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198 Advancing by Retreating, Being-Towards-Death!

 Title Translator Note: Reference to Martin Heidegger's philosophy on death.

Liu Zilang had never expected that his style to bring such a "spine-chilling" atmosphere to the viewers.

If he knew what they were thinking, he would have most likely asked, 'Isn't this how y'all play all the time? Why can't I play like this when you guys can?'

Nevertheless, he could not afford to care about all the "online mudslinging" spreading about outside of the game at the moment.

Liu Zilang was greeted with a "pleasant surprise" after he took just a few steps forward.

There were three players standing right at the edge of the reservoir not far ahead from him, fishing with their Frag Grenades.

"As we can see, there are only nine players left on the map, and out of these nine players, five of them are in the water. Three of them are from IG, one from Tyloo, and one from LYB."

"Yep, the people tossing the grenades are the three-man squad from Se7en. Two of them are pinning the other players down with their guns while the other guy is chucking grenades into the water non-stop. If I remember correctly, they were the ones who were camping just outside of Yasnaya Polyana. Looks like Guru Qiu and his crew had finished clearing out the players around the reservoir. That's why they can enjoy their fishing trip without a care in the world."

"That's right. A fight also broke out over here when Vic was playing his ambush game just now. Since there was so much going on at once, Se7en obviously had no clue how many people were actually in the water at the moment."

"Look! Vic is coming over! He's wielding his Crossbow!"

"Oh my God! Is he really not changing to a real sniper? Is he actually gonna use this Crossbow to the bitter end?"

"Eh? It seems like Vic is swapping to his sniper! Wait a minute! Am I seeing this right? He's now holding a Kar98k and a Crossbow! Is this a joke?"

The casters were all giving their commentary, not hiding their surprise and shock at all!

The livestream viewers all looked back at the in-game screen.

On the screen, Liu Zilang actually was holding a Kar98k that he had just looted, but on his back, there was still a Crossbow strapped there!

What the hell?

Seeing this sight, the livestream viewers were all stirred up!

What kind of stunt is this bastard trying to pull this time!

However, Liu Zilang's next action told them that he was not trying to pull any kind of stunt.

He crouched down once again and started to crawl into the safe zone as soon as he was nearing the edge of it.

When he finally crawled his way into the safe zone, Li Muqiu's Se7en squad was right infront him having the time of their lives fishing with their grenades!



Another Frag Grenade was tossed down!

Se7en had already fought the group of players idling near the reservoir when they first arrived, so Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin naturally knew who those buggers having a blast tossing grenades down at them were when they saw the kill notification earlier.

The two gaming superstars' eyes started twitching when they realized they were being treated like a school of fish.

Bai Shaobin could not help but think that Se7en's Dynamic Duos were getting scummier and scummier by the generation!

On the other hand, Shen Zeyan narrowed his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were getting tenser by the second.

At this point, the last player from LYB had made his way to the shore. It seemed like he was trying to get onto land ealier than usual.

The players behind him all thought when they saw him, 'Here's our chance!'


Thus, the entire reservoir was filled with sounds of gunshots in the next few moments,!

The people on land fired at the water while the players in the water wanted to charge to shore!

The number of surviving players on the field decreased immediately!

"Oh my Lord! This had become such a chaotic warzone! The last LYB player who charged to the shore was instantly annihilated by Se7en! But XiaoJue and CuoJue from IG who were right behind him also started to fire back at their enemies!"

"Oh! XiaoJue and CuoJue's marvelous teamwork gave them just enough firepower! They took down the two Se7en members who were firing back at them! Their health is already dropping too low!"

"Guru Qiu comes in firing his AK! Oh my God! Props to the Close-combat King. His percision was impressive! He took down XiaoJue and CuoJue without breaking a sweat!"

"That's right! Whta's more is that Guru Qiu was still at full health. Master Ze and Nighthawk can't really do anything because they're half-submerged in the water! Guru Qiu definitely has the most advantage over the battle!"

"Exactly! He has the upper hand right now! His position was..."

Before Xiao Xiao even finished his sentence, Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin who was half-submerged in the water had swum over to the shore at the same time!

The next moment, a crisp sniper shot rang out loud!

From the God's perspective, the viewers could see that Shen Zeyan and Baishaobin both pulled out a Kar98k the instance the two players got onto land.




Two sniper bullets erupted out of the muzzle of the guns in the blink of an eye!

Li Muqiu, who the casters had claimed to have 'an absolute advantage', could barely flick his AK's crosshair over in time.

The pitch black Spetsnaz helmet on his head exploded as a result!

His entire body was flung backward due to the impact of the two sniper bullets hitting his skull!

He fell lifelessly to the ground and turned into a box...

"IG-Wolves killed Se7en-Lech by headshot with Kar98k!"

He saw the kill notification just before he died!

Li Muqiu swallowed the curse on the tip of his tongue. His face was filled with sorrow...

This was a case of bullying!

Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin both retreated back into the water after executing the pseudo-coordinated attack , putting some distance between each other. They both wanted to find some shelter before getting onto land once again.

