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199 Reaching His Pinnacle As Soon As He Debuts?

 In PlayerUnknown's Battleground, there were rumors where one who held a Frag Grenade could die together with an enemy and would both "share the chicken dinner."

In actuality, mutual destruction was theoretically possible, but those two players might not necessarily share the chicken dinner.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground had countless processors to compute data, such that it could accurately process even milliseconds and nanoseconds. This indicated that one of the players' health would become zero first at one specific point of time.

By the looks of it, the player with the chicken dinner was also killed by the explosion, but the data did not stop computing in reality which was also why that player was not eliminated. Consequently, there was no "shared chicken dinner."

In other words, whoever died first was the deciding factor of who would get the chicken dinner in the end.

As for who would die first, it depended on who was closer to the grenade.

The winner of the shoot-out between Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan that had just unfolded before their eyes was determined by who was closer to the bullets.

Two identical 98Ks!

The same atypical millisecond reaction from two FPS players at their pinnacles!

The reason Liu Zilang was able to survive was that he took a step backward after he fired the shot. That tiny step seemed to have put quite some distance between him and death.

This caused the bullet to hit Shen Zeyan and drained his health empty first.

Although the bullet he shot hit Liu Zilang as well, it was still determined by the system as an invalid attack!

In the official live streaming channel of Douyu's PUBG Golden League which currently had a popularity of six billion spectators...

Sika suddenly exclaimed in the live streaming channel when the director replayed the killing scene of the previous shoot-out for the third time!

"Vic! He moved just now! Did you see that! He moved just now!"

Honestly, the commentators and spectators could not be blamed for reacting so slowly.

This was because even though Liu Zilang stepping backward was just the movement of a character in the game, this kind of movement was usually more obvious.

Despite that, one had to know that it only took Liu Zilang exactly the time it took to fire a bullet for him to move backward!

Under this circumstance, it could have been simply neglected if the margin of his movement was not closely observed.

This was why the spectators in the live streaming channel did not notice it right away.

Once they finally noticed it, the spectators looked again at the figure who stood in the final circle with zero health. Their eyes were filled entirely with surprise!

If it was accidental and luck that allowed him to take down Shen Zeyan in one shot in the first match, then the second match where he was killed by Shen Zeyan verified the deduction of the first match.

How about this match?

The two of them used the same 98K and had full health.

The final fight was almost entirely a trial of their individual strengths!

At last, Shen Zeyan was the one taken down.

Liu Zilang just stood there.

This guy, Vic...

Who exactly was he?

All of a sudden, apart from being surprised, the spectators in the live streaming channel began having questions.

One thing for sure, PlayerUnknown's Battleground was different from any type of FPS game in the past. Many famous pro players from this game came from various other games.

For example, Master Ze and Li Muqiu used to play CSGO and XDD. SY used to play Overwatch and 17shou used to play Assault Fire.

There was also GodV who changed from playing MOBA games, and XXX and XX...

Regardless, the IDs of professional players were normally fixed even as they battled from game to game.

Among all these popular and unpopular players, all viewers in the live streaming channel had never heard of Vic before.

Could it be that he was merely a random expert who was unearthed by GodV and reached his pinnacle as soon as he debuted?

That would simply be metaphysics!


In the game, GodV and the others sitting at the VIP spectator seats were dumbfounded too when they saw the words "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."

To tell the truth, they had basically lost hope after the three of them died in the second circle.

After all, professional matches were different from random matchmaking matches.

If one's teammates were to die in a random matchmaking match, it was still possible for that remaining player to go solo to get chicken dinner.

On the other hand, aside from Bai Shaobin who was known as "Nighthawk Eyes" from Tyloo, there was currently nobody else who was able to get chicken dinner all by himself. On top of that, other than Bai Shaobin's own skills, he was blessed with good luck as he barely met any strong opponents along the way.

Therefore, GodV and the others had only hoped that Liu Zilang could remain passive and that he would play as passively as he could so that their ranking would stay up as high as possible.

However, never did they think that Liu Zilang's passive playstyle actually got him the chicken dinner!

This surprise came too fast and too sudden!

It was especially so when Liu Zilang was able to get chicken dinner after facing Asia's Top Sniper Gods Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin at the end...

This totally exceeded GodV, Aluka, and Cpt's highest expectations for him!

Before this, they did more or less realize that Liu Zilang's sniping skill was indeed quite strong, but PlayerUnknown's Battleground was too random and there was no specific reference most of the time.

Just like an LYB who would stab players from the back with an AWM, that kind of player could easily kill another player who was actually much better at sniping then them, but this could not prove that the LYB was better than the latter.

Nonetheless, it was different for Liu Zilang this time. Their firearms, health, or equipment were almost the same. It was a fair 1v1 face-off between the two of them.

Not only GodV and his other two teammates, but even the spectators in the live streaming channel were also overwhelmed by this thought.

Could it be that they had witnessed the birth of another "PUBG Sniper God" tonight?

The person in charge of Douyu's Attractive Section's forum could not hold it any longer!

He quickly found Liu Zilang's contact number that was left by Liu Zilang when he opened a live streaming channel.

He was actually thinking about calling him, but he hesitated and decided to just send him a message in the end.

This was not him trying to probe, it was an attitude.


At this moment, in the bedroom of an apartment somewhere in Jianghai...

Liu Zilang did not even feel that he was in the vortex of a storm.

Perhaps the spectators thought that Liu Zilang's final movement that turned the tables around was remarkably smart, absolutely natural, and did not seem one bit dramatic.

Which was why many of them felt that Liu Zilang's action looked ordinary at the beginning of the replay, but it became so much more astonishing after they watched for a few times!

To be frank, it was as if lightning struck Liu Zilang's mind in that moment of life or death, and he was able to do something like that because he had been blessed.

This was why he was currently lingering in the shocking memory as well.

The instant he killed Shen Zeyan, it immediately brought him back to three years ago. The feeling of being physically and emotionally exhausted returned to Liu Zilang once again.

If Liu Zilang's previous attitude toward PlayerUnknown's Battleground was that he was just casually playing. He seemed to have found a sense of belonging at that moment.

It felt like he had found his own self in this game whom he had once lost, or perhaps it was the enthusiasm and passion that he had lost.

Three years ago when Liu Zilang first entered Se7en's base, he almost always fell asleep on his gaming chair in front of his computer in order to prove that he was working hard day and night and to train himself so that he could play soon.

Back then, he still had his eGames dream, and though he was the youngest in the base, his tenacity was something that many people were impressed about, or else Shen Zeyan would not have passed the captain's position to him.

Liu Zilang's dream was shattered half a year ago, and the stress from his family in real life made him choose to escape from this.

In the end, everything turned into mud.

Right now, between Liu Zilang's dream and reality, he had found this 98K.

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