mask to Zhang Xiaotong, kept a cartoon one for herself and then gave Liu Zilang a black one.

When Jiang Yumeng saw Liu Zilang's confused look, she explained, "I bought them before I came here."

"You're going to put this on to dance?" Liu Zilang took the mask.

"Mmm...we don't want people from school to..." Jiang Yumeng was rather embarrassed.

Upon hearing that, Liu Zilang understood right away. After all, there were quite a number of students into bilibili. It would cause them a lot of trouble if they were recognized by students from their school.

Despite that, looking at the black mask, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched.

He laughed. "This... I won't be wearing it."

Jiang Yumeng was stunned when she heard Liu Zilang's response. In addition to that, Zhang Xiaotong gave him a strange look.

Liu Zilang scratched his head as he said, "You're the body of this channel, I'll only be jumping a few times by the side, nobody will notice me."

Right after he said that, he added on, "But that might not be the case if I wear the mask.."

The two of them blinked repeatedly after listening to his explanation. Although they still did not understand what he meant, they did not comment.

Next, the music accompaniment was played.

The three of them appeared in order according to their practice from before and then began bouncing together...

In order to not go through a hard time, Liu Zilang remained tensed up throughout it and did his best to not make a single mistake.

However, Zhang Xiaotong who had been doing well during their practice kept making mistakes.

She was often caught in previous moves even though the next beat had sounded.

After recording for the third time, puzzled, Jiang Yumeng asked her, "What's going on?"

Even Liu Zilang who felt that he was being tormented was at a loss for words as he looked at her.

When she heard Jiang Yumeng's question, she also noticed Liu Zilang looking at her.

Zhang Xiaotong's face was flushed red and she looked flustered. After looking around, she lowered her head again to stare at her leather shoes.

Quickly after, she suddenly reached out a finger to poke Liu Zilang who was beside her. "He... he's too close to me."


Obviously, Liu Zilang never thought that even by just standing beside her, he would take unexpected blame.

Instantly, he was dumbfounded.

'Besides, weren't you girls the ones who assigned me to this position?

'But of course, it's not rational for me to debate with my younger sister.

'Forget it!

'I'll take the blame then!'

Liu Zilang sighed and then moved to a corner to draw circles by himself.

Zhang Xiaotong felt sorry for him when she saw Liu Zilang looking so "disheartened".

She opened her mouth but did not utter a single word.

For all that, miraculously, after Liu Zilang moved to the corner, the recordings went unusually smooth.

Zhang Xiaotong did not make any mistakes and the three of them managed to record the full dance in one shot.

Once the dance was over, the "Loli with classes" could not help but turn to look at Liu Zilang curiously for some time as she was absolutely bewildered.

Upon seeing that, Liu Zilang felt even more depressed that he almost vomited blood.

'I freaking carried the black pan so much so that it was welded to me!

'She simply dug a hole for me!'

He intended to confer about it, but the two of them were no longer paying attention to him.

The two of them became very excited as they uploaded the videos onto the computer and then began processing the videos.

'A typical use-and-throw!'

Nevertheless, he was uninterested to stay with the two girls, thus he said, "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving. Remember to make me look more handsome." Afterward, he left her room.

Once he was back in his own room, Liu Zilang turned on his computer with the intention to practice with GodV and the others as preparation for Asia's Qualifier, the first phase of Jianghai World Invitational Tournament held by Tencent. At that time, it had been confirmed that 4AM would participate in it.

Apart from that, after the Fantastic Four made it through the intramural seeding match, they would participate in the China University Esports League (CUEL) soon enough. Thus, Liu Zilang was focused on training.

Even so, as soon as he turned on his computer, he was reminded about bilibili that was mentioned by Zhang Xiaotong and the "Loli with glasses".

After searching for a while, Liu Zilang clicked into the website.

Naturally, Zhang Xiaotong had not uploaded the video yet.

In spite of that, Liu Zilang noticed a video related to himself the second he was directed to bilibili's home page.

"Life or death is just a show! Highlights of Vic in Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends!"

'I have highlights already?'

Liu Zilang felt that it was strange, so he clicked into it out of curiosity.