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201 Shake It, Loli!

 "Douyu's second season of PUBG Golden League has ended perfectly, with 4AM as the champion. It's a wrap!" The headline on Weibo.

"Killing God Lech's record from the previous Golden League has been broken by the new killing god, Vic, who topped the board with 64 kills!" The forum of PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

"From getting a reversed chicken dinner to being crowned champion after three chicken dinners out of four matches. An exclusive secret on 4AM's comeback!" Hoop's event information on PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

"The mysterious chicken dinner streamer, Vic, from Douyu's Attractive Section, rises up! Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods are in the past!" Hoop's event information on PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

"Extraordinary marksmanship and reaction speed. Immeasurable intelligence and thinking! Witnessing the birth of another new PlayerUnknown's Battleground star!" Zhihu's eSports section.

"Killing God defeated by Vic in one snipe. After the finals, Master Ze posted on Weibo that he has no regrets and that he will continue to strive forward." NGA player community.


Noon the next day.

Just as he entered his bedroom, he saw three people gathered in front of Ran Maotong's computer in his dormitory.

Upon seeing Liu Zilang enter, the three of them turned to look at him. They looked vaguely "blur".

Liu Zilang felt somewhat apprehended after being looked at like that. Hence, he took a glance at the computer out of curiosity to look at the numerous sites that were opened. He instantly became confused.

'This...what are all these?'


The night the competition ended, Liu Zilang went offline after he had conversed for a short while with GodV and the others. He did not participate in any online interviews arranged by eSports media.

He was not trying to act arrogantly, in fact, he never participated in any interviews even when he took part in offline competitions with Se7en. If they were to ask him questions, he would not know how to answer them anyway.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang felt that yesterday's competition was just another online competition organised by a live streaming platform. Thus, there was no need to make it seem like they were the champions of a world competition...

He was thin-skinned!

He felt awkward about it.

Nonetheless, the one thing he neglected was that the above situations were how he used to treat competitions in the past.

Evidently, Liu Zilang forgot that PlayerUnknown's Battleground's popularity had surpassed any kind of FPS game in the past and was considered to be one of the most phenomenal games in the world. Furthermore, his performance last night was simply astounding!

In addition to that, throughout all four matches yesterday, whether it was popular star players or famous technical anchormen, Liu Zilang had faced all of them at least once.

Even though he did not win every battle, he was never at a disadvantage.

With just that point, it was enough to attract the attention of curious netizens.

Unfortunately, Liu Zilang went offline as soon as the competition ended. Had he not done so, the popularity of his live streaming channel would have risen to a greater height.

In his bedroom.

Upon seeing Liu Zilang who was at a loss for words, Chen Zhifei could not help but give him a thumbs up. "Langzi, you were damn awesome last night!"

"Ah?" Liu Zilang was startled. Puzzled, he then asked, "You guys watched me last night?"

Ran Maotong chuckled. "Haiya! Second brother, look at what you're saying. Both Master Ze and Guru Qiu's squads participated in yesterday night's competition. Try asking the whole dormitory building, how many of them didn't watch the competition?"

"So... everyone knows that I'm Vic?" Liu Zilang pointed at his own nose.

"I can't say that they all know..." After Chen Zhifei said that, he paused for a while before continuing with a smile, "But most people in our university who play PUBG know that there's a new first-year student called Vic. Who asked you to be so foxy during last weekend's seeding match..."

When Liu Zilang heard Chen Zhifei's reply, he slanted his mouth.

'When was I even foxy?'


After Liu Zilang finished attending his classes in the afternoon, he returned home at night. He heard sounds coming from the floor Zhang Xiaotong's bedroom was on. During that time, the sound of lively music was also heard.

'This little girl is 'bouncing' around right after her leg has just recovered?'

Liu Zilang was a little impressed.

He knew that Zhang Xiaotong was a "lady master" in bilibili, who would upload dance covers during her free time.

After giving it some thought, Liu Zilang decided to remind her not to sprain her ankle again.

Who knew, just as he was about to knock on the door, Zhang Xiaotong's door would suddenly open.

However, the person who was standing at the door was not Zhang Xiaotong, but the "Loli with glasses" whom he had seen a couple of times before.

The two of them looked at each other.

At once, Liu Zilang put on a smile.

As for the "Loli with glasses", she was shocked. Subsequently, she stared at Liu Zilang for a while before appearing to be delighted.

'What's going on?'

Nonetheless, since somebody else was around, Liu Zilang felt that he should not interrupt them. Thus, he smiled and said to her, "Ah! You're playing with Xiaotong? Hehe, I won't disturb you two then."

"No, no!" The "Loli with glasses" quickly waved her hand. She then quickly called out to Liu Zilang who was about to return to his room, "That... please wait a minute."

"Mmm." Bewildered, Liu Zilang turned around.

Loli with glasses had disappeared from the door, but at the next second, she walked out again with Zhang Xiaotong.

In front of Liu Zilang, she mumbled something into Zhang Xiaotong's ear...

Zhang Xiaotong's reaction was rather odd.

At first, she shook her head. However, later on, she bit her lips as she stole a glance at Liu Zilang before quickly diverting her sight somewhere else.

'What are these two girls up to?'

Liu Zilang was absolutely clueless.

While he felt that way, Zhang Xiaotong seemed to have been persuaded by the "Loli with glasses".

She looked up at Liu Zilang and then said while blushing, "I... we were... were... dancing just now."

'That's it?'

Upon hearing that, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched as he wondered to himself, 'Of course I know that you were jumping around.'

He thought that the little girl was worried that they would make too much noise, so he responded, "It's alright, I'm not bothered by it, but when you bounce... jump, be careful not to injure your leg again."

Right after he said that, he put on a comforting smile and then turned to return to his room.

"That's not it." When Zhang Xiaotong saw that Liu Zilang was going to leave, she added hastily, "We... you..."

Baffled, Liu Zilang turned to look.

Who knew, that the moment Zhang Xiaotong saw Liu Zilang looking at her, she would stop once again.

The "Loli with glasses" could not take it anymore. She quickly uttered, "That... the thing is... our dance for this term is going to be uploaded onto bilibili, but we're lacking one person..."

"Ah?" Liu Zilang immediately realized what was going on, hence he pointed at his nose as he replied, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, "You're not telling me that you're lacking me, are you? I know nothing."

Once the "Loli with glasses" heard him, she quickly explained, "It's very simple, it's just a few moves..."

"Don't! I'm dumb! My limbs are frozen! It's too difficult for me!" Liu Zilang stopped her from continuing.

When he thought that he would need to bounce with the two of them, and that the video would possibly be uploaded to the Internet, he felt awful.

Seeing how Liu Zilang was obviously evading it, Zhang Xiaotong pouted and scoffed. "Yumeng, we'll dance by ourselves! We don't need him!"

Upon seeing Zhang Xiaotong who was finally "ripened" after a few days due to her leg injury. Liu Zilang was speechless.

The moment he turned to look, he saw the "Loli with glasses" looking at him with hopeful eyes...

Seeing this, Liu Zilang could only sigh as he pressed his forehead.

Afterward, he looked outside the window of the living room and said disappointingly, "Looks like my identity as Asia's Dancing King... can't remain as a secret after all, sigh!"

When the two Lolis in front of Liu Zilang heard him sigh, they widened their eyes.

They looked at him with surprised looks!