"Holy crap! Those two quick-scopes by Master Ze and Nighthawk were dirty! Guru Qiu didn't even have time to fire before he was killed!"

"Hehe, I seem to remember someone here saying that Guru Qiu had 'an absolute advantage' or something."

"Errr... In my defense, Guru Qiu did get hit by two of Asia's Top Three Sniping Gods after all. Even an 'absolute advantage' wouldn't be able to beat that! I'm getting chills just thinking about it!"

"Back to the game! We only have Master Ze, Nighthawk, and hidding-in-the-bush Vic left on the field!"

"Eh! Vic's still holding on to that Crossbow and his Kar98k. Is he really gonna challenge two of Asia's Top Three Sniping Gods?"

"Well, the way you phrased it does make it sound quite scandalous. Let me ask you this: how would Vic even know that the last two players left alive are going to be Master Ze and Nighthawk?"

The commentary booth fell silent after they heard the question...

Oh yeah!

How would he know?


Liu Zilang, who was laying prone behind all the action, heard the intense gunfight going on up ahead.

He had the biggest grin on his face after the final kill notification notification popped up and nearly laughed out loud!

Liu Zilang refocused his concentration after paying his respects to the fallen Li Muqiu.

At this point, he still had no idea that his other opponent was Bai Shaobin!

Although Shen Zeyan being his opponent was already enough for him take the game sriously.

His motivations for having the Crossbow and Kar98k on his back was naturally not as epic and grandiose as the casters had hypothesized.

To be honest, Liu Zilang's sole intention from the start was to sit back and camp until the endand maybe get a few occasional snipes in.

Who would have thought that he had only picked up five Crossbow arrows to begin with. He was now left with the last one.

He saw a silenced Kar98k when he passed by one of the boxes of a wNv players while he was outrunning the blue circle. Liu Zilang then picked it up naturally...

Now that he knew that one of his prey was Shen Zeyan though, Liu Zilang chuckled and seemed to have thought of an idea.


Liu Zilang did not expect that the first opponent he would meet was not Shen Zeyan...

It was Bai Shaobin!

Bai Shaobin was so enraged that he almost had an aneurysm!

He had heard someone using a silenced Kar98k earlier. That was why he had decided to heal up fully and face his opponent in a snipe-off with a Level-three Helmet and a buttload of confidence!

Who would have expect that an extra arrow would appeared inside his head in the next moment and stunning him into silence!

Bai Shaobin felt like he was reliving his worst nightmare right then as he thought back to that time on the high ground...

Liu ZiIang did not have a rifle or an SMG with him at the moment.

Naturally, he would not have been able to carve an 'epitaph' for Bai Shaobin.

Honestly, he did not dare to fool around anymore at this point of the game.

Liu ZIlang had thought that person was Shen Zeyan.

Liu Zilang fired a few shots with his Kar98k intentionally since Shen Zeyan now knew he was using a Crossbow so as to make his target think that he had switched his Crossbow for his Kar98k.

He never expected that the one he shot in the head with the arrow would be Bai Shaobin!

What f*cking luck...

There were only two players left as shown on the top right of the screen.

The last guy here with him was obviously Shen Zeyan...

There would be an agonizing wait for the second last safe zone's circle to close in on the final circle.

Liu Zilang did not feel that way though.

Thinking back to his loss in the last round, he suddenly felt the blood in his veins surging at an abnormally fast pace. The adrenaline rushing to his head made his ten long and pale fingers even more agile. It had made him felt more refreshed than he ever did. His vision was clearer than it ever had been.

This was a phenomenon that only occured when someone was at the peak of his concentration!

As time passed, the atmosphere in the final circle tensed up even more!

Then, the blue radioactive barrier surrounding them suddenly trembled and started to close in on the center!

The final circle had begun!

The two players who were hidden behind their shelters finally came out of hiding at the same time!

They both took a quick glance at their surrounding objects and the rapidly closing circle. In a way, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan were both the same type of person.

'Running from the blue circle?'

'Won't everything end if I just kill him?'



The two parties took a shot at each other and landed a perfect shot on their opponent's head. Their visions wobbled from getting hit, and their HP both instantly dropped to critical levels!

Something happened the next moment that made the crowd went wild!

In this life-or-death situation, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan had used their immense muscle memory and once again sniped at each other as they were reloading inside this final circle!

In essence, this could also be considered a "no-scope'!



In this kind of distance, dodging was realistically impossible.

Furthermore, both of them had critically low health. The bullets this time did not hit them in their heads. That meant that it was useless no matter how they tilt their heads or crouch.

Live or death...

It was something that seemed to be left up to God right then!

The next time he fired, Liu Zilang moved back slightly.

Two blood splatters erupted from both of their bodies after that!

Then, a kill notification popped up!

"4AM-Vic killed IG-Wolves with Kar98k!"

"Winner winner, chicken dinner!"

All the viewers in the Douyu official channel did not erupt or cheer upon seeing the notification...

They were utterly stunned!

All their thoughts at the moment could be summed up with one single word: WHY?