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197 That Chicken of the Final Circle Part Two

 The livestream viewers were all shocked and surprised to see IG successfully breaking through enemy lines in the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends studio.

"Oh my God! I never would've expected IG to have three people entering the circle. I thought they would be TPK'd or at least get killed by the circle."

"To be fair, it's all thanks to Vic's effort at the back that IG was able to get into the circle. If he hadn't sniped out the main firepower from those two squads, forcing Douyu17 and wNv to stop attacking to revive their squadmates. IG wouldn't have had a chance to enter the circle if the gunfire from the other side hadn't been suppressed."

"Yeah, but we can still see that Vic is crawling behind slowly. There's no way he could've entered the circle alongside IG just now. Good thing is that the two squads' attention was now drawn by IG who had just entered the circle. They still haven't noticed Vic who was lying on his stomach floor over there."

"But the problem now is that the circle is already closing in on him! Surely they'll notice Vic when he has to stand up later, right?"

Liu Zilang who was wearing his Ghillie Suit still did not stand up in the game. He continued to crawl forward inch by inch on the ground.

Soon the light blue radiation outside the circle had already reached his legs.

It looked as if he was already taking damage from the circle, but in reality, his health did not drop at all.

This was an intended mechanic of the damage recognition system of PUBG. When a player is laying on his stomach on the ground, he would not take any damage from the circle itself as long as he had half his body inside the circle.

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang's situation still seemed extremely precarious at this moment.

The circle continued to close in. It felt like it would move past Liu Zilang at any given moment.

The truth was that Liu Zilang's current position was had a shorter distance between the blue circle and the safe zone. Hence, the speed of the circle closing in was slightly slower than it was on the other side.

From God's perspective, all the livestream viewers stared anxiously at the caterpillar-like thing that was Liu Zilang slowly crawling on the ground.

Liu Zilang and the circle were progressing forward at the same pace, but the latter somehow seemed to be going slightly faster than the former. Soon, the circle had already reached his chest.

Liu Zilang's health began to drop as a consequence.

A lot of the livestream viewers got even more nervous when they saw what was happening.

They did not actually care much about Liu Zilang's survival. They just thought how could a scumbag like Liu Zilang die when he was trying to outrun the circle?

At the very least, give them the satisfaction and pleasure of seeing this bastard die by a stray bullet!

On the grassy field, Liu ZIlang looked over at the safe zone's border with a worried expression.

The players of Douyu17 and wNv's squads lingered there still. If he stood up right now and get noticed, all his earlier efforts would have been for nothing.

Liu Zilang could only grit his teeth and continued to crawl, racing against death himself.

Of course, if he could hear what the livestream viewers were thinking, he might have just stopped moving just to spite them...

'Screw all of you f*ckers!'

"Oh! Look at Vic's health! Why do I feel like he won't make it out of this!"

"The circle damage is too high! With Vic's health dropping at this rate, he doesn't even have a chance to heal! The health is dropping so fast that the healing won't be able to keep up!"

"Is this... the end of Vic? He rose into a crouch!"

In the game, he saw that his health point was almost spent. He would die if he did not stand up now.

Liu Zilang could no longer afford to worry about anything else. He rose up into a crouch and began moving forward!

Liu ZIlang's health bar barely had any health left the moment he got into the blue circle!

He did not continue to move forward. He instantly leaned over and lay down on the ground again!

Half of his body was once again outside of the circle. His upper body just barely in the threshold of the blue circle!

At this point, there was barely a slither of health left on Liu Zilang's health point!

However, he was still alive!

The livestream viewers were discussing what was happening fervently. Some of them were completely stunned!

Although most of them did not want Liu Zilang to die outside of the circle, they had also never seen anyone survive so "efficiently" outside the circle.

"666! This f*cker is still not dead?"

"Holy f*ck! And you still dare say you're not using health hacks!"

'He has to be using health hacks! This ain't logical otherwise!"

"My mum is asking me why am I watching the livestream while kneeling on the ground... Can someone tell me how much health does he still have!"

"Definitely not more than 1 HP!"

"1 HP is too damn much! Maybe 0.5 HP?"

"Though Vic's last drop to the ground just now was so f*cking extreme! Okay, I'm learning it. I'm learning it!"

"Why must the good die young while scumbags like him live long and prosper!"


In the game, Liu Zilang made another tactical dive immediately after entering the circle. Then, he used a Med Kit to refill his health to full.

Needless to say, 'satisfaction' was the only one word that he would use to describe the act of seeing your health bar go from empty to full!

Now that the blue circle had reached the safe zone once again, the next safe zone was revealed.

Liu Zilang, who was enjoying the bliss of being healed, jolted in annoyance!

Not only did the next safe zone abandon him once more, but it was also all the way on the other side of the circle. The next safe zone was over at the edge of the reservoir where the water and land met.

He suddenly heard rapid gunshots coming from right ahead of him just as Liu Zilag was cringing about his current situation.

It seemed like the temporary alliance between Douyu17 and wNv was no more now that IG had already gone through.

These two squads definitely did not want company when they advance toward then next safe zone now that the safe zone was not on their side.

They would naturally want to settle this conflict as soon as possible while the circle had not started to close in.




The battle between these two squads was unusually intense. Both sides threw grenades and fire sniper bullets at one another.

In the end, the result of this battle was slightly unexpected.

Two players out of the three-man wNv squad was bombed by the grenade Maniubi tossed out. They were knocked out instantly.

wNv's last man standing suddenly started his counterattack just as Maniubi was fired up and ready to get the third player.

At the same time, Douyu17's Dajing had also used this opportunity to jump on wNv's last player.

Douyu17 traded the death of one player for all three of the players from wNv!

"What a beautiful 2v3! 3 counters in a row!"

"Let's go, boys!"

"The 17 squad played it out marvelously this round!"

The three casters and the countless viewers were all incredibly moved by the execution in this battle!

Needless to say, Douyu17's popularity at Douyu was quite high.

Then, a soft "whizz" could be heard!

A sniper's arrow came out of nowhere, piercing through Dajing's skull in the blink of an eye while he was busy trying to save his squadmates!

"4AM-Vic killed Douyu17-Dajing with Crossbow!"

The ignited passion and excitement of the livestream viewers were instantly put out with this.

At this point, the screen had coincidentally cut over to Liu Zilang.

They saw that this "grass monster" who had been lying flat on the ground camping most of this game stood up suddenly. A lot of the livestream viewers' eyes started to twitch in rage...

Why is this match getting more and more twisted?

On the other hand, the two Douyu17 players did not feel very good the moment they saw the grassy figure standing up so suddenly at the edge of the blue circle.

At this point, the livestream viewers seemed to have gotten a deeper understanding of Liu Zilang's playstyle.

This bastard was already scary enough when he just started making a name for himself!

It was bloody spine-chilling now to see him hiding like that!

...Abbreviation for Total Party Kill.47gamer's other nickname, Since the "niuniu" from Maniuniu and the "niubi" from Maniubi both mean the same thing, which is "arrogantly OP"