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200 Each Generation More Unstoppable Than The Preceding One!

 In the live streaming channel of Douyu's PUBG Golden League, the fourth official match was going on in full swing. In the blink of an eye, it was the third last final circle of the match.

The final circle included the wilderness south of Severny, whereby everything was in plain sight. Since there was little to no shelter around, when the blue circle began to shrink, intense battles broke out!

"Alright, there are currently 18 players left on the battleground. We can see that 4AM isn't in an advantageous situation. This is because they were cursed with a safe zone very far from them. Douyu17 Squad's last hope, 17Shou is also beside them!"

"That's right, in addition to that, Vic from 4AM is dead! If I'm not mistaken, Vic was killed when he jumped off the vehicle previously. Then, another squad took the opportunity to focus their fire on him. They killed him right away! Now, 4AM is only left with GodV, Aluka, and Cpt."

"Indeed. Both parties are moving into the circle, oh! Beautiful! 17Shou has sneaked an attack from the side, killing Cpt from 4AM!"

"Yes! But 17Shou has also exposed his target, allowing Squad IFTY in the safe zone to steal his kill!"

"Mmm, 4AM has taken advantage of the situation and is moving forward! They're utilizing the situation perfectly! Oh! IFTY is being attacked, they've been stabbed from behind by players from Tyloo who are entering the circle!"

"Nighthawk's shot was a crucial one, he sniped one player from IFTY down!"

Accompanied by the commentary, gunshots from the wilderness began spreading out...

Almost all the squads had decided to fire at that point in time!

That was because, given the situation where there was very little cover, should you not shoot anyone, someone else would shoot you!

In a trice, kill notifications appeared over and over again on the bottom left corner of the screen.

The number of players alive on the battleground declined drastically.

Soon enough, only ten players were left.

Among them, two players were knocked out but had not been killed. However, their teammates dared not revive them.

"We can see that two players from Squad wNv now occupy a relatively advantageous geographical spot. They've set up their territorial line of fire in preparation for the next circle. From the looks of it, they're waiting for their enemies to shift positions. This is a common strategy that is widely used."

"Mmm, 4AM only has GodV and Aluka left! They probably used up their luck in the previous matches as they have been cursed by the safe zone once again."

"That's right! Presently, there are three two-man squads and two one-man squads. In addition to that, one player form one of the five squads is knocked out. Oh! IFTY's VK has died from bleeding too much, that was probably his second time being knocked out. Now, there are only nine players left."

"Yes! Quick, look! Tyloo who is at the edge of the safe zone has decided to fight wNv who is inside the safe zone. Are they planning to resist forces outside the safe zone by first getting rid of their enemies inside the safe zone?"

"Armani's only healthy player isn't reviving his teammate too. He's taking the chance to set up a crossfire with Tyloo!"

"There's also 4AM outside the circle. They're making their move after hearing the gunshots! We can see GodV throwing smoke grenades to push forward!"

"Aluka! Aluka is going to drive a car! Oh my god! He dares to drive a car in this circle?"

Followed by the commentary, when there were around twenty seconds left on the clock before the next circle refreshed,

"Da, da, da!"



Once again, gunfire erupted throughout the battleground. Gunshots were continuously heard!

One thing was for sure, at that critical moment, Tyloo's decision had inadvertently given 4AM who was outside the safe zone another opportunity.

When GodV entered the circle, the battle in the safe zone was about to come to an end. Only three people were left in the safe zone!

In the wilderness, as soon as he entered the circle, he was noticed by all three of them at the same time.

Upon realizing this, GodV gritted his teeth and fired his AK at the solo player on the hill toward his left side.

"Tu, tu, tu-!"

From the muzzle of his AK, intense fire and sparks were seen as he shot a series of bullets!

Not only that, as he was firing, he suddenly went into a prone position!

This was because there was no cover where he was at. Hence, he could only utilize the grass on the ground.

Through the director's God Perspective, it was seen that the solo player left from Armani had very little health from before. Thus, when he was shot by GodV's bullet, he was immediately knocked out!

On the other hand, GodV had exposed his location when he entered the circle. Hence, even if he had proned, he could only hide from the two players of Tyloo to a certain extent.

In the safe zone, Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang who were from Tyloo fired crazily at GodV who was prone!

"Xiu, xiu, xiu!"

All of a sudden, countless bullets that were aimed at him started pattering like rain on a sandy beach!

GodV who was prone on the ground groaned as blood splattered out from his body.

If he were to suffer another shot, he would die on the spot!

Who knew, right then, thundering sounds of a vehicle would come from far away!

An orange sedan car was seen moving across the wilderness. It was speeding up toward the two players from Tyloo!


Instantly, Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang were stunned. While they avoided it, they fired shots at it.

Even though GodV was in grave danger and had minimal health, he stood up to shoot at those players with his AK!

Since they were caught off guard, Hou Dongfang from Tyloo was knocked out whereas Bai Shaobin killed GodV in one shot!


With the sound of a "bam", he flew up!

"4AM-Aluka killed Tyloo-Nighthawk with a vehicle!"

Next, the screen of Douyu's official live streaming channel froze!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Rank number one, 4AM Squad!

Rank number two, Tyloo Squad!

Rank number three, Armani Squad!


As the screen froze, the competition's custom interface showed the rankings and statistic panel.

On the spur of the moment, the commentators and spectators in the live streaming channel were exhilarated!

"Wow! Oh my god! 4AM! It's 4AM again! Even though they were continuously cursed by the final circle! Not to mention that Vic was killed after jumping off the vehicle! They actually got chicken dinner again!"

"Beautiful! I must say! Earlier on, GodV and Aluka's teamwork was too beautiful! I remember when Aluka used to play LOL professionally. He was a remarkable top laner known for his Sion plays. I didn't think that even in PUBG, Aluka the old driver would make plays once again!"

"That's right! Tonight's competition has highly exceeded my expectations! Not only were all the experts gathered together, but every match was thrilling!"

"Mmm, especially Squad 4AM who got a reversed chicken dinner in the exhibition match. They simply showcased big textbook-styled comebacks over and over again! Out of the four official matches, they've gotten three chicken dinners! They're leading with the highest total accumulated points and will undoubtedly become tonight's final champion for Douyu's second season of PUBG Golden League!"

"Yes, and the gold reward for the champion team is extremely high! Oh! The backstage workers have just given us the statistics for the kill counts! After four official matches, 4AM is ranked number one in terms of total kills, followed by IG and then Se7en!"

"Besides, the average individual kill count for each match has been tabulated too! In rank one, we have Vic the sniper from 4AM! This new player has joined us in the final championship for the first time! He had an average of 16 kills in every match! He's now at the top of our Killer God List! The number one killer god of tonight's PUBG Golden League's finals!"

"Wah! An average of 16 kills in every match? That means that Vic has killed a total of 64 players tonight! If those kills were combined into one match, it would be the equivalent of killing half of the total number of players!"

"That's right, according to the statistics from our backstage workers, the highest kill count from last season's Douyu PUBG Golden League belongs to Guru Qiu from Se7en! Even so, his average kill count was only 14."

"Mmm, I remember Guru Qiu's record was 10 kills ahead of the person who was ranked second. However, tonight, this record was broken by Vic! A streamer from Douyu's Attractive Section! He has successfully broken the record with an unbelievable shocking kill count record!"


While the three commentators talked excitedly in the studio, the news of 4AM being crowned champion flooded Weibo, online forums, Hoop, NGA, and other big discussion forums of PlayerUnknown's Battleground!

As for the new killing god of Douyu's Attractive Section, Vic!

His ID swept over every site on the Internet like a hurricane, and he had risen to fame